June 6, 2021

Let us begin. It is close now, the time of major changes and there are several things lining up at the same time. The political topics that were so close to everyone at the end of last year have taken second place to the major earth changes that are happening now. There are more volcanic eruptions and just major activity within the volcanoes themselves that are making themselves known around the world. Also more movement of the earth plates that may or may not be seen or heard. Most people do not keep up with earthquake activity unless it is right upon them. There is much going on right now under the surface and this will become more intense as time goes on. We have tried to prepare you and it is difficult for so much is unknown. We do not want to alarm you by over doing the news of activity but we also do not want to say it will amount to nothing harmful, for it will be of consequence for those in the activity area. Have your supplies ready and be prepared.

Now I would like to talk of struggles to get through any difficulties resulting in these major changes in governments around the world. Large groups in most major countries will make their wishes known in some form of action and it may not be lawful or safe. We encourage people to oppose undue oppression by speaking out but we do not condone aggression or harm for others in this process. Find a way to make your wishes known without hurting anyone or causing damage to property. Everyone has worked hard to build a business or become a valued employee for a company and to cause damage involves many when destruction is present. You are depriving many from their livelihood or a means of making a living, or at the least halting a pay cheek in your process of expression with property damage. Words backed by numbers of people wanting the same outcome can do a lot to make known what the masses would like to happen and all without negative actions. If you think a crowd is prone to violence do not take part in it. Wait until you can make your wishes known in a more peaceful manner. This is the time for change, but make it peaceful change and it will not take as long for you have removed so much from the recovery time of any change.

I would like to make known the desires and wishes of us on this side of the veil. We come to offer help and see that so many times you would do better if you would at least listen to our words for we do have a better view of things from our perspective. This is the business we are in at this time and we offer the best of advice in matters that are before you. We are sent from a higher authority and we do our best but so many times our words and efforts are left on your doorstep and the content is never opened. We have sought more ways of getting our words out to as many as possible and this has been difficult with all the opposition we have encountered. Do take notice of what we say and try to get it to as many people as possible. This is well worth your time for the more that know of us and listen to our messages, the better all will go. We continue to have as a foundation for all things the Light and Love of God, the creator of all that is and this will not change. So when we give of things to come, or we give advice it is done with the understanding that at the very beginning of your days and of our messages that it is based on the premise of this thought of Love and that is the highest energy that can come about. Please go over and read again our messages and take them into serious consideration and apply them to your own lives.

Because there are so many variables in what is to come we continue to ask that you live in harmony and compassion for all others. Help others as much as you can. Do not let concerns and fear take over your good judgment and desire to remain in the steadfast position of the Will of God. You will be tested and you need to remain in the highest vibrations possible. We hope we have prepared you fully and you have met our words with serious attention and planned ahead. Use good judgment in all things and continue to go within as much as possible for your guidance. I leave you now to consider all that I have stated here for we do all with love for you as best we can to have your days go better.

I am Joseph In His Service

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