June 8, 2021

Let us begin. I am coming to you this day with hope and a positive outlook on how things are going. More is coming out in your news about us and it is a gateway to bigger things. At least the gate is open and we can come in through this. The political path in the US is also coming open in an apparent way. This will be a Summer of much change for everyone. You have a saying which is something about being slow as molasses and this is appropriate in getting things started but it is happening. The signs are there.

I would like to talk now of being drafted for work under the will of God. The obedient heart is concerned with service to others and is quick to share love and has compassion for all life. You are not forced but you are so thoroughly filled with the Light and Love of the Father God that it would be impossible for you not to be compassionate with others. The love that you have come to be in all of your being can only act in a way that is telling of this Love that you have been born from and it is who you are. You are on a higher vibration and are drawing things to you that are also on a higher vibration. No longer do you live where there is hate and revenge and all the other lower elements of emotions that were so prevalent in the third dimension. Others may not understand how you can be this kind but it is your world now and you will not go back into what was. You will continue to study and seek and learn with a new understanding and life will continue to open up to you in a new way that has not been seen before. There will be new meaning in what happens in your life and you see God’s hand in things that here to fore were not known. The truth that you obtain will only encourage you to go forward in your new understanding and life will start to show you its secrets with your new senses coming back on line and being used. You live in gratitude and thanksgiving for each new day. This is your new state of being now and you have earned it.

It may be hard for you to imagine but you will continue to progress and your journey will take you to even higher learning and understanding and this will become wisdom and even greater doors will open for you. This is the road for everyone. This is how the beings of a higher dimension traveled at one time and how they are able to come to you with their wisdom for they have traveled the road where you are now and they are able to relate well to where you are. They know the challenges you are facing and they know how to overcome them. So many are available to teach and give of their messages and they are filled with love for you and see you struggling and wanting answers. Just as they are wanting to help you, so you will be willing to help others along their path and just as you have free will to accept or reject, so will the people you speak to. You will understand the seeking heart for they will have questions of you and this will be your opening to tell of your experience. Even if it does not seem they accept what you are saying, you have planted a seed and the information will come again into their minds when the time is right.

So many times you will not have to speak but you will be seen as to your actions and your way of living. Those who are seeking will take note of how you react and how you overcome obstacles of life. It may not be understood how you can be happy without being rich or famous and as time goes by they will want what you have that gives you this composure. You help others by your Light and Love whether you know it or not and your experience of attainment gives back to the group consciousness and offers a better way for everyone. You cannot walk into a room without changing it in some way and that goes for changing the whole of all that is. All life is connected.

I would like to speak now of this connectedness for it is a fact of being a part of creation, which contains all the expressions of God. All things come from God in Light and when there is darkness, even it is made from Light for there is nothing else to make it from. This may be difficult to contemplate but there is only God. There is nothing that has been created by God that you are not connected to and this is why what you do and the expression that you are gives to the whole because you are part of that whole and all this is. Nothing exists apart from it or outside of it. If you are created from God, which you have been, it is impossible to be outside of it at any time. When you feel alone or forgotten it is because you have placed yourself in that position and are not seeing the connection to your being and your origin of life. Change your way of looking at things and know that help is available and it is always within reach. It is not outside of you but within for you are that being and that connection. There is no division between the two; no division between you and God for you are God in your expression of being for that is where you are from and what you are. That is what life is all about is the learning that you are this true expression of God and it just takes awhile to understand this unfolding of expression of the true perfection of God. Think on these words for a moment. You are in the process of unfolding the truth of your connectedness with the perfection of God for it is within you and who you are. You are attaining the knowing of this fact and this is your journey. You have never been and never will be a lowly being that is not worthy of higher understanding and the perfection of God. This is your origin for God did not create in imperfection. There is no second best in creation. Your journey is beautiful in the way it is offered and you control the speed of your own travel. Give thanks for all things along this path and you give of wonderful things back to the whole of everything. You help make everything what it is.

I leave you now to think on my words and hope that you will come back later and go over them again. I love you in your understanding and desire for learning.

I am Joseph In His Service

3 thoughts on “June 8, 2021

    1. There are schedules and we do have a means of telling time but we are not as tied to a schedule as you are on earth. We sleep less and we sleep when needed. Mostly we just take rest periods. We eat when we feel inclined to and this is at our own discretion. You can actually follow what schedule you want and there will be a period of adjustment as you might think. There are measurements of time for meetings and appointments but not a clock on every corner. It will all become clear to you when you get here. Thank you for your question. Joseph


  1. Thank you Joseph. Thank you for your love. Indeed there are parts of the fulness of the Gospel that we do not have. Yet we are anxious to learn. God be with you till we meet again


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