June 12 2021

Let us begin. In the order of things we have certain rules that are followed for everything to work correctly. There is a logic and scientific rules that have to be followed. Sequential order must be followed and that is what we are waiting on now. We cannot have B coming before A and this is in the energy you cannot see with your eyes and this applies to the flow of information pertaining to announcements. I mentioned that certain things had to happen first before announcements and disclosure and this is what I was talking about. There is a proper set up pertaining to flow of energy and that is happening now. It is like a platform or foundation that has to be laid out in the elements of all that is on earth. Difficult for me to explain but evident none the less. This is forming and taking place as we speak. We can see it here from our side and it may be slow but we are getting there. After all this time you have been through we are still asking you to have patience and we know this is an old statement you are tired of hearing. We feel you saying, “get on with the show” or something close.

Your reality is different from ours and different rules for your reality must apply. Your reality was specifically designed for the purpose of the conflict between the Light and the dark or the opposition between the two and all the degrees of incompatibility between the two. Therefore we must follow the rules pertaining to your earth as you see it. The time from thought into reality here on our side is much quicker than in your created reality. Things move much slower there and we have to keep this in mind. This is a positive thing and also a hindrance. It would not do to have your thoughts manifest as quickly as ours do. Certain abilities have to be learned first before that is granted. Your minds are quick and some of you are rack track drivers in your thinking, so speed is not the issue. It is the wisdom to know what to think and what to bring into manifestation that is needed. Even though this time has become shorter there it still takes a certain amount of time for things to come about and manifest into reality. This is one thing that is taking a long time. There is a complex set of changes taking place at the same time and this has all the energies swirling and they will eventually set into their proper places and become the reality you are waiting for.

At present you have the dissolution of the dark energy that is bringing such fear into those that want their control to continue. This reaction to their end of reign is quite upsetting to them and the fear and apprehension they are creating is entered into the over all energy prevailing. Then you have the formation of increasing Light energy you are inviting into the earth level that continues to grow and this is taking over the dark energy that was once well established, but is now on its way out and these two energies are very active and finding their place and level in the mix of things. Then there is the dissonance and discord of rebellion in the hearts of so many that causes resistance to the dominance of energies that were in place and this resistance is taking place in your prevailing energies and this resistance is combining with the energies of change. It is quite a reaction to see all these different energies trying to mix with each other and it is a good thing that it is being done slowly for you can imagine what an energetic reaction there would be if it happened all of a sudden. As it is you are still thinking about what is happening. This is what you are dealing with at this time. Energies are the result of thinking and prevailing energies are the result of change. You are getting there and it is happening, just not as quickly as you would like.

I would like to comment now on how you are adjusting to these changes. Whether you realize it or not your ideas and concepts of things are changing. If you could go back in your mind history you would realize that your attitude on certain things is different now than it was at one time. Your tolerance for governmental inadequacies is much less and you are wanting better representation than you have now. This is reflected in your speech and in your outward actions in the form of protests. Your information of what is going on in your world is much greater now than it was and this is giving you a better understanding of what is needed and what needs to be changed or improved. Also your understanding of creation and other life forms is growing and you are on the verge of accepting the truth of life existing on other planets or in your skies.

Remember not all cities reside on a planet for some exist on ships and are capable of movement from one place to another. These ships are that complex and that large that they can contain all that is needed for entire societies to take place and live in comfort and in peace. It suits our needs completely.

Your ideas are changing and growing to contain all the new information coming out and your wants are changing. You are continually receiving this new information and forming new opinions and this is also changing the energies for what you wanted to create 10 years ago is not what you want to create now. You can imagine how active all these energies and elements are and how they are all trying to exist at the same time and some are being rooted out while some are taking over.

Then there is the factor of earth herself and the changes Gaia needs to make to restore balance to her energies and this also needs to be somewhat compatible with what is going on and she is reacting under the heavy burden of negativity and trying to make things better in a way that is the least disruptive for all who live on her and this is difficult if not impossible for change is coming.

With all this going on you can better understand why you feel the way you do in the middle of all of these changing energies. We have not even talked about the energies being sent to earth that help to make things better and diminish the upheaval that could so readily take place without them. There is no wonder that you feel out of sorts or like something is going on but you aren’t sure what it is. There is a lot taking place that cannot be seen with the eyes but can so readily be felt with the body and perceptions other than the senses you are used to. Make your way as gently as you can through this massive transition of energies and adjustments and be mindful of what your body needs and the peace your mind so deserves for the best reactions possible. We were not kidding when we told you there would be changes coming and the changes happening now are them. Get enough rest, eat the best food you can and try not to get caught up in any turmoil that is existing. Drink plenty of water while your bodies are changing and try to stay in a state of balance and peace as best you can.

I leave you now with this information to think on and now you have a better understanding of things. It is indeed a time of transition into a better life and the one that has been promised to you.

I am Joseph In His Service

13 thoughts on “June 12 2021

  1. Thank you Joseph. Each message you bring adds another layer to the whole of who you are, what you represent and offer. We here on earth are most grateful indeed. We can feel how sincerely you are going about your assignments and we also know your life is not easy. We appreciate the great lengths you and those who work with you take to accomplish this stupendous work. Today’s message reminds me of some things taught by ‘the traveler’ in Star Trek TNG episodes “Remember Me” and “Journey’s End”. Our prayers are with you dear ones. Jacob
    Ps. How does one apply for asylum? (Asking for a friend)


    1. Woops, I meant to mention the episode from Star Trek TNG: “Where No One Has Gone Before”. In that episode the Traveler transports the Enterprise-D into a territory where the crew was able to quickly manifest into reality any of their thoughts. Joseph’s teachings today mentioned much on this topic today. I highly recommend anyone to watch that episode after reading today’s message.


    2. Jacob, I am not sure of your question. Asylum from what and into what. Tell your friend to ask for help through prayer and state what is needed. There are some lives that are required to finish out their years in certain locations. You need to define further the problem. Joseph


      1. Reply from Jacob and David,

        I was expressing a sincere longing in the form of innocent humor in the comment in desiring asylum now for the peace and light (relief really) that working together in person will represent. But do not think I would joke about such a serious thing as asking for asylum for I know you take that seriously also. I certainly won’t cry wolf again. God bless you, Jacob.
        We don’t mean disrespect by using humor. It helps us relax when we are stressed out.

        Joseph, we are all serving at levels we probably never anticipated. The love of our Heavenly Parents to honor. We understand long term sacrifice and devotion to eternal principles determines the man or woman so manifesting same. We hold you in high esteem and thank you for who you are.


      2. Joseph, wow something just came ‘out of the blue’ from who I know in Adamic as Kalashuelem and Ashanti that I was not expecting exactly that merits sincere review on both our parts. Can you confirm that you know who these sacred ones are? This time there is no crying wolf or humor. Since this is a public forum for general matters I will endeavor to prepare it for your consideration the best ways I know how granting and asking for you to look into this with me. With love and in awe, Jacob


      3. I had to look this up as I was not familiar with them. They are true at heart and wish only to give of help to everyone. I suggest you go within at the information given to find if it is for you at this time. Some of what they give is advanced and may be difficult to understand. Joseph


      4. Thank you Joseph for looking into that for me. I come from a (but am not limited to) a Latter Day Saint background. Kalashuelem is the personal name of the Holy Spirit in the LDS Godhead. Ashanti, or rather Grandpapa Ashanti is the Father of Elohim who is the Father of my Eternal Spirit. There must be infinite number of God’s of Light. I’m in a pickle because I’ve (and my sweetheart) have been targeted somehow for my comments and the attention it has gotten. If there is a chance for asylum from this world where my life is in greater danger than imminent earth upheavals I would be infinitely grateful. If not I’ll keep trusting in God and should I perish I will be working on the other side just as diligently for God’s will to come to pass. Thank you for all you do Joseph. Sincerely, Jacob


      5. It is true that those of the Light are targeted. I need to follow up on your comments and will turn this over to those responsible for looking into these type of situations. After investigation all that can be done will be done. If there is further instruction for you somehow it will be impressed upon you. Joseph


    3. Thank you Joseph. I’m sure you know many languages yet I falter in English or perhaps any mortal tongue to express the graditide that I feel Joseph. I’ll definitely miss the daily messages but will continue to study them as well as any other ways you and your people find to communicate. We desire further communication yet understand the parameters now in these winding up scenes. Thank you for when you will be seeking us out to discuss further. God bless you. God bless you.


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