8 thoughts on “June 30, 2021

  1. Joseph, has a temporary stasis been considered or even a freeze in the time continuum here on planet for a short duration while the last of the dark ones who keep betraying and going against the light forces of the fleets of God, which are causing delay after delay to happen and multiple diversions popping into the news to keep the population so confused that they can’t make sound discernments and decisions? If this audio plan fails to manifest what should we expect next? I am praying for the plans of Source to be done and have asked others to pray as well. My mother is very not comfortable with extraterrestrial life and ships but she did pray with me for disclosure today. Our faith is stretched very thin and in that state how can we be of support to others when their realities are upset by the truth. We need to be strong for them but one can only be as strong as their past experiences have worn them thin and exhausted. Love is not the thing in question but the fortitude to keep on going when time after time things have not manifested as stated. Is this part of the character and strength building program for us who volunteered to come here to help out? How does one fully be equipped if knowledge and abilities we hold in akasic memory are not accessible? Why is this protocol necessary with those who are willing to serve but yet are hindered by no memory or the slow process of bits and pieces of memory coming forth slowly. I thought time was of the essence as Mother Earth needs to make her changes and evacuation occur. I apologize for my long winded remarks but you know I am one of many questions. Not asking questions is like walking without a guideline to refer to in life. I hope you understand the position I feel emotionally devoted to keep on keeping on even with all the human perspective concerns. In respect and love. The 4th of July weekend is coming up and many will be traveling before then to be with family. The time of day may or may not be a convenience if ones are Mobil.
    In respect, gratitude and love
    I Am Randy also in His service


    1. Thanks Randy. If there is anything I’ve learned about Joseph it is that he takes his office and responsibilities very seriously. If there is a delay he will be the first to admit it and give reasonable information regarding why and what the plans are representing the solution. God be with you brother. God bless your mother. We will get there your not alone. God wins, already has. Jacob

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    2. Randy, Dealing with others who do not believe is a delicate process. You must go with the moment and travel gently with them. Do not worry about what comes next for we will succeed. There is no question. The Light is more powerful than any darkness. We must now continue regardless how many do not understand. Joseph

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    3. Randy, We have had several statis periods in the past for correction and they work well for their purpose. We will most likely be using them again before it is over. We do not usually use stasis to remove the dark. Lack of memory was necessary among other reasons to give the individual the information of how it feels to be an earth being from birth. It is very difficult to bring memory into the low vibrations of dense earth in the first place. Another reason is grounding to earth with a clean slate because this makes Light workers more effective. Our future plans are no longer given to deprive certain ones of information. Joseph


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