June 21, 2021

Let us begin. We see now that so many are coming into the slow trickling of truth that is coming out. No huge announcements so far but words here and there of what is to be brought up and thought about. This is ok and after awhile it will start to snow ball and become a preponderance of information that will tip the scales for many to get the idea that so much has been hidden. Glory be that day when the masses come into the truth of looking behind the curtain instead of accepting everything at face value. Could it really be that this much deception has been perpetrated upon the public? Yes, and this is what needs to be seen and acknowledged for everyone. Then the real questions can begin and the light of truth can come out with everyone paying attention. Right now not enough attention is being paid to the truth that is being given and it doesn’t matter how much is given if no one examines it. This has been a big problem we have faced for some time now. In the past there was not much deeper truth than what was given, but if no one is paying attention it fails. The big issues waiting are of such importance and content that everyone will take notice and this is the attention that is needed.

I would like to talk now of the importance of resistance to and questioning of information concerning your monetary system and how things have been handled for decades. You have been taxed, lied to and paid high interest rates for so long that you feel there is no real way to oppose without following the strict guidelines put forth by your monetary system. You have accepted these issues put out as what needs to be done and so much has been either taken from you or denied to you. Your struggles financially have been great and the ropes have been tightened as time has gone by. Take a look in your past and see that it is not much different than a long time ago when no one owned anything and just worked for the land owner for a meager pittance. If it is not like that already, then it is headed that way. Very seldom do you come to a point where you own anything but someone else does and you are paying off a note, or many notes, all while trying to find a way to be at peace and be happy with it all.

So many things in life are freely given but you have been so led in your thoughts to think that the way it is now is the way things have to be. Changes need to be made in your rights and freedoms and they will slowly come as you realize that it can be done. Help has been given and much work has been done in this arena of monetary world wide issues and it was met with great opposition all along the way. You cannot imagine the hoards of money that have been stockpiled and hidden from you in the past that was controlled by so few and this was done illegally in the name of power in general but also power over people and the desire to control everything. It is possible for someone to be so void of belief in the power of one’s God given life that all is external and that is all that matters. What has originated with the beginning of self and the expression of self, is the power and this is the real gift and this is found within and no where else.

What is coming up is a redirection of rules and procedures concerning money and world economic practices that will liberate everyone and remove the strict rules that take away everything from the individual and leave him with nothing. This has been in the works for quite some time now and much off world help has been devoted to this issue. God never intended for man to struggle so hard for so little. Earth’s original plan was so different than what has been developed by those who slowly took over in all aspects and arenas of your planet. It is being changed and will continue until it has been reversed.

Let us take a look at more of the things that are changing. Your school system and the education of your children is one issue that I would like to see completely redone. This is where the control starts and this is where it all begins with those who believe all they are told. Such subjects and content are tainted with issues of darkness being introduced little by little until it is accepted and the child grows up with a slanted impression and belief in such issues as to be hindered in life so far away from the laws of God. Why has this not been stopped before? Those who would have control of the adults have started with the children and been quite successful in bringing them to ways of living that are corrupted and out of line. The destruction of moral fiber starts here and is added to as the child grows with television and this includes cartoons and children’s movies. It is a dastardly plan that is successful in its concept and result and this needs to be changed. Examine and look at the slant that is being taken in your schools and look at the subject matter in depth and what those who are in control of your books and teaching materials are introducing into the school system. It is all about destruction of any thought concerning real values.

I leave you now to think on these things of starting at the beginning of life moving forward with your children in the Light of God. This is your future and what all life will become and it must be given the importance it deserves.

I am Joseph In His Service

4 thoughts on “June 21, 2021

  1. Joseph, thank you. You have at length touched upon many of the issues that I was in process of commenting upon. It is as if you read my mind. I can see some big smiles where you are a.ong your friends. God bless you and keep up the good work. Your friend, Jacob


  2. Dear Joseph, thank you again for your timely message today. I felt impressed to add additional comments. I know you are busy and respect your time.

    We are in bondage. I personally know very good humble people and families who are at their witts end, suicidal even because of the outward pressures imposed upon them by not having enough money to survive. Money has become a means and end and law unto itself here Joseph. The circumstances here on earth could not be more dire. It is said society is only five meals away from outright anarchy. We see that the dark on its way out is intent upon causing as much disruption, caos and suffering as they can. In many places here in the nation of my main residence it has become illegal for people to grow their own food in their front yards. It is also illegal for people to raise animals and farm without meeting impossible amounts of redtape/regulations etc. (Also the food grown is tampered with genetically which causes it to loose much of its original God designed nutrients, powers to sustain life). It is even now illegal for children to operate lemonade stands although thank goodness admittedly few in law enforcement enforce such nonsensical laws.

    When first contact is made, as much as you are permitted to discuss respectfully of course – what options and capabilities will be made available to us? It is indeed a marvelous, wonderful matter for humanity to as a whole finally know we are not alone in the cosmos truly, yet what benefits arise from this knowledge alone. Last year in 2020 I think it was there was a soft disclosure. The announcement from ‘official’ channels of the existence of UFO’s, that they are real and very possibly (obviously) represent technology and capacities far beyond the conventional. (Yes many are aware about secret highly advanced technologies that exists behind the scenes employed by various groups typically for nefarious ends.) But these announcements last year (and ones which continue to this day) were the first of any ‘official’ revelations upon the topic of UFO’s that I can recall. It was refreshing to see some light shed upon these things confirming that yes something very profound possibly from life beyond earth existed.

    I mention this my friend because when these things were made manifest although it was/is indeed stupendous sadly most people were so mired down, entrapped into the slave system operating on earth now among all people, creeds, nations etc. that even this revelation of possible extremely intelligent life from other worlds now visiting us however welcome it is did not inspire the type of drive and power it would have in a free world. In a free world such a discovery would have inspired tremendous positive unity and cooperation among all. A lively and open dialog among all culture’s would have commenced propelled by our collective curiosity, our God given (now hampered, interfered with) spiritual attributes and virtues that cause us to wonder and reach onward and upward. New and unique endeavors would have reached the stars in ways undreamt-of and unimagined before.

    The earth we love and live on though physically and spiritually beautiful ineffably so has become a sophisticated tyrannical prison system for lack of a better description. Everything good is turned upside down and everything evil exalted. I see the great wisdom, purpose and mercy of our Eternal Heavenly Father allowing the intervention taking place for in many ways so many have been tormented to the point they no longer know who they are or even remember what it is like to feel normal. Yes we are blessed to have prophets (even the Great Shepherd who came and will return) and enlightened ones here which has always helped, yet as you said Joseph, “Enough is Enough”.

    I am not jaded, but very tired as are most good people. Joseph, how can we prepare ourselves specifically individually and collectively for the next steps in the divinely orchestrated protocols of this intervention considering the extreme levels of restrictions and stifling of our natural God given capacities, our birth right and heritage that continues to go on without let or hinderence.

    How will a mass sighting of space craft in our skies (notwithstanding the dark ones attempts to taint, tarnish and spin such with their bull…) help us in the ways most needed? I’m but a man and do not have all the answers or even all the questions. I am joyful and curious and want to do the right things in preparation and during the great transitions now at the doors for both our people’s. We welcome your offer of trust and your loving extended hand of friendship. Thank you for all the messages and preparations given heretofore. We will keep on keeping on the best we can as we always have trusting God. We are eager to move forward.

    With love & respect, your friend Jacob


    1. Dear Jacob, There will be an abundance of options to everyone. Those who do not want to believe us will be afforded the opportunity of continuing their path in an acceptable environment where they may continue their learning. Those who decide to evacuate, and it looks now that we will not be appearing in full compliment until the opportunity of evacuation, will find numerous opportunities and options after they are transitioned into another location. The peace and light alone is a wonderful opportunity. The capabilities will continue to come on line for you as your adjustment in DNA reconnection continues and this will be at a different pace for each of you and most compatible. The capabilities will be limited as to your previous advancements but the options are almost unlimited as you will find. Thank you for your question. Joseph


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