June 25, 2021

Let us begin. We need to understand that certain things must/have to happen in this journey of earth for so much depends on proper sequence of energies. It cannot be thrown together as in emptying a bucket of items out into the air. Momentum is important and each item has a different momentum to deal with and has to follow in its place. Just as you have been blessed with different talents and abilities the subjects and items coming out now have their own composite of working energies and fit into this process nicely when placed correctly. We hold out for the correct energy to fall into place in a certain order for it is important and necessary. This is how we view what is to come and it is important. Sometimes we watch and sometimes we help sequence and at this time we are helping to sequence energies and vibrations.

I would like to speak now of the importance of words. Words, as the same with thoughts, have energy in their meaning and this is why what you say is so important. These energies take hold if repeated often enough and influence other things. Think about your word usage and how often you repeat things to yourself for you are creating your reality with what you speak. Be cautious of putting yourself down or putting someone else down. Negative word speak is rarely constructive and does not lead to the benefit of anything. Practice a type of review before you speak and if something is necessary choose your words carefully. The amount of emotion put into words is also important. Is it spoken softly or naturally or with anger or disgust. Most any word can have a much different vibration depending on the emotion behind it and this includes the volume also. There are so many things that are spoken that are just not necessary. Does something really need to be spoken? This is especially important when raising children. They are so vulnerable to words and sometimes have a lasting impression upon them. This is so difficult to understand when they ignore you and choose not to listen.

Choose your words wisely when speaking and at least give them some consideration before they tumble out of the mouth and then it is too late to retrieve them. Keep in mind that energy put out will return and this fact is a big eye opener. This will make anyone think twice about any thought, word or deed put out into the universe. This is such a positive tool if used correctly for it is always good to receive the love and support of returning energies you so lovingly put out. See this picture of a returning loop in your mind of the words, thoughts and energies going out and coming back in the same type and kind of frequency and meaning. It is a true picture of events, even though unseen with the physical eyes. It is how things work and how we are made. Break the habit of negative speaking and thinking and consider there can be a barrier between thought and speech. Just a fraction of a second of hesitation before speaking can do wonders in your life and the lives of others around you if you consciously review your contemplated words. There is no down side to this practice and you have everything to gain in what is returned to you.

Another factor to consider here is your behavior concerning thought and word usage when you are taken up on a ship to a new environment. We have mentally pictured many earth people moving into their new places around us and we see the need for some adjustments upon your part concerning your social skills. So many of you are already cognizant of this issue and have nothing to worry about other than the learning of protocol concerning mental communication and this will be given in due time. Others are habit and society driven and will have much bigger changes to confront. You are now at a point where this issue needs to be brought out and worked on. If you plan to join us there are social skills that will need review. Do not overly concern yourselves with this as you will be helped in your transition. You are about to embark upon a different trajectory in your lives for this will be necessary confronting earth changes coming up. You have had challenges before and this can be done, even though they may be much different.

I leave you now, hopefully still picturing the type of life you desire and better times ahead. Keep these ideas as blueprints in your mind, even though there are yet some difficult issues you must traverse to get to these times. We are continuing this journey together.

I am Joseph In His Service

5 thoughts on “June 25, 2021

  1. Thank you Joseph for your teachings today. Words indeed have great power and wise is the person who learns how to master their tongue. The old saying that we have two ears and one mouth comes to mind. I have been going through as many of the past messages as able and am impressed in many ways. Many of the questions that I had my friend have been answered by searching and pondering the past messages given on this website. (I marvel that there are not more comments than there are here). We know you are busy, yet hopefully you will be able to read/get to our comments as soon as able. Much of what I have read in past messages seems to correspond with teachings in what we here on earth know as ‘The Urantia Book’. Is this a record that our Pleiadian friends would have us study more? Somehow all the great teachings must come together in harmony yes I know.

    The words of our dear Sri Yukteshwar come to mind here:

    (Sri Yukteswar wrote The Holy Science in 1894. In the introduction, he wrote:)

    “The purpose of this book is to show as clearly as possible that there is an essential unity in all religions; that there is no difference in the truths inculcated by the various faiths; that there is but one method by which the world, both external and internal, has evolved; and that there is but one Goal admitted by all scriptures.”

    Joseph, one more thought. You mentioned yesterday:

    “It is needed that this information be funneled through the proper channels as it is brought out for the acceptance of it is an important part in this equation.”

    I’m wondering what the proper channels now are. You spoke some days ago about how many major news outlets are no longer viable. Indeed this is true for not but negative and derogatory words proceed forth from most of them. Since the news is compromised and now the government is also (and unwillingly to work with you despite promising that they will) what are the proper channels now? The prime directive and protocols you hold dear may indeed have stipulations that you operate in regards to us in a certain manner yet due to the fact that the institutions desirable to be worked through have become corrupted what options are left available to you?

    Thank you for considering my remarks. Please forgive me for being so curious. I feel much like our dearly beloved sisters Mother Mary Mae Maier and
    Dores Cannon who also were so very curious and cherished everything that they learned.



    1. Jacob, the Urantia Book was given through valid channels and it continues to be a solid reference and read. Yes, it is recommended for study. I am not aware of any updates on this that need to be made.

      The proper channels I was referring to are not necessarily the current news media but we would be happy if it did end up on all the news networks. I am talking about individuals brave enough to come forward at this time in their positions of importance, whatever they may be, It is important that their positions be one of trust so that the information given will be believed as credible. It will do no good to have good disclosures come from sources seen as unreliable.

      Your future trusted news information will come forward now after a long history of distortion and they may either re-vamp the current broadcasts giants or spring anew from fledgling sources now growing with a good start concerning integrity and truth. Either way they will develop and the other false infused outpouring of what is given will disappear from lack of viewers. This is what we see as happening. Joseph


      1. (This is from David a friend of mine)

        Your analysis is superb and has much broader perspective than does ours and we respect and appreciate that reality. The point result that is important isn’t that it appear that everything is getting better but it does get better and we are eliminating the problem. The solution is that only worthy people are appointed to positions of responsibility. And the governmental systems have to be cleaned out from the influence of those who are darkened in their nature. We need people from the light. This end result is still going to take some more time. David


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