June 17, 2021

Let us begin. We know it will be difficult for you to transition into this new age that has been promised for the changes that need to happen are great. There has to be this large energy of darkness to be removed and it will not always be without consequences in the physical world. So much energy has to either be transformed into something more compatible or either be totally removed and this will take some doing in many cases. Gaia, herself is ready and her adjustments are not gentle. Many individuals of dark influence who have made their choices will have to be physically removed in some manner or go down the drain in this process. They will not be allowed to remain in their present form and influence. So be it.

Try not to enter into the chaos that will ensue during this process of transition and remain grounded in your Light and faith. Your understanding will serve you well during this time for it is knowing the reason and the necessity that will carry you through. Life itself is a long sequence of changes and adjustments and you transverse them mostly without any problem. You are very stalwart in your character now and adapting to change is in front of you. Your biggest challenges are the people that are not ready and do not understand what is happening for they will not be prepared. This is understandable for they have not chosen to search the reasons behind what is going on and they will be surprised. Travel with caution during this time and through these waters of heavy currents and do not get swept away in the flow of emotions from the masses.

I would like to speak now of transitions of heavenly content for you need to tap into the subjects of the codes given. These codes contain information that you need and that will serve you well in the coming months. They will allow the changes to be made within your mind and body that will be compatible with the energies coming in and the transformation into what your body needs to be for your soul to travel in comfort. All along you have been making changes within your body to conform to this new energy environment and they will continue. Mentally accept the codes of a directing nature and bless these changes into the intention and execution of the new for your new body will serve you as it should and you will not have to think twice about it being ready. The uncomfortable symptoms you have been going through will discontinue at some point and you will have completed them.

The transitions of a mental nature will not be so automatic and it will take patience on your part for the new to take hold and be implemented into your daily lives. All along you have been accepting these new energies and codes of change and the new you is arriving a little at the time. The end result will be like a whole construction crew will have come in and remodeled your mind completely for your DNA is being redone to give you what you once had and this will feel new. You have come through a lot of this change already and do not realize it. It was done with minimal discomfort and the new available abilities will come on line slowly as you accommodate them and begin to use them again. Remember all this was once yours in the way of these abilities and they will return and it will take practice on your part.

We believe the mental approach to life now is one you have wanted for some time and many have prayed for now for decades. An atmosphere of love and harmony without the negativity of the former life. This will be the really noticeable part and appealing in nature to transition into. All these changes will happen together, and have been happening together. Do not let them become anything other than the gift they are for your new age and the new you. You are so different now than you were long ago and we wish you could stand beside yourself to make the comparisons and see the big changes in every part of your physical and mental state of being. You have come such a long way and there is still a ways to go. We encourage you to be at peace with these further changes as best you can and again the biggest challenges will be in those that are not prepared. Your work, study and understanding have gone a long way in taking you across some difficult times and it will continue to do so. Rely heavily upon your knowing and experience of going within for instructions and answers now. We are standing by.

Be at peace my children in all ways you can. Face each new day with your every increasing vibratory rate that gives you open doors to new information and understanding and this leads to accomplishment and wisdom. I leave you now with this view of how far you have come and the vastness of your journey in how you have grown and what you have accomplished. If you could have our view you would be surprised. So, take the new you and know that whatever comes now you are ready and have the experience to deal with it in a positive way. You are the individual expression of the God energy and you will overcome as you have in the past. You have all been so needed in this journey of reform and hold new positions in all that is. Come fully into your own being of God.

I am Joseph In His Service

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