June 22, 2021

Let us begin. Of all the places we could go to get answers, the best place is within. There is an absolute truth waiting for us there that is connected with the universe and with all that is that will bear witness to the truth that exists from Source and it is yours. There is no “off” time or out of service time and is your own personal and reliable means of finding truth concerning all things. For this to work you have to ask and feel the response from your body and you have to practice and get to know the responses, either truth or not truth. You should be doing this now and learning all you can when you bring things before the real judge of things. There are times you can go within and get an immediate feeling about something and the response will be evident and there will be no doubt. At other times the response will not be that noticeable and you may have to let the question linger for awhile for the answer to come, but it will. Often you will not ask for an answer because it is something you desire and you go ahead with what you want only to find that you have an uneasy feeling in your body. You find later that your answer within was true and accurate but you did not wait for it or you did not want it to be so. Develop this means and this practice with being in touch with all that is and you will be led correctly. Learn to listen to your responses within and the subtle differences in how you feel. It will come about.

I would like to speak now of coming to a state of different thinking under liberation and freedom. In your creating a future and a time line of peace you must reorient your thinking to venture out from under the control you have all been living under for so long. We see that this is slow to come about for you have not considered how you would live in total freedom. It is a new concept for you and you need to explore your thoughts for the differences this freedom brings. Meditate upon this concept and think on how it will change your days and ways of contemplated goals and achievements. You will have many restrictions removed and if all goes well you will have the means to follow through with new ideas and creations. Whereas now you have been so limited in your thinking because so much was not possible or available, now your sight of the things considered and things possible are for the most part unlimited. You will be living a life where the only restrictions will be the ones you place upon yourselves and not ones that are placed upon you by others. What would you like to do or pursue now that you have not thought possible before? What will be holding you back when all the restraints placed upon you by others are gone? We would ask that you now think on these things and feel the possibilities that this new freedom brings and see that they can now fall under a different category in your mind and this is one of reality in what can be achieved or experienced.

The energy of freedom is much stronger now and overtaking what was before and you are not yet seeing that freedom is prominent and coming forward. Let this new energy grow and fall softly in your thinking and creating until it is stronger and takes over in your words and actions, for it will lead you in the direction of new ideas that are limitless in the ways of improvements. We see that when people are liberated it may take awhile for their thinking to catch up with the reality of their physical removal from bondage. It has been awhile since you have been totally free and it was not in this lifetime. Look for the new markers of freedom when they come and make note of the steps to liberation for you are seeing the footprints now in your world for it is changing. Spend time with the what ifs in your mind and consider the desires of your heart for you will need to know how to live in your new world. It will not do for you to miss the newly opened doors and the fences that have been torn down and the locks that have been removed. They may happen without the proper spot lights upon them but they are happening now and they will continue to happen. Take note of them and give thanks for them and those who are in the fore front of this movement. This is the new environment that is being established now and you will need to act upon the changes in your thoughts of change. Take notice of what is going on and see where it all leads for it is not the same old world that you grew up in.

Continue your work that you came here to do and notice the increased light that is flooding your earth as the dark is being removed. I leave you now with all this new freedom to consider and how you will use it to make the steps to changes that need to be done. We continue to send you our love for this is a time of great importance to you and we wait to see how you will use this freedom.

I am Joseph In His Service

One thought on “June 22, 2021

  1. Beautiful Joseph. Thank you for these words. I feel the need to take them in slowly and carefully mull over them and digest them properly. Always you bring us such marvelous messages.


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