June 26, 2021

Let us begin. We need to know now that all is ready for the go ahead of what announcements will come. There are no more roadblocks to stand in the way and so far all are cooperating. We are closer than we have ever been to giving the people the correct information that is needed in the way of truth. Everyone wants to know when this will be. We are looking at days now and less than a week for the trickle of truth to become much larger. I have been advised never to give dates, for if something goes awry then so many will be disappointed but I am tired of this waiting and so are you. We are beings of love and light and here to help but even we have strong hopes and desires for action and there is a point at which we loose our patience and repeated stress of non action gives way to the end of the rope. Our faith and belief in Source is everlasting and we know this to be true that all is THE ONE, but our disappointments are no less hurtful when things do not manifest repeatedly. So much progress has been made and we can see this but you may not.

I would like to speak now of love in the way of holding back or saying no. There comes a time when a person of Light no longer gives and gives of guidance and words of truth and this is when it is disrespected over and over by ignorance and criticism. Your efforts meet with so much opposition and there seems no hope that they will ever be accepted in any way. Pull back and remain in your Light and move on. Others have made their choice and this is hurtful when these others are family and loved ones. Your desire to have these close individuals see at least a small part of what is happening and over and over you attempt to interject at least a few words of wisdom into their acceptance of consideration but it all falls on deaf ears. At this point remain silent for you run the risk of having them reject even your presence and you still have the truth of example, even if no words are spoken. Do not become so discouraged if possible and love them enough to allow them the freedom of making their own decisions and finding the right time for them to come to truth. Their path will continue with opportunities to learn and there will come a time when this is done but it may not be now. Refrain from setting them straight, no matter how tempting and wait for them to turn to you and ask their first question in honesty and desire to know what you think. Be prepared for this moment never to come when you want it to but it will come at some point and they will seek these things when it is of their timing. Love of family is difficult when their doors are closed to you and your truth is rejected but you must know that their choices are of their own design and they, like all others, will reap the consequences of their decisions. Be strong to hold tight to your respect for knowing and do not scatter your words out before constant rejection and disrespect. Forge ahead and listen for the tone of their speech to change and when it does you will be there for them. Until then, bless them in your light and keep your own council. This will reap much better benefits.

There will be many that will not believe, even unto the last moments possible and this also will be their choice and will determine the opportunities they are given to continue their learning in the environment of their own choosing. No one is forgotten and there is a place for everyone in the settings needed. Be prepared for your own advancement and this may seem a lonely choice when having to go ahead without family and loved ones but do not hold back. Your strength is there and you will have to rely on it in the days ahead when those most dear to you may ridicule you for your beliefs and your actions, but let God be your guide and listen to His calling and let His message be clear and heard above all others. Most of you have lived a lonely life even when surrounded by others and this is your path and you have let the Light come into your lives and grow in strength. This time may be no different for you may be the only one in your family or group that will see the way and hear the words that are your guidance. It is upon you now more than ever to hold strong your faith and belief in your mission and calling and whole reason for being here and I encourage you to continue in the way you know is of the Light. You must proceed in truth that seems so hidden to others and know there are others like you who also are forging ahead in their truth and these are your ranks and legions of workers and warriors on earth that are the leaders.

Think on these things now as your time of strength may be tested greatly. I leave you now in the hands of God and His purpose that is stronger than all else you will face. You have been given what is needed and it is there waiting for you. Gather yourselves and step up to what is coming for the Light and Love of God overcomes all else.

I am Joseph In His Service

One thought on “June 26, 2021

  1. I step up. I have been lonely long enough. This last bit of loneliness should be nothing if I get to bring my children with me and change their lives for better forever. My dreams will have come true when just that alone is accomplished. Thank you for all you have done, all you continue to do, and for never giving up on me/us. Know that I welcome you into my heart ❤️ and await this change with open arms and soul. 💖


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