June 5, 2021

Let us begin. We see that the time is drawing near for more information concerning UFOs to come out but as yet no one on the official side of the news is ready to admit that they are anything but unidentified. They do not say that they are from another outside source. I fail to see that logic. They remain unidentified. I guess they need to have one in their hands first. Unknown to a lot of people that very thing has already happened. Several craft have been recovered from accidents and are now kept in hiding for study and duplication. Not often accidents do happen and craft are retrieved but they have been severely damaged. These have been studied and craft have been duplicated for your own military but they are lacking in several of the main programs that would make them capable of traveling long distances without problems. This whole project of craft duplication has been hidden and kept from your public. They have, however, been seen by individuals and witnessed on several occasions. These craft do fly but have had problems that persist.

It is that time in your history for further flight inventions and with our help could become a viable means of transportation. We are not sure how successful long range travel would turn out with the attitude that now exist in your military. A modicum of understanding must take place first before anyone from your earth traveling in space could safely travel and confront others. Conversely there has been interaction for years now between representatives of earth with others from different planets and this has been for trade and supply exchange and has been successful. Most of this takes place on another planet at bases built specifically for this purpose. Your hard earned tax dollars are used for this purpose and labeled as something else and continues to be supported by your money. It appears that all divisions of your earth intentions concerning space travel are not communicating well with others on earth and there are some things kept in secret from others in the same field. The basic intention of some for space domination is a goal that will not flourish and for the most part will outright fail. Doesn’t it stand to reason that just by looking at the maneuverability of some UFOs that the occupants would be more adept at defending themselves than those of earth? Indeed we are and we have no intention of getting into some unwanted battle with anyone. This whole area of communication with us is greatly needed for a peaceful coexistence in your universe. After what you have been through on earth it would stand to reason that no one would want to be dominated, either on earth or anywhere else, but that is what we are dealing with by some of your people. The negotiations for peace are greatly needed by all and not just a few, on your earth and off. You are about to embark upon other neighborhoods and you do not yet understand what you are dealing with when contemplating space travel. This is why conversation is needed between us and it has to be with your leaders and space travel parts of your governments.

I would like to speak now of individual contact. We have been very successful with those we have contacted not in an official capacity and great advancement has been gained in this manner. The numbers have grown over the years and more and more people are reading our words and hearing of our contact. We have been very pleased with this exchange and communication but now what is needed is this same success with the heads of your countries and this has to be done before further progress on a greater scale can be accomplished. It has been such a huge road block in the past and we need to remove this hurdle so further help can be given to your world. There is no reason that information given by us cannot be a great service to everyone and we would hope that no one would stand in the way of this happening for your advancement in all areas of your life. Such progress can be made in the major fields of health care and science. We have already in place ways this can happen on a larger scale to benefit more than just a few and we need your agreement for this. We want to take nothing from you, only to give and be of service. This has been our plan from the beginning. In the past we have busied ourselves with giving what we could to individuals and they have been most grateful but now the next step, which is all important, is the relationship with your governments. This cannot be avoided for our plan to give of important information to you as a whole and this will include everyone on earth. It has to be presented under a certain understanding of peace so all will know of our intentions and also know of your agreement that this will be done. It is the only way it will work.

So, we look forward to certain unfolding from some in key positions to come forward with agreements and ways that this can be accomplished for many have already been contacted by us for this purpose and they know of our plans. In private they are agreeable and grateful but in public it has been a different story. We are now waiting for this to change and see that the timing is right for this to be more open and agreements to be made. It may take longer than we would like but it will happen. Once this agreement has been established you will make progress in leaps and bounds and this is greatly needed for information of a scientific nature has been kept from you for far too long now. We look forward to first contact, which is in itself a false statement for we have been in first contact for decades now. That ship has sailed long ago.

I leave you now to think of contact on a much larger scale and you are more than ready for this to happen. If all had the attitude of those reading here it would have already taken place and with great success. We are thankful for your support and we continue our attempts to reach this goal. Our efforts are waiting for agreement and we continue to show ourselves in your skies.
I am Joseph In His Service

4 thoughts on “June 5, 2021

  1. Thank you Joseph as always for your messages given each day. Today’s message brings great sorrow.

    We are exasperated. We, those of us familiar with actual history of nations and our world as a whole have very little to no faith that you or anyone for that matter will be able to get through to the ‘governments of the world’ in order to arrange a first contact for all to witness. This is due for the most part to the fact that we do not have ledgidament government operating on this planet. We have illegitimate color of law criminals with darkened minds who have no real concern for thier fellow man. Although exceptions occur, sadly for the most part governments are made up of completely self absorbed individuals who have made a career out of deceit and manipulation. They are as the gaddianton robbers of old only concerned with their own existence and retaining force and control through devious means. When dealing with them you are mostly dealing with some type of evil mischief run amok. Using our beloved Star Trek as an example again let me illustrate the point. When dealing with “officials and governments” on this planet – at best you are dealing with the Sheliak or the Pakled and for the most part you are dealing with the darkened entity in the episode ‘skin of evil’. I don’t know how any type of agreement will ever be reached so as long as we the people continue to have corrupted people representing us. Are there any other options available to you than working with these people? With sincerity and all due respect my friend, Jacob


    1. Dear Jacob, Your point is valid and I understand the long history of what has confronted us in the past. Please know that there are circumstances that will change things and have them more receptive in your future and this will happen soon. We have ideas and ways that have not been used waiting on the free will of those in charge to change their minds. Do not be discouraged for we do have a way of getting their attention now that time has become so important and progress is paramount in God’s will of things. Do not give up on us and yes, we do have other plans and ways that have not been used as yet. Thank you for your comment, Joseph


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