June 2, 2021

Let us begin. We see that there are those who do not comprehend what is going on and they will need help getting through what is to come. Most know there are changes happening but not sure why or where the changes come from. We are still confounded by those that are waiting for some type of communication from outer space, when all along so many have been receiving messages from us for quite some time now. Do they not know that you have been receiving messages all this time? From our point of view, we have been seeking to deliver information for decades now and there are still those who do not recognize our existence. It can be disappointing but that is how things are done on earth. If you are not authorized in certain eyes, you do not count or you are not validated. Everything has been Let us begin. We see that there are those who do not comprehend what is going on and they will need done in the past to keep our messages and communications a secret.

Now our existence is finally being told and is coming out and it is making a difference in the overall belief but we prefer not to be categorized and lumped together in one group of little green men. There are so many different places we come from and we all have different characteristics and can be told apart. It is like lumping all the people of earth together. It will all become more clear as time goes by but for now we are just aliens to most people. At least some are giving of truth and saying that we are here to help and we mean no harm.

I would like to speak now of the importance of daily meditation and how it impacts your life. A time of quiet and going within to seek guidance on a consistent basis goes a long way in tuning in to higher thoughts and vibrations and has a way of drawing you into the desire to continue that connection. It opens you up to certain vibrations that advance you along your way and broadens your perception to all things beneficial. It helps you to draw those advantageous things to you and also helps keep you focused on the positive attributes of life. Our advice is to always find time in your day to be alone and focus on that connection within and do not give up for it will produce positive results. There are now verifiable results comparing those who meditate with those who do not meditate and these are available in the health and insurance fields. Meditation is recognized as beneficial for peace, happiness and in some cases in reducing blood pressure. There are many other beneficial physical and mental improvements but these have not been proven yet, even though they exist. It is a concern that all the things that are not seen with the eyes and cannot be graphed on paper are not yet given credence in your health related medical groups but they do happen. Continue your endeavors to find time for yourself each day in meditation.

Let us talk now of the importance of energy flow within the body. We have spoken before of the importance of artistic expression and how it can be blocked and cause problems within the body and the mind. There is an energy within creation that is taken into the body and then expressed and this is a flow that helps continue life and well being. It is the essence of life itself and if either the taking in of this energy or the expressing of it is hindered it will cause problems for you. A creative person who is not allowed to create in some way feels stifled and ill at ease until that flow of creation is reestablished in their life. Also the person who does not have that inflow of energy will suffer physical concerns and their health is not what it should be. There are many reasons for this. There is much energy in nature and in the out of doors and under the sun. If possible spend time out of doors away from all the many man made waves of receiving signals and walk in the energy that is not an artificial chemical boost in a can. Universal energy is free to all and can be utilized without problems. Then find that you are more creative in your talents, whatever they may be, and do not hold them within. Expression is necessary for all of any age and this applies to nature also. There is no nature in its natural form that is without expression. This is the flow of energy. Give yourself some form of expression each day and this will also encourage the energy to come into the body for it is a natural process of life.

We like to see that you continue to seek and ask questions of life and you are inquisitive. You are so consumed in keeping up and dealing with the every day tasks of living that you do not often have the time or energy to pursue the answers you would like to your questions. Life should not be like this and everyone should have enough free time to rest and continue to learn. Changes will continue to be made and your world will be a more compatible place to live for everyone and not just a few at the top. Living in abundance is for all and this was one of the things that the person you call Jesus came here to tell you. You are in a society of haves and have nots and life is for all people in abundance of fulfilling needs. This is God given and will be restored.

I leave you now to think on these things and to focus on what should be for your expression of life. There are many things now that hold you back and some you do not yet realize. Freedom is also God given and is for everyone and this will happen. We look forward to the achievement of what was intended for you.

I am Joseph In His Service

3 thoughts on “June 2, 2021

  1. Dear Joseph will you answer and verify a few inquiries I have regarding the New Madrid?

    1-What is the Seaway dropping the southeast United States from the hard Rock along the Seaway?

    2-How unstable is the tenuous strip of land from Newell, West Virginia to Boston, Massachusetts?

    3-If the New Madrid fault line runs under the Seaway, what is the connection between the New Madrid fault line and the Void the Zetas say it will cause in the mid Atlantic Ocean?

    4-How does the New Madrid adjustment affect the Atlantic Ocean and England?

    5-Will the military (Junta) take control at the time these catastrophic events occur?

    Thank you,


    1. The tenuous strip of land in the Eastern US does indeed hold at present and bigger shifts are pending. This is a very unstable condition. There is a connection to other areas when the New Madrid adjustment takes place. This is common with all fault lines in that they affect other areas and this is what will happen with the mid Atlantic Ocean. It remains to be seen how much of a void will be created but the mid Atlantic Ocean will respond in its own way when this happens. Large adjustments in the Atlantic will cause disruption of movement of water and England will bear any large waves caused by this. The Eastern side of the UK should be somewhat sheltered by Atlantic adjustments. As far as the military is concerned I believe they will be of help but they are more concerned now with the re-establishment of the American Republic and returning it to its original state. I am not familiar with question number one. Joseph


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