June 28, 2021

Let us begin. We seem to be blocked at one point but we are going ahead on our own and this contact will happen. Delays are not accepted now and it is past time for information to be given. We were hoping we would not have to take things into our own hands and override inaction but we see that it is necessary. Expect our words to be given at this time, and I mean now. We have considered this avenue before and it was not given to us by those on earth. I advise those in every walk of life not to go against the Will of God on this. In defense of the ones that were in a position to help us we see they have been unduly threatened in several severe ways not to be of help to us at all and we understand the love of family and the desire to keep them safe. It is forgiven.

We proceed now with full intent to make audio contact. I have to be of help in this and must go now. Be patient with us. If one door closes we will see that another is opened.

I am Joseph In His Service

8 thoughts on “June 28, 2021

  1. May God be with us all Joseph. Thank you for proceeding forward. We await what is to unfold with eager anticipation dear brother. Our thoughts and prayers are constantly with you. Thank you also for seeing things on a global scale vs. one limited to the nation of the United States alone. We here in the United States are indeed in the midst of uncharted perplexity on an order of things never before seen or even fathomed we would be – nevertheless our challenges here even great crisis (opportunities really) ought not be used as any excuse for first contact to continue to be delayed. Humanity’s needs are far greater than any one or even many nations problems. First contact is not throwing another element into the mix that will complicate things. It is exactly what we need for too many reasons to list. All glory laud and to God!


  2. Praying for All of His Freedom Fighters. May you have God’s divine protection, strength, wisdom and power to overcome anything that blocks His will. In thanksgiving for God’s Grace never fails!


  3. I feel the energy is high and in a positive manner! We await with excitement! Thank you, as Jacob says, we know you are busy.


  4. Bonjour Joseph, j’ai conscience que ton temps est précieux pour l’humanité et que tu ne peux pas répondre à toutes les questions de toute part, surtout les questions personnelles.
    Je lis régulièrement tes messages depuis chez moi ou au travail en France, et j’ai une question qui intéressera bon nombre de lecteurs du monde entier.
    Les changements drastiques décidés par Gaïa concerneront-ils toute la surface du globe, ou particulièrement certains continents ? Ma petite voix intérieure me dit que la Terre entière sera bouleversée geophysiquement, peux-tu confirmer ou apporter quelques précisions s’il te plaît ?
    Je crois qu’il serait bon de donner certaines précisions par un message comme tu le fais si bien.
    Je suis avec toi et tous les travailleurs de lumière, nous y arriverons, la lumière a déjà gagné comme le Père l’a décidé.


    1. Translate: Hello Joseph, I realize that your time is precious to humanity and that you cannot answer all questions from all sides, especially personal questions.
      I regularly read your posts from home or at work in France, and I have a question that will be of interest to many readers around the world.
      Will the drastic changes decided by Gaia affect the entire surface of the globe, or particularly certain continents? My little inner voice tells me that the whole Earth will be geophysically upset, can you confirm or provide some clarification please?
      I think it would be good to give some details in a message as you do so well.
      I am with you and all the lightworkers, we will get there, the light has already won as the Father decided.


    2. Didier, this is a subject that will be further expanded as we get closer to the need for evacuation. Yes, all continents will be thrown into play during earth correction. There are several reasons; some by water inundation, some by earthquake and some by volcano activity and the contaminated air. So, you see there are many foes. We will repeat this again down the road. Thank you for your question. Joseph


      1. Thank you very much for your reply Joseph.
        I don’t usually speak english, so excuse me for my frenglish…
        I am an AbundantHope reader. Aton, Ashtar, Monjoronson speak clearly about important events such as pole shift. But future may change depending the consciousness of mankind.
        The most important that we can do is to give our love to Mother Earth and those who are not awaken, and to support all lightworkers.
        I praise for you brother, and for the team in action.
        See you in the new world.


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