June 16, 2021

Let us begin. We know the time is now and the stage is set. We just need all involved to play their part they have agreed to. Information will proceed and be delivered as prearranged. There is a perfect time in the course of events for each thing to happen and this follows intent to deliver. We look forward to what will be given. It will be like setting the table for everyone and putting food out. All that is needed is for everyone to partake of it in a serious manner. Examine it, consider it and decide on it one way or the other but give it serious consideration and your focus and then you can at least say you gave it your all.

I would like to speak now of events to come. There will soon be an end to the devious plots of the dark and you will not be blind sided with thought up continued events to put you in fear and subjugation. There will be no more of that and part of us will gladly be out of a job. We ever so happily look forward to this time when that will no longer exist but for now there are still dark thoughts about that try to ensnare you into their way of acting and thinking. Please consider all information that will come out and examine it completely as to context, content and especially origin. We cannot stress this enough for there is still mischief afoot in the minds of discontented ones that are giving it one more try. If something worked one time it may work again. Do not be fooled and hold it up against the Light and truth and see how it bears witness in the name of God. You are no longer sheep being led into darkness but the one Shepherd is your guide.

The continuation of generated lies keeps being pumped out like free candy waiting for you to gladly pick it up, its poisonous content ready to work the demise of individual thought in freedom and desire to overcome any control. Stand up in your own Light now and say no more and you will hear the reverberation of all voices echoing in the cosmos from earth for it will be that strong. This is my message today and it is a strong one that I could not have given before now. You have arrived at this point of knowing and your sight has been burnished by the fires of truth and your resolve is strong from the result of all your hard work and struggles. Let truth be rung on the bell of Holy Words and thoughts and walk tall in your individuality. Earth is being liberated one moment at the time by another voice who will say loudly, NO, no more.

Examine, hold everything up to the Light of God and proceed in your knowing for the time is now.

I am Joseph In His Service

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