June 19, 2021

Let us begin. I am going to tell you what is in the works at present. All is ready for announcements and it is going forward, thank goodness. We have all worked for this to happen and agreements have been made and this time we pray they will be kept. If we were doing it ourselves it would have already been done but it is better that this comes from those on the ground so the validity factor will be in full effect. We await this moment and it is a rather pinnacle in these events to come. I shouldn’t be so excited myself for this is for you, it is just that there has been so much going into this and waiting so many times that it is difficult not to let the tension build here on our side. We see it happening for you now, where as before it was murky and would not solidify. Pray that all will keep their word as given.

Un-kept agreements have gone a long way to ruin and destroy the faith you have had in us and we know how you have planned on what we announce to happen but we have no control over those who go back on their word. This time we have hope again that it will happen and there will be so much to follow. The timing for this to begin is this month of June, so I go out on a limb here with this statement and have not been quite so specific before. Dare I give this month when all have waited so long and even held their breath in some cases for so little word that has been foretold? We are doing the same as you and watch and listen for what will be happening. So be it.

I would like to speak now of the validity of the soul. You cannot see it or hear it with your usual senses but it has weight and takes up space and can certainly be detected with other senses available. So many do not believe in any life after death whatsoever and they live without hope or faith in gain or achievement of the soul. For them all is lost at the point of death and it colors their life so totally differently than anyone who knows of the soul’s existence. How do you prove the existence of the soul? This has been a question persisting for some time and there are those who have tried without much success to prove their point. The soul is created and has a life that maintains and thrives from the energy of God and is nothing outside of God. It is possible to have a body of some sort without a soul and there are many of them existing now on earth and even some in your skies. It is difficult to tell if a soul is not present just by looking for they appear as everyone else but a focus with your senses will come up against the cold and lifeless feeling when probed. It is evident to us from the lack of the God energy usually found within the souled body. With them the body does die a final death and it is no more.

Once acknowledged the individual opens doors and information and additional God energy comes into play and the person begins their journey along the path of enlightenment. Before the soul is acknowledged there are road blocks to learning and achieving and this holds you back somewhat, even though suggestions and markers are given to the unfolding of the soul existence. Those helping you do all they can to show you the validity of your soul and sometimes many times do they repeat their efforts. Even your body takes on a new meaning when you realize it houses the soul and life itself takes on new meaning. When this is done questions arise of what the soul actually is and what it contains. Is it just a higher form of life itself? The soul is the same energy and creative light that is in creation and all that is and is no different from the existence and creative energy of God, or what you call God. There is nothing that is not God and nothing that is created in less than perfection of this energy that is God. This is who and what you are. There is no subservient creation less that God that has to live in fear of an angry God meting out punishment for infractions of laws. You do not go somewhere else to meet God and worship for God is within and is you. The process of achievement along life’s path is your realization of this fact and of who and what you really are. If you think you are full of sin and a lowly unworthy soul then that is the life you will live. On the other hand, if you realize your soul and your being is no different than the almighty creative energy that has created all that is, then this is the life you will live.

There is no limit to what you can achieve and no limit to how far you can travel on your path of enlightenment, once you come into this knowledge of who and what you are. We on this side do all we can to help you come into this reality and knowing of this information. Most of the time it is a slow process because of all the false teaching you have come in contact with while growing up. There is a lot to overcome and this makes it difficult to come into this truth. The journey and learning continues and it changes everything.

I leave you now to think on my words and consider them in depth for your own enlightenment. It is one of the biggest changes you will make in your life when you realize who you really are.

I am Joseph In His Service

3 thoughts on “June 19, 2021

  1. Thank you Joseph. Many of us do nothing but pray and we are hopeful that this time those who have been charged with keeping their sacred word will retain their honor. They need to know that there are eternal consequences to their decisions at this point. Hopefully their souls will bear witness to them to this fact. If they should not make the right choice we here on earth who would be harmed simply do not understand why there cannot be other arrangements. It is not just and fair for perdition to govern the affairs and fate of society any longer. We love you, support and sustain your sacred works. God be with you till we meet again.


    1. Jacob, you are correct in that there are a lot of people being hurt on your planet. As a collective you have asked for all of it to come to an end for some time now and this could have come about if everyone changed on the inside. The outer world is a reflection of the inner. In order for you to benefit from the learning of the experience you need to make this connection of your inner consciousness making or creating what is manifested on the outer making up the reality. So few people cannot carry everyone else in this matter, it has to be a large percentage of people changing in their thoughts and perceptions to create a different world on the outside. You, as a world, are achieving this. This is how your reality is changed and this is being done. Announcements are part of that change and process. We know it seems slow to you but achieving wisdom is a slow process and we will not stand in the way of your learning and progressing in your journey to wisdom. You are all in the same boat on earth and therefore some are ahead and some are behind. As a collective this will be done and you are the ones that gain the learning from it. We do everything to help you along but will not stand in the way of your learning how this is achieved as a whole. I hope this helps you to understand why we don’t just jump in and stop all the dark things or remove them. You will achieve this on your own. Joseph


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