June 29, 2021

Let us begin. We are making good steps to audio around the world. It will be a big shock to most but this is the only way left open to us is to give of truth ourselves The remnants of the dark that are left are not above taking lives when issuing threats and we must work around that issue and protect our own people on earth. We want no harm to come to those who were trying to do the right thing, so now they will be taken out of harm’s way.

Giving of announcements world wide is a big procedure in setting all things up but it is being done. Looking back we may should have done this long ago but we did not want to scare anyone. We still don’t but we are not left with a lot to choose from to get things across. We continue our efforts non-stop and will not settle for anything but completion. You will be the ones to understand once this begins. We wish you well with dealing with all others who are uninformed. I will try to keep you updated as we go.

I Am Joseph In His Service

6 thoughts on “June 29, 2021

  1. Thank you Joseph. Thank you for being so tender with us and this very delicate process. Perhaps when humanity becomes aware of the reality there is so much more to it all the wars and hostilities we are constantly having to cope with will diminish or outright stop all together. The pain, misery and extreme fight with darkness that has caused incalculable damage in more ways than can be enumerated must end. It is time for us to live with options of light that have been heretofore blocked. I know I speak for the majority here as I request the audio to commence. What should we be expecting Joseph? Our prayers continue to be with you and this process and we are ever open to doing more in support of things. Thank you for the counsel we have received from this website and any other means you have used to prepare us. We are listening. God’s name and glory and purposes ever be praised.


    1. Jacob, at first an introduction to everyone on earth that we are here and come in peace. We mean no harm and are here to help. After that we will see how it goes. That will be shock enough. Joseph


      1. Joseph, Thank you for the quick reply. Wow what a wonderus circumstance to contemplate. Will the audio be through our phones and media devices/equipment? Or will it be sound from above or somehow around us? Although there will be a portion who will be doubtful and raise thier voices in ridicule – I believe enough will sense from within this is truly something unique and special. It’s probably the perfect time in the United States since there is nothing but procedural and ragged currupt government festering society away which has caused people to start thinking for themselves more than before. This is a good thing. After the initial shock I imagine that people will probably organize themselves into bodies according to their shared desires and vibrations on how to proceed. It’s funny about 10 years ago I had a very vivid dream. I was outside on a beautiful sunny day and heard a man singing the most beautiful song about unity. Put me to tears. The man was someone I recognized, someone I looked up to with fond respect. Carl Sagan. As he was singing this most amazing song (I have the poetic words he sang in a journal somewhere that I wrote after waking – It was that impactful) that moved me so profoundly there was a impression that came into heart and mind together that had me looking up into the sky. I looked and saw space craft from other people of our galactic family. It was the day of first contact. What a dream. Hopefully somehow, someday there will be a way for that very dream experience to be shared with others. Joseph after the audio and shock I hope there are instructions and/or recommendations for further interface and development. How much is protocol and how much is just kinda seeing how it goes? I don’t dare ask how other planets have proceeded as things here are so unique. I admit it is a puzzlement, but it is a beautiful one. I pray for and sincerly believe that greater unity will be the theme of the reception to your announcements. Jacob


      2. Jacob, The plan was to be heard on major networks and we were hoping that it would be posted on more websites afterward. A lot is seeing how it is received. This will dictate our further plans. Joseph


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