June 11, 2021

Let us begin. We seem to be waiting for something to happen. There is a movement now that is coming out not only on private web sites but in the news concerning sightings and history of UFOs. The public is slowly being informed and the information is cumulative. This is setting a good foundation for an all out disclosure and at some point this will happen. For now it is being brought out slowly and this helps to make for a better understanding and reduces fear somewhat in those who would have a problem with any visitation from anyone outside earth.

I would like now to speak of eradicating the enemy. This is an all out war and has been and that is the way we are handling it here on our side. There are times when we hesitate to tell you just how serious this conflict is but the dark are cunning and difficult to overcome because they are so embedded into every aspect and group of society on earth. This is from the highest levels down to the everyday individual. A difficult part is that so many do not realize they have sided with the dark and they think they are doing the best thing for themselves. So many have given their lives in this battle when they opposed the dark on the side of right and Light. It is hard to fight someone on an individual level when they are unknown to not only us but to themselves concerning what side they are on. We think we have cleared a group or a movement and then things do not progress only to find that someone, or more, on the inside is working against us. Then we have to ferret out the ones who are opposing, and they feel they are doing the best thing for everyone. The dark have become so effective in what they would have everyone to believe that the indoctrination has taken on a hue of respectability and good purpose in the minds of those deceived. This is difficult for us to overcome. At times there is no clearly marked enemy and only time tells us who is doing what. This makes for slow going and all the while more and more of the long tentacles of the dark finally mark the ones in control that have been duped.

It does no good to feel sorry for ourselves and we must continue in fervent resolve to weed out the influence of the absence of Light, no matter how difficult. One thing that is helping us at this time is their struggle to survive in these last days because they become more open in their attempts to remain active in their ways of staying in control. It makes them plainly visible. Working with someone you think is on your side only to have them reveal their true nature is deflating and disappointing. In some cases they have been threatened with harm themselves or with harm to loved ones and they dare not take a chance. There is nothing the dark have not done or will not do to remain in control and this is their means of getting ahead. The work you are doing gives us a backdrop of Light and the dark ones are easier to spot under these circumstances and environment. Their own ways make them show up and stand out now and we ask that you continue your work to bring more Light and Love to earth. It is still greatly needed.

I would like to talk now of being in the Light of God and living with the highest intentions of His laws. Continued practice of living in His word gives you the best opportunity to learn and attain higher energy and wisdom. This will set you apart on a planet like earth and most likely you have felt that you do not fit in. Keeping in touch with others of the Light gives strength to your journey and theirs and this is possible now with the world wide internet and ability to post and publish messages from one to another.

Unfortunately this method is being used by the dark also and their communications have to be taken out and stopped. Those in the field are doing great work and there is so much going on now in that respect of removing their connections and means of getting messages from one to another. It is beginning to be spoken of in your news media now concerning arrests. It is hard to completely shut down something quickly that has proliferated for decades but slowly it is being done.

We are still having our meetings now and are adjusting as the circumstances change and this is our focus to be flexible to every move that is taken or made so that we can remain on top of things and be successful. You are a great part of this with your work within the very element of dark upon earth. What you do is within such close proximity to the inception and execution of control that it is of great consequence to overcoming their movements. This is why at times you become targets and the need for you to remain in the Light is paramount concerning your safety and security. Do not forget to surround yourself with the security of protection afforded by living in the Light.

I have to be off now and about my work for we are very busy on our side at the moment. Our best efforts are continually given in removing every last dark influence from earth. We send all of you our love and ask that you remain faithful in your efforts to continue your work.

I am Joseph In His Service

7 thoughts on “June 11, 2021

  1. It is my opinion that flat earth theory was created by the dark to deceive and divide the awaken ones and to downrate all the other (truthfull) theories. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you.


    1. The flat earth theory was created by the dark but mostly to attract attention from something else. The fact that it deceived some was just and added achievement for them. It made for confusion among many and this also was a plus. An Interesting question. Joseph


      1. Thank you Gil and Thank you Joseph. What of Admiral Byrd and the experience he had with going into the earth near the north pole? I’ve always felt that his experience was true and valid. I don’t know if the earth is hollow yet I know in other dimensions it may be. Appreciate Gils question. And I appreciate your message today as always Joseph. God bless you and your efforts, in love Jacob


      2. Jacob, Admiral Byrd did in fact find part of the earth that was hollow. There are people who live inside the earth and moved there during earth changes. All of the earth is not hollow, only part. Most all the inhabitants there are of a higher vibration and experience life in the 5th dimension. They are anxious to speak to citizens on earth that would like to communicate with them when the time is right. Some of you are already communicating with them and do not realize where they live. You have a lot to look forward to. Thank you for your question. Joseph


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