June 3, 2021

Let us begin. We see that many are ready for what is to come. It may be more than they anticipated but part of the overall changes never the less. Often when chapters end there are extreme changes or balancing of energies that have to be brought about. Corrections must be made in several fields and one is the earth itself. Another is the energy field and this also has to come to a certain balance so things can continue in harmony. All things must fit together correctly for everything to proceed well. These changes have been expected for some time now and were delayed several times but are proceeding at this time. We have certain movements of the earth that have to happen and they will be large in scope, one thing leading to another. Pressures of plate tectonics will be relieved causing rather large earthquakes and some of these will be in the oceans causing water disruptions bringing water onto land in certain areas. Be prepared if you live on the coast. It is difficult to measure beforehand how much the water will be affected by these shifts.

Several documentaries concerning earthquakes and their history are available and a few with tsunami information. These would be helpful to watch, giving you an idea of the enormity or the possibility of major destruction possible. We are concerned at this time with Indonesia and possible adjustments causing water to come upon the land. Another area is the New Madrid fault, which is set up for major equalization of pressures now at any time. With the pressure building, the longer it holds and does not release, the larger the quake resulting once it does. It is difficult to measure the pressure building but we can see that several places are building and when an area is balanced in movement it will affect others and may cause several adjustments back to back. Energy moves in certain directions triggering movement along the fault lines and these are the avenues the energy takes. Once in motion the energy will run along these lines until the end of the plate or until the resistance to the energy is greater than the prevailing force in action. It reminds me of lightning, which has to discharge when forces build up. Some of these adjustments will be in unknown paths along the fault line, like fingers on a hand and they take forks off to the side. Hopefully people will be prepared.

Let me speak now of major preparations in the way of education concerning these adjustments. Those who are in the business of studying earthquakes have done well to inform you on preparing for these events with listing first aid materials and supplies. If you reside on or near these known fault lines it would be wise to go over these suggestions. We are not trying to scare you but to inform you of impending adjustments, which have to happen and they are not years away. Make plans in advance and do not wait until it is to late for at that time the need for help will be great. Forewarned is forearmed.

Now I would like to speak of adjustments in the way of mental ability to maintain your balance when severe earth changes occur. This may be a summer of storms and extreme weather and again it is hard to predict when and where these will take place but conditions are looking favorable for adverse weather patterns all over the world. Have supplies ready and especially food and water. If you are in a cold area have ways to keep warm if there is no electricity or fuel available. You can make do with a lot less than you imagine if you do plan ahead. Develop your ability to adjust and continue with the circumstances prevailing and don’t give up. Try to help one another when necessary for first responder services may be stretched to the limit and may not be forthcoming immediately. Your mental attitude is important in your desire to overcome and prevail.

We have spoken of these times in the past and now they are upon you as earth can wait no longer. There are those who say everyone needs to think positively and choose the time line without catastrophic events. This is good to focus on the best case scenario but there are some adjustments that have to be made and cannot be avoided. If you continue to go within and be guided by your connections with God then you will know how to avoid as much destruction as possible. Listen closely and take to heart the advice you are led to acknowledge. I leave you now to be informed and listen to inner guidance in all things. These are the times we are in now upon earth. Take all information and test it with your own understanding and verification.

I am Joseph In His Service

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