June 18, 2021

Let us begin. We need to keep in mind that all is in the hands of God and under His direction. It is so difficult at times to see how any of it could come to a good conclusion from the part that we can see. I have been through several adjustments, change overs, and revisions of situations and at times wondered how any of it could turn out to be a positive or a desired conclusion but it always does when the Will of the One is energetically calling the shots of it all. Faith is a strong thing to have but sometimes more difficult to maintain in the midst of chaos when we look at things with our physical eyes. There have been times when I have questioned a positive outcome in the past only to be amazed at how things came together in a way I could not have imagined. There is a perfection that is above our own understanding because it is on such a high level as to be un-thought of in our un-experienced minds. Have you ever known all that is to create anything that is less than perfection? We need to forge ahead with this in mind.

I would like to speak now of imitation and how something may look exactly like something else. There is a way we can be deceived with the effort of a practiced deceiver and taken in by movements and events that look like a favorable thing. As much as we have talked about the dark being defeated and on the way out I would like to remind you at how practiced and experienced they can be at imitation and deception. It is not a time to let your guards down and accept all without caution. Take all to question in your own process of holding it up to truth and see how it stands. Do not let yourself become vulnerable in an open situation before first standing everything up to the Light of God to see if it withers under His power and inspection. Feel the results in your minds and hearts and let it be stripped of any hint of falsehood. Be practiced in this method and do what works for you with all new concepts that may come out.

At present there are attacks going on, perpetrated by the dark, that are taking place in your skies. Those who fled from earth are trying to regroup and gain supporters to challenge all who took away their planet and their plans for total control. So far they have been rebuffed and again their plans have been destroyed but they continue, motivated by hate and revenge. Somehow they are unable to see their efforts would be put to much better use if they would use their energies for good. Your experience has been hard gained but it will remain in your minds and it is possible it may have to be used again to protect what you so diligently fought for. Cherish your past and your work and hold dear your resolve never to let any dark influence come between you and your envisioned future of peace and a better world. It is a promise to yourselves that will remain.

The strong will of each of you will create such energy that will create a time line that is so far above any that you have held before in your life time. The strong influence brought about from knowing what it was like to live under strong control will give you the strength to maintain such high standards that you will not let your guard down. This is how things are created and kept on the forefront of freedom and individual expression and nothing can replace the experience of your past. You understand now what it is taking to come out from under it all and gain the ground you need to bring about your promised earth. The records of it all will not be forgotten.

My words to you are one of encouragement and continued progress in your focus for what you want in your new world. In all that is yet to happen do not loose sight of this goal for yourselves concerning how you want to live and express the God within on your earth. There are opportunities waiting for you that you have not yet imagined and concepts that are above any thoughts of achievement you have had. It is a beautiful sight you are coming into concerning this liberated environment and we want you to have every opportunity to create what you can from the love and light that is given.

I leave you now to think on these things for you are at the creating point in the now, as is always the case of creating. Hold high your bar of excellence for what will be. Express the God within and hold back nothing of a loving and noble, compassionate life.

I am Joseph In His Service

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