June 14, 2021

Let us begin. In all of this we are making progress. Sometimes it is hard to tell for there are road blocks and steps in retreat, but over time we have come forward and made such progress that it is easy to see the total picture. Our focus has always been to remove the influence and control of the dark and we are doing exactly that. Those in agreement on earth are still being threatened by the dark and some are afraid to help. We go on the assumption that the agreement, once made, will continue and that does not always happen. Over the years it has been so disappointing when this happens for we have to start all over with someone else in agreement to help us and that is not the difficult part. What is difficult is to find someone in the correct position of control and decision making to help us.

We spend a lot of our time trying to encourage you not to give up and to try and understand that a disappointment along the way will happen. We sometimes fall into disappointment ourselves and feel like we are not making the progress we would like and we have to re-group and encourage ourselves in the whole focus of things and begin again with renewed vigor and a positive attitude. We have always come out of any slump and had success in every facet of this mission concerning earth and if you could see how far we have all come you would be greatly relieved for the influence of the dark has been greatly reduced. There are still challenging areas that need to be overcomed but the picture of completeness is looking good. The pockets of underground tunnels are being done away with and there were so many to begin with, and so many more that are being discovered in the process that this is an ongoing work that continues to this day. The hiding places have greatly been reduced in number and removing them has been a big factor in gaining ground in this battle and make no mistake about it, there are people on the ground that are physically battling it out with those who would love to keep things as they are and don’t mind taking lives to do it.

So, while millions are above ground doing much needed Light work that is so necessary for victory, there are thousands all over the world facing the enemy on a very physical level and putting their lives on the line to gain ground and many of them are underground and forced to fight weapons you cannot imagine. Many on our side have lost their lives and we mourn each one of them and marvel at their courage to continue, but they do. Men of such courage that train extensively and know the enemy and their capabilities in battle and while we value and cherish each life, the enemy does not. Little is given about our teams that engage in this dark battle and they seek no notoriety or fame and they are also a big part of any progress we have made. Give thanks for them and give them of your love and light for they need your encouragement and well wishes as they face these challenges, as you yourselves do your work that is so necessary for overcoming the dark. There are not only casualties from individuals going over to the dark side, but there are casualties from loss of life in our troops of men on the ground who face such hardships of endurance and unspeakable dangers, yet they continue. On my best day I would not be this tough.

We are all doing our part and using our talents and training to end this control and overcome any influence of domination by the dark. All of our efforts are so needed in this plan to gain back earth and see her continue in the Light that was intended. Each of you please continue your work, no matter what this may be, and don’t give up. When you become discouraged try to find a way to get beyond it and continue this battle that must be won for there is no alternative that gives you the freedom that winning this conflict does. We are in a situation where there is no compromise on the directives that Father has given for His wishes concerning earth. We must win completely.

You have gone from mild mannered citizens to enlightened worriers against entrenched numbers of the dark and you are gaining ground toward the ultimate goal. I leave you now with millions of reason to continue for it is in the interest of every soul on earth that you keep up your work along with others working in Father’s battle on and for earth freedom. Take your moments of rest when necessary but always consider what is at stake and then continue for we really must overcome the dark.

I am Joseph In His Service

3 thoughts on “June 14, 2021

  1. Thank you Joseph. A sobering message today. We are committed dyed in the wool blue through and through. Joseph is it possible to call upon greater forces of the light such as exalted beings themselves to deal with the dark. How do you interface with Holy Angels and Arch Angels? I perceive that you operate in a Terrestial realm of glory while we on earth are in a Telestial world but with the invasion of the fallen nature. How can we call upon Celestial power and light to assist? Certainly God Himself could destroy all evil with a mere thought yet that may not be the way so we learn and grow. Thank you for all your efforts and also we pause for a moment in love and honor to those working and perishing on the front lines. Joseph what is your typical day like? Do you sleep and does time flow for you as it does for us on earth with 24 hour days? Although the battle is dreary and long and extreme we still know light will ultimately overcome. We are very curious of the wonders that await us that you represent. Most of us cannot fathom the Great blessings that await us on the other side of this conflict. Please remember that in working with governments we here subject to them struggle to get anything done with them also. At this point we consider it a lost cause because of the selfishness and deception they choose to embrace. You may be more able to reach them yet we have learned by experience that they are incorrigible and only respond when their power or life is in jeopardy. We respect protocol just remember that the government at this point at least in the USA is completely illegitimate and if there is any other way you can accomplish your work without having to wait on them to do the right thing please consider it. With love and respect for you Joseph and all those at your side, your friend Jacob


    1. Jacob, you already have exalted beings of light working with earth and they have been for some time now. They are following the rules set out at present. You interface with Holy Angels and Arch Angels, who are also working with earth, the same as you would talk to anyone else on our side. They can bilocate their attention and hear from many at the same time. I exist in a higher realm or dimension with others of different achievements and vibrations. Those of higher dimensions just appear in more of a Light body, which is less defined but more powerful with energy. We do sleep when needed and time does not flow for us in 24 hour days. We adjust to what is needed for us. Working with your governments is challenging and patience is needed but there is a deadline and we can wait no longer on some issues. Thank you for your questions. Joseph


  2. (Reply From David, typed for him at request by Jacob)

    We appreciate you and all those who are worthy to be with you. Please be aware we both have personal love and acquaintance with John the beloved and are aware of the reality that he sustained to a limited degree at present. We love you all and honor the rightoues desires of your heart more than you can understand. Thank you for continuing to communicate with us. We are well aware of the fact that you are all apart of our Eternal family and we love you dearly. David


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