June 27, 2021

Let us begin. I am coming to you today with joy in the prospect of unfettered information being revealed. We have every reason to think things will start to be revealed and this is indeed good news. Our past efforts were not that successful. Things seem to be positive now and we still see no roadblocks. We are hopeful.

I would like to speak of the promises made to you regarding your future. In His wisdom things have been foretold of what is to come regarding things on earth after the cleansing and they will be kept. Imagine a new life and a new environment where peace is experienced with every new day and there are no decisions made for you by a few that would rob you of your freedoms. A world once again where your children can play without danger of being taken. A world where you will have time to pursue your dreams and develop your ideas.

You will no longer be confined to the talents of your past but you will have new talents coming back on line from your renewed DNA and these can be explored and developed at your will and at your own speed. I see the possibilities are endless for you in your creations and your imaginations can be explored. New ideas will come and along with them new inventions. Your earth will prosper and grow in advancement and you can learn at your own speed and concerning your own subjects. You will learn what true freedom is like and explore it with peace and happiness. These are the things that have been promised to you and they are upon your future horizon.

I keep you focused in these ideas regarding your promised future for I do not want you to loose sight of it in the midst of the changes that have to take place. Gaia will make huge changes and the continents will take on different shapes and new land will rise while long ago established coast lines will disappear and be covered up by water. Attachments to certain areas will be tested in these changes and there will be little that will remain the same in the way of coast lines. There have been maps and proposed inundations of water drawn by those suggesting what is to come and some are quite close to what we see for this is no small happening. It has happened before in your history, these changes, and now we are close to the timing of it happening again.

This is why we repeat the importance of being prepared and being open to being rescued by ships in your skies that would take you to a safe place to live peacefully while these changes are completed. This is a big offer and we have done this before in different circumstances for other people and been successful in our process. So many will not take advantage of this offer and this is their choice. We have wanted so long now to establish a friendship with the people of your earth for this very reason of evacuation and it has been delayed at every turn by the dark forces and now left us little time to develop.

Also there is the reason of education where we had planned to give information needed, for your earth will be represented in your future in meetings that decide important issues regarding the laws and happenings of your universe. You have not previously been represented for you have not developed far enough on your path. It has been a large task to keep you from annihilating your entire existence and planet. After the changes on earth the thoughts of war and taking lives will be a thing in your past that will only be in your history books, should you choose to go over the experience of what was. In several generations this time will be difficult for some to believe that there were people that would willingly take other lives because they could not find any other way to resolve differences of opinion and conflict.

First you must go through these changes and they will be challenging for you. I leave you now to consider your past, your present and your future for these will all be so greatly different from each other and now you have the strength and experience needed to face all of them in faith and understanding.

I am Joseph In His Service

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