June 20, 2021

Let us begin. We know all of you would like to communicate with us whenever you desire but only some are doing so at this time. Why has this been granted to them and why have others not been able to achieve this ability? The dedicated line of communication has been granted to some for specific reasons of enlightening the readers with certain information and this is to inform everyone of the existence of life on other planets and the fact that we are trying to establish communications. Others have the ability and are usually gifted with this from birth. There is a third category that is temporary and is only used in cases of emergency to protect an individual and only happens once or twice in a life time.

The individuals who are granted dedicated communication are somewhat predisposed to this ability in the first place or they would not be considered. They have put in the work and have the mind set to be compatible with the process. They are in a position to bring such information to others. The ones who come here with the ability have also put in their work but usually have had this ability in previous life times and bring it over into this life time. There are those that want so badly to have this ability but do not and wonder why it is not achieved or granted to them. There are many reasons.

One reason is that they are not conditioned properly for this to happen and more work has to be done first before this can be accomplished. One of the things considered is the reason behind the desire, is it frivolous or is it purposeful. Will it only benefit them or is there a plan to benefit others. The correct and compatible vibrations must exist within the individual to communicate with compatible ones on our side and this is not always easy to accomplish. We have spoken as if this ability will return and that you once did this before. This is true but when this took place you were on the same side with us and not separated by such variations in energy that exist between us and earth. This is a major hindrance in this process. Please understand that you are not being punished or set aside as not worthy. Our objective here at this time is to present ourselves in peace and trust to the masses and this is the main reason that communication is granted to some and not others. It is to further this objective and the circumstances of mind set as pertaining to dedication and determination to set aside part of their lives to this purpose has to be present. It takes a lot of self discipline and not all are willing to sacrifice to this purpose.

So many have asked what they can do to make this happen or what can I stop doing to have this happen. It is a complex set of circumstances that sometimes includes a prearranged agreement before birth to do this. Each of you have your abilities and some have the ability to communicate well in this manner. They are used to continue our delivery of information for the liberation of earth. Each of you has your own abilities that are being used to do just that in the liberation of earth and not all of you are talented in the same way. I hope this gives you a better understanding of the situation and why some are chosen.

I would like to speak now of weather. As you have noticed the weather has become more erratic and has caused loss of life in some areas. It will continue in this manner and we hope that you are prepared as well as you can be. We see the possibility of major hurricanes and typhoons as the year progresses. This will most likely bring a loss of power in the process until it is restored. Articles of first aid may also be needed in some cases. Continue with the preparations of food and water for they may be needed. You are also still vulnerable to those who would disrupt with cyber-attacks and this could cause a number of problems if successful. Be prepared.

I leave you now to consider my words and hope that this has brought a better understanding of things. Continue to surround yourselves with the Light of protection and security.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “June 20, 2021

  1. Thank you Joseph as always. Your messages always bring additional layers of understanding. Thank you for what has been given and what is yet to come. That is what I am most excited for, that which is to come. Thank you also for feeling the love and connection from all of us. Those with connection and those with developing connection. For even the desire is a step in that direction. Keep up the good work. I am complete.


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