June 23, 2021

Let us begin. I am concerned at the number of people that have no idea what is really going on behind the scenes. So far many have not looked beyond what is being given and have taken it all in as truth. It is difficult for many to believe that they would be treated this way in such fabrications for the benefit of so few. We are at a loss as to how to get them to see what is going on and what has been going on for so long now. This has been a constant challenge for us to get everyone to question information being presented as truth. I often think how things would be so different by now if more would have looked beyond the facts presented to see if they were accurate instead of taking them in without question. People question their doctors, their mechanics their barber and such like but do not question the news. Their reputation is supposed to be trustworthy. Just recently has the news been in the spot light as to subject matter and slant as far as spin on the news. It will be difficult we are thinking to have many to believe that such information given could have been coercion of some sort to bring about the mind set that was desired. The news has been used in so many different ways to direct thought and behavior that it is almost beyond belief. There will be a predisposition to think that no one would do this to the public.

The action of replacing fact with false input started off with advertising long ago and it worked, so it was enlarged to try other means of channeling information to reinforce desired beliefs, and therefore desired results. The pendulum is beginning to swing the other way now and there is a pressure being reinstated into the fiber of the news media for integrity and honesty. It has been resisted for decades but is growing and will soon be enough to bring about a radical change in the way facts are presented. There is a crack in the dam of falsehood and it will no longer be strong enough to hold back the many influences upon it and they will be seen for what they are and that is a tool to manipulate the listener. Much has gone into the study of word usage, tone and inflection to bring about what was needed and this was so finely tuned that it has worked for years now. We see a large change coming in this area of news media and how it is presented.

I would like to speak now of harbingers of change. The voices that were once with very small audiences are now gaining volume and reaching larger groups. At first it was a few minutes each week and this has gained momentum and now many are invited as guest speakers to reach more listeners. These brave souls are speaking out more about what is going on and their listeners and supporters are increasing. It is no longer possible to eradicate everyone with facts about past history and current events because there are so many now speaking out. So many pressures were placed on these voices and their web sites were not allowed to continue but they found ways of coming back in other venues. There are too many at present to control all of them and they persist. These voices are getting results and are inviting everyone to take a closer look at what was formerly ignored. At least new evidence is now receiving a second look. There is a resistance to change and some are so ingrained with a certain way of thinking that nothing will get them to change their minds, but a certain percentage are open to new concepts and hang on for their mind has not been closed completely. We cannot force people to become aware and we hope the new energies coming in will go a long way in opening doors for many.

It is difficult to accept that so many will not change but will continue the same line of thinking they have always had. We accept their free will and they will continue their journey at their own pace for only so much can be done on our part. You who provide information to encourage people to think cannot be responsible for everyone and can only bring forth an atmosphere of questioning but cannot do their thinking for them. It is enough that you make information public and the rest is up to them. Do not get caught up in the refusal of the reader to take interest in what is presented for this is discouraging and hampers your positive outlook for those who do read and take in what is given. You are reaching others, even if it is on a limited basis. Accept what is given for you to do and do not take responsibility for the decisions of others to accept or reject. It is in their hands.

We are hopeful for what is coming in the way of change, even though not all of it will be easy going. I leave you now with a positive attitude regarding your future, no matter how we get there for it has been a long time coming. When God is involved in the outcome there is nothing out of control.

I am Joseph In His Service

3 thoughts on “June 23, 2021

  1. On a previous post, it was mentioned about those that have broken their agreements many times., so why just go ahead and appear in the skies and remain there peacefully until it cannot be ignored?


    1. Dear Brent, We can certainly appear in peace and remain. The problem with that is that your governments would scramble their fighter planes immediately and we would be their targets without haste. If we remained we would have to defend ourselves and this would end in a very unfavorable report back to earth and by the time the facts were spinned we would turn out to be seen as the aggressors and worse. We have already ruled this out as such. Thank you for your consideration and this would work if no shots were fired. Jacob


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