June 9, 2021

Let us begin. I need to explain why things are being delayed. We have a situation where certain events need to take place before disclosure is brought about and we are waiting on them to happen. The platform has to be set in a certain way for disclosure to take hold and get the attention it needs. If this atmosphere is not set then disclosure will come and go and not be given the notice that it deserves and we don’t want that to happen. We are looking for an attention getter for this background and it has to bring about a focus on this issue of UFOs. The sequence is planned in this way so it will not get swept under the rug like it has so many times in the past. This time it cannot happen that way for it must be given the proper credit and validity it needs. This means it has to be framed correctly. Dates keep coming and going without this happening and I know you are ready for disclosure. I am pleased that this plan has been set and the energy is there.

I would like to speak now of reliability and what it takes for this to form and take hold in an individual. A belief in certain types of character traits as being desirable causes a person to strive to become reliable in the way of following through and being dependable. Can you be counted on to follow through and to be as good as your word. What causes one person to be reliable and another not to be? A steadfastness and belief in the meaning of words given brings this quality about and causes others to know you have this quality and can be relied upon. This comes about by experience and training and is a most desirable thing to have. This is rated highly in a friend, employee, loved one and family member. This brings us to the words that are used and the power in them.

It is so common to not pay attention to the words you use and to forget what has been spoken saying it was just used as joking or you didn’t really mean it. Words have vibrations and energies, like thoughts do and set the intention in a certain direction and are used without much thought on earth. The importance they have is not understood and has been misused. When a word is spoken or used it has a meaning that generates a belief and should not be wasted or given lightly. Why would you put out a false meaning into the energy of intent? Pay attention to your words and see that they are spoken in truth and meaning without all the words used that are really unintended. This is so important in setting your energy on solid ground and having your thoughts take hold as they should and leads to the characteristic of reliability. If all words spoken, or in our case given in thought transfer, could be seen in their power and energy once given, you would understand better why it is so important not to clutter all that is with extraneous energy that is not consistent with what you mean and the focus toward what you desire.

Let us take for example your self talk and self doubt. These words go a long way in bringing down any belief in yourself when repeated on a daily basis condemning your actions and character. Do not take part in this destroying yourself from the inside. These words have meaning for you and make them positive and spoken to build you up. Another example is speaking behind someone’s back and this is usually done in a derogatory manner. This puts forth negative energy and does no good for you or for the other person. This energy is sent out into the whole of things and does have an effect upon the person spoken of. Refrain from this negative approach to another and let your words be kind or do not speak them at all. You are not seeing what is happening when you do this or you would know how it all comes back to you in energy of the same kind. This is what you draw to you and be assured it will come back. Give more thought to the words you speak to yourself and to the words that are spoken to others and think on their meaning. Have them be positive in their meaning and stand behind them in your reliability and others will come to hold true what you say and they will know you are as good as your words. Do not become know as the type of person that is disregarded when they speak and no credence is given to any of it. This does not mean you have to be serious all the time for life is to be enjoyed but do pay attention to your words when given.

Now let us think of having things come about in truth. We give you certain indications of what is to happen and they are given in all good faith of probabilities to happen. These are based on the prevailing energies and this means the most likely time line having the most energy placed in it. This is given and at times the energies will change and another time line will take over as having more energy. When God intervened into the energies of earth to bring bout His will the energies were changed and now things are coming about in the name of truth and are being brought forward into the light and seen clearly now by all who care to look. The energy that brings this about has been changed and the power and majesty of God’s hand in all that is becomes apparent and known for what is desired. His will is being done in truth of all that is. Truth has an energy and power of its own and stands tall and strong in its being and this is where everything is headed. Before the energy of pure truth is, there is the mix of turbulent falsehoods scrambling with nowhere to go but out and this is what you are going through now. If all things had color of energy you would understand more clearly by seeing the muddled colors of deceit, envy and lies that have given your landscape the disasters that have taken place. This blackened and dark picture is being cleared slowly in the frequency of truth overtaking it all with its own energy and this changes everything. Imagine a painting that is alive and flowing in color at all times and is changing from dark colors to those of lighter tones and then those of all light. This is the picture that is coming about at this time in your world. The picture that is being painted is harmonious and compatible with colors that are dependable and in truth and it contains no falsehoods. Give of your energy in prayer and meditation to this new picture that is being painted for all to enjoy for it is the will of God that this come about and He is changing it all in His will. He is working through so many at this time to bring about the honesty and truth needed and it is a large endeavor for everyone.

I leave you now to think on bringing about the will of God in all things on earth. It is being done and the dynamics of it all will be seen more clearly as time goes on. Give thanks for these changes, even if they seem unrelated or counter productive at the moment for God is true and reliable in all that is.

I am Joseph In His Service

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