June 13, 2021

Joseph was needed elsewhere and could not give a message. This is a re-post from Prosper.

June 29, 2020

(I was thinking love was necessary for a good connection)

Yes, love. We are transmitting a message of importance this day. Be at peace with what is happening in your world, it is necessary for energy transference from old to new. Complications do occur but this process is in the hands of THE ONE. Thousands work on this transition for the welfare of all involved.

I alone control certain aspects that remain hidden and cloistered from view. Empirical wisdom and knowledge are required in never ending amounts for a process like this one. Hallelujah, Christ is in the building! Allow me to be funny. I AM allowed.

Things look good from my point of view. Be at peace and consider all good things will come about in good time. I promise. It is written Comfort and pleasure will remain a side line until this course has been traversed. Bear with it. It is so little to ask of you to be patient for the reward is magnificent to behold and I exaggerate not. You will see for yourselves when the day comes and I will be watching all of you do it. I, myself am in wonder over this whole thing never before experienced like this. If you only knew.

Compliance is necessary for an optimal outcome and you are needed to complete this mission. Do not falter for the rewards are too great. I believe in you dear ones. My faith is bursting at the seems. Indulge me in this picture of a fait accompli if you will. I am in a good mood.

Be at peace, I am Prosper

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