June 7, 2021

Let us begin. I am going to try to give you the information you need now. We see a tendency for most all people to be unaware of what is really going on and it will be a big shock to them when they find out the undercurrents behind everything. All is not what it seems and those reading here have been seeking for some time now and have a better understanding of things in all areas. It is hard to get people to seek better news when they have no idea there is more to learn than what is being told. If you don’t know, then you don’t know to look further and you accept what is given. That is how lies persist and live on. Then if someone comes along with more it may sound unreasonable and false if the proper background has not been established. It is just easier to label it a conspiracy theory and be on your way. The sources of some of this truthful information are not given the credit they deserve and it is hard for anyone to question the main stream media news when it is supposed to be verified and given to the public. The cover up or at least the slight of hand with the news is not perceived, seen or believed. It will take some doing for the public to even consider what has been happening, even when it is logical that is has been happening. This is what we are up against now.

It has been known for some now that it is going to take something big to even get the attention of the masses to focus on the back side of what is being given. All need to take a second look behind the scenes and this will happen when certain information comes out. The news media is in for a shake up in their information and some things in procedure will go in a different direction and the news will take on a new light. It remains to be seen if the same venues will stay on and re-vamp their news or if they will retire and new news concerns will come forth and take over in the giving and reporting of news. Either way there are changes coming in the news and how it is reported and this is a good move.

I would like to speak now of infiltration of information coming out now that should have been brought out long ago and I am talking about human trafficking and UFOs for a start. There are many more items that should have had the spot light on them and been brought out in the news but were deliberately not given. Too much pressure was put on those in charge and there was too much at stake to think about going against the elite few who had the power and money. You would be surprised to know some of the pressures used to keep things under wraps and hidden from the public. There are those in the past who tried and paid a heavy price. In spite of all this, real news is coming out concerning many areas and now it is even coming into the major news. Never before have we heard so much being talking about concerning UFOs, even if it is still framed into a class of unverified or unknown. Getting it before the public is important in any case. There are documents out now from the freedom of information act that give a much better picture of what has taken place in the past and this will continue to be revealed. This is happening because of those who will not give up on their quest to uncover what has been hidden.

I would like to talk now of predestination; what is free will and what is per-determined to happen in your life. There is and has been a lot of thought in the line of certain events happening in your life and there was no way you could avoid it. There are certain opportunities planned for your life that will prevail and this gives you the freedom of what to do with them and how to react to them. You always have your free will and free choice to deal with these challenges or to reject them and have them presented later in a different setting. You are never forced to act in a certain way to these challenges given. These situations are brought forth by your previous actions and until a lesson is learned they will keep repeating and coming back into your life until you face them and learn the correct lesson from them and they will no longer be a challenge. The return of unlearned lessons are per-determined by you for your own growth but your reaction to them is up to you as to how you deal with them. If something keeps repeating in your life it indicates the way you have dealt with it in the past did not give you the information you needed for you to overcome the issue. Usually this means that love, compassion or forgiveness was not introduced into the dynamic of your actions and it will come around again. What you did in the past did not work. You will need to see it from a different perspective and usually one of more understanding and less hate or negative emotions. It will not quit coming into your life until this is done or it may come back into your life but will not be seen as a challenge for you will have conquered the reaction to it. Once you learned as a child how to add, subtract, multiply and divide it was no longer seen as a challenge and it did not slow you down at all. You looked at it in a different light because it had been learned. Same principle.

So, I do not think of life as predetermined in a strict way, only that your past always gives you opportunity for growth and this continues in your learning process. Lets just say that you still have a lot to learn and it will continue. You may want to take a time out for awhile but progress and learning will continue at some point and you will continue your journey. Journeys are varied because people are varied and are different expressions of their God essence. One may be a adventurer and want to explore and another may be a home body and want to enjoy the security of a home base and family. They are both expressions of God and just viewing life from a different point of view and giving of their experience back to the whole of everything. Again we address the diversity of all life as it is expressed and it all gives of its own experience back to the whole. Diversity is not to be condemned as long as it is expressed withing the laws of God. Forcing someone to act or speak in a certain way goes against the law that no one should be controlled. On your planet society has set strict limits concerning what is acceptable behavior. Experiencing life is a privilege and it needs to be done with respect for all others. Criticism and blame comes too freely to the lips and is spoken before real thought is given. Many need to think more at first before they speak.

When making decisions on how to act when given a challenge, if possible think what action is in the best interest of all concerned and go forward from there. If given time, go within and discuss this with your Creator and be aware of any response or answer. There are times when you do not know all the facts behind a challenge and guidance is needed. So you see not all things are per-destined and you have much freedom in your actions. So many times we go into prayer for answers and an answer is give and it is not the one we were willing to accept. Also we go into a prayerful plea for help and when it is given we are surprised. Go into prayer for help with the understanding that it will be given and then allow it to take as long as it will. What good does it do to put forth the effort of asking if you are not going to accept what is given. Accepting answers takes practice. Do not give up for guidance is there.

I leave you now to consider what I have given and maybe this information is even an answer to a question you may have had. The answers are there for those who ask and seek. Accepting in patience takes practice. God does not abandon his children but gives them the opportunity to come to knowing. Again, you are never alone.

I am Joseph In His Service

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