June 10, 2021

Let us begin. After coming to earth you began your learning experiences with each incarnation. The lessons from one life are carried over into the next life and you continue from there. Some lives were intense with learning experiences and some were more relaxed and easier to get through. All learning is kept for you to use again when needed. You take advantage of situations coming up that have the right conditions for you to receive the circumstances that will give you the best opportunities for learning and this includes your choice of parents. If they are not available you waited until a better set of circumstances came along for you to be brought into. Certain unfinished relationships were harder to match so you would wait until they presented themselves with the people involved to finish out what was needed. You then were presented with the opportunity to work out any challenge with the same people that were needed. You could finish your learning with them or you could refuse and the need would carry over again to another life and another opportunity. Some of you have been in lives with the same people for many life times in order to finish an involvement that needed a different approach such as forgiveness or offer of help. In some lives others were given the opportunity to correct a wrong action against you from another life. It all meshed together with different scenarios but with the same focus on the challenges for learning a certain lesson.

These lives could be simple and straight forward in their focus or it was more likely that they were complicated for you also had the opportunity to create other difficult relationships and need to correct the actions for learning with another focus. This could be done within the same life time or if you persisted it would carry over into another life. This brought out the necessity for many life times until the individual advanced with the elements of love and compassion for others, or for all life and the cycle of that earlier challenge was completed and no longer needed. So many of you will have all these life times running through you mind now in review, or at least a specific part or reference in that life. You may be confused for the character you feel you were is not the one you have now and you will feel you were a different person. Most all of you have been different genders and have lived a different number of years in each life and exited each life by a different means. It is a little like playing a part on stage with a different script but with the same actors playing different parts also. The switch from life with a body into life without a body and back into life with another body is not as difficult as you might think. The difficult part is the living of that life and trying to find the reason for it and why you are here. These are the answers you need to find in each situation. Some retained learned lessons well from one life to the next and some did not. It usually depended on how much emotion was given to the circumstance as to how well it was remembered. An earth shattering experience with lots of emotion will be remembered whether it was in just one following life or many.

You will have tendencies in the next life to lean toward activities you enjoyed in the last life and this applies for talents also. Abilities will carry over strongly, especially if the time between lives is short. This also applies to aversion or things you strongly want to avoid, such as the fear of something. Someone having died in a previous life from drowning for instance may have a fear of being in or on the water. This is why we have advised you to ask that all negative energies that may hamper your soul growth be dropped from previous lives. Some emotions you do not want to carry over into the next life so you can focus on other things. All these elements can become confusing and detracting from your main objective of any life time.

Now, while you are in the process of doing all that the ones sent here to aid in the bringing of Light into the earth also had a focus of fulfilling those challenges given to Light workers and this did make for a complicating life at times. While juggling learning of lessons in one had you were taking direction for fulfilling your contract, in what ever way that may have been, in the other hand. Usually all this was with the feeling of being different and not fitting in to society as others did and this made for a foundation that brought up more questions that needed to be answered. Some adjusted better than others but even at its best you did have things to work out and the list was long. Fortunately there was help available and that is where the unseen people came in with their mission being one of council and encouragement. Your task was not a simple one nor was it straight forward in its execution. Some of you bounced around looking for something steady to hold onto while others never found anything they could recognize as being of true consequence or benefit. The coming around to your mission was a time for celebration for us for this opened doors for better changes in the collective consciousness and opportunities for you to make positive changes in all areas. It has been the attempt at forging these partnerships between you and correct counseling that has kept us busy and it has been the living out and executing these correct moves needed for earth that has kept you busy. So you see we are strongly invested in your lives and have been for some time now and our love and highest level of compassion have always been the foundation of any action on our part toward you.

This mission we have has been God driven and it continues now into the days ahead and our words of council and encouragement we give to you are of the highest intentions. Never have we ever wanted to cause any of you harm. Unfortunately earth was open for visitors in the past and there were those whose influence was not the same as ours and their intentions were for their own advancement. Lines were crossed and wrongs were committed and some of these emotions resulting from traumatic experiences have persisted to this day in some of you. You can understand why there is a reluctance to feel good about people coming from the sky to visit earth. This will be difficult to overcome and we may not accomplish this in some of you in this life time of yours. We continue to try and we are so encouraged by those who have welcomed us thus far. There is so much information that will improve your lives and we look forward to the days ahead.

I leave you now to think on these things and to know that opportunity awaits you. Maybe you are beginning to realize how much has been accomplished and what an important part you played in the advancement of earth. It could not have been done without you.

I am Joseph In His Service

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