June 24, 2021

Let us begin. We now see that things are bogging down and we need them to move at a good pace. Time is not on our side for Gaia needs to make her changes. Certain actions will be brought forward by our hand and this process will progress. It is required that energies bring forth the desired result. We need to get on with all that needs to happen. You have waited long enough. Expect action in this process.

I would like to speak now of all that is timely. There are certain events that must happen for they are relevant to all else. The pieces must fit together and this means introducing information to the masses. Do not be surprised if some are forced to be revealed in what might seem like odd ways. There is always a way and sometimes they need to be encouraged. It is needed that this information be funneled through the proper channels as it is brought out for the acceptance of it is an important part in this equation. Patience is now a thing of the past and it has been decided that we must take some of this into our own hands. Our wish that encouragement of the past make certain ones step forward was proper but now we need to step up the pace. You may feel this energy as a push and this is deliberate. Be advised it will be an energetic pressure of sorts. We will see how this is carried out now.

All opportunity was given and every door was open and yet action was slow to take place. We do this in the name of God’s direction and by His approval and it is also by his direction that we inform you that further encouragement is taking place on our part. Necessary events are headed for stagnation if we do nothing. The limit has been reached.

I am Joseph In His Service

7 thoughts on “June 24, 2021

  1. Hello Joseph and God’s blessings to you always!!

    Unfortunately upon this world to wait for the people to do something will almost always end in disappointment. We are so bogged down and mired in what ever situation traps us. Our hands are tied even though our desires are full steam ahead. The dark here have a huge control and unfortunately, only something from the outside will break that and intervention on a visible scale from those of the light has to be that “push” that has been needed here for a very, very long time. This goes for communication, announcements, education and any event that needs to occur for the Light’s progress.

    Most of us are powerless due to our own struggles and dark situations, our meager voices are quickly damped down or eliminated altogether. We have to have visible help, otherwise the loooooong struggle will just continue in a Catch 22.

    Those of us that can help, will do so, once we are freed enough to be able to step up further into the Light.

    God Bless all of you (and us down here too!)


    1. Dan, we have seen it necessary that a push is necessary under the circumstances. We had high hopes for a long time that things would be different and would happen from earth and those in high positions. Our options narrowed as time went by and now action on our part must be made. The desire in the hearts of the Lighted forces on your ground have certainly given it all they have to bring a change about and have been very successful in bringing Light to earth. We commend you in your efforts. Our means to bring about certain movement is now in play. Thank you for your observations and comment. Joseph


    1. Jacob, yes continue to support our efforts in your prayers for us that we are seen as peaceful with loving intentions. This reception will help a great deal if accomplished. We also are gratified by your well wishes and your desire to help. Thank you for your support. Joseph


  2. Joseph, we are lonely. We yearn to connect in our reality to our cosmic family. There needs to be a shift from fear of space aliens to an openness of the fact that our Eternal Father has other children even our brothers and sisters that inhabit the world’s without number in His vast domain. Yes its true there are some what we would call aliens which have done unfathomably awful things yet we will learn that such was more the exception to the rule for there has been support and love from you throughout time also. It is thrilling to know the vista for humanity is about to be extended. What wonderful new possibilities and ways to progress and improve are yet before us at this new threshold! Someday Joseph we all of us here on earth will be keenly aware of all of your efforts and works. We will be grateful. Thank you for the tireless service you all are engaged in. We can’t now appriciate what all this service is precisely but we do know it is not easy for you. In love and respect, Jacob


    1. Jacob, the road has been long and there have been many challenges. We know you want to come home and there are so many here longing for you to return. Your thoughts are well stated and there will come a time when you will know the complete story. Joseph


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