June 4, 2021

Let us begin. I know it is hard to wait and you have been doing this for a long time now but things will transpire as they should and all will come about for this dispensation will close and another will open and the new will be the promised one. There is a time for all things and the time for revealing truth is now. There is much that needs to come out in the way of truth and there has been reluctance in the past but news about UFOs is coming out from private sources and some government officials. The slow way it is coming out now gives people a better chance to take it all in and this is good. We will get there.

I would like to speak now of the importance of preparation as it pertains to the elements of having to move away from certain areas of your earth. There are places in areas subject to radical changes and these will not be safe. Take a look at the ring of fire on your maps and see that islands are in danger areas. When changes come it may be a better move to go where there is power and food available instead of trying to remain where the struggle is too hard. Some of these adjustments, especially to islands will be such that repair will take a long time and relocation is preferable. Do not rule out trying to take precautions before something happens instead of after. Consider these options for change is coming. Many will be relocated in the coming times for it will be necessary.

May we speak now of the breaking down of society in times of great change from calamity. There are several avenues of challenge facing you at this time. Food shortage is one and the weather has played a part in this along with the Covid virus. You are beginning to get back on track with delivery and transportation of supplies and food but the weather has hampered the growing of crops and there will continue to be a shortage of some items. Another area of challenge is your economy and the threat of over spending and expecting the people to continue to be taxed to fill up any void. Watch your stock market and the economic structure as a whole for it is weak at this time. Any challenge now caused by weather or disaster such as earthquake will need funds to recover and they will be in short supply if available at all. You are vulnerable in this area of financial stability and do not need another stressful situation. This applies almost world wide. There needs to be a recovery time provided for your economy to regain some proper financial management and this may not happen anytime soon. Be forewarned to be circumspect in your spending and in your preparation for possible difficult times in the financial arena. Do not expect your governments to always be there for aid in financial matters, no matter what they are.

It is a good time to really be aware of what is going on around the world and in your own country as most are already stretched in the way of everything supportive for individuals. If possible grow some of your own food, even if it is a small garden and learn to live on less as far as luxuries you have become accustomed to. The bubble of what prosperity there is may burst leaving many in need with no way to speedily recover. Over spending and not preparing by governments has left areas vulnerable and you may not have time to repair the damage, if repair is even available. Circumstances did not lead you into this area of repair and preparation and the Covid restrictions dealt a mighty blow for difficulties in most all areas. Society as a whole has been stressed and has not yet recovered. Continue your prayers and meditations for repair and recovery for all these areas and for all to be steadfast in their purpose of strength. It may be necessary to go through a little hardship but keep in mind the positive attitude and imagine the best case scenario for everyone and hold to this outcome for everyone. We have seen this determination in you to overcome and you will bring this forward again in your desire to continue.

I am not painting a beautiful picture for you and this is deceiving for the important parts of any situation is your connection to your God source within and this is your strength and endurance of anything that comes. This is the beautiful part of your life struggle and should remain strong and viable in everything you encounter. Continue to make this a priority now, no matter what comes your way and keep your faith in a purpose of a higher plan for in the road ahead is always a higher plan and outcome. Hold strongly to this belief and don’t let your focus waver from this thought for you will be tested. It is part of you now and again you will be an example and others will take notice. You have lived a double life and your strength is not coming from the superficial reality that most see but a deeper meaning of everything based on the Light and Love you have taken into your being and this changes what you see and how you live. This is the support of steel you have acknowledged and utilized in your life and it has served you well in all things.

I leave you now to bring about the best possible action and reaction available to you when challenges come. Keep the Light in your life always and remember you are not alone.

I am Joseph In His Service

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