July 1, 2021

Let us begin. We are endeavoring to solve our problems as they arise and one by one we overcome them. This has turned out to be more of a seek and destroy mission than we anticipated. The plan to keep you informed of what was going on might have been a mistake for our information given was anticipated and steps were taken to prevent us from giving our words. Don’t give up on us for we will find a way. It is now that I cannot keep you informed anymore of our decisions on how we will proceed. This should have been seen on our part and especially by me. I fault myself for the desire to lay things out before you. Our readership has reached more than I anticipated. We continue to work on a way to come to you.

I am Joseph In His Service

10 thoughts on “July 1, 2021

  1. Joseph, the power of faith and hope in the divine your words have inspired – And there is almost always more than the words that you send. Has opened up so much more light to and from the heavens that is always more powerful than the dark that you mustn’t feel mistaken in any of your endeavors heretofore. The challenges posed by the dark ones are miniscule compared to the light and power of what had been created through your works. And I know that’s true. Though the dark ones are very good at reading energy they are only able to interpret it to some degree. But they are out smarted always by the God’s of Light in more ways than they or we can comprehend. There is always a way with God. Keep on keeping on. No faith is lost here. Jacob


    1. Jacob, It is heart warming to read your words. We must keep going but to have those who understand. like yourself, gives us so much support and we appreciate your response and comments. Thank You. Joseph


  2. Hello Joseph and TM, i’m not worried one bit. I trust that Gods plan is unstoppable and that his WILL be done. Thank you Joseph and team for these uplifting but straight messages.


  3. Hi Joseph, wonderful to connect with you. Why is decided to start in the US, knowing that they are adamant against exposure regarding Extra Terrestial life since generations? For that matter: why any western English speaking world? Why not Russia, China, Brasil? These things have no doubt been discussed, but why the US? Why not change the approach and pick a different world power? Thank you.


    1. Satnayama, All earth needs our voice and introduction. We start in the US because of their past and their culpability. It is their need to feel our presence for correction purposes in the seriousness of the situation. Other countries are not forgotten or put aside. The anchor is dropped in the United States for the reason of beginnings and understanding with other beings not from earth. It will spread quickly from there. Joseph


      1. Wow. Thank you Joseph. Never has so much been given so succinctly for those of eager for truth in these matters. We are grateful and cherish all that is given. We know it is not given without risk. God bless you


  4. Trying this again

    Who exactly r u in contact with regarding the American news media and government? Do u have a way of getting a message across to Donald Trump and people pulling the strings on the white hats side of things? Can u get in contact with those associated with Q and the intelligence community? You’d think they’d be gung ho about benevolent ET interaction with humanity, have u tried conveying a message that things r dire from ur perspective regarding Earth changes and that u really need to get the message to the masses? I don’t want to put anyone in jeopardy with my questions but can u give their rank in the white hats sphere of influence? I’ll try and get more involved in this line of communication through the comments section here on Offer of Trust, it’s just I’m more used to doing everything from soul perspective and talking to anyone and everything within but even I want this dark vs light drama to end, “put an end to the alienation and get on with the fascination” to quote a song.

    Any who I’ll try to add more relevant questions into the mix, I can be a real antagonist and shit stirrer if I want to be but I’ll come to this venue with my “productive/get things done” hat on, come Joseph, talk to me within and tell me what u see and hear, soul to soul… I wasn’t kidding months back when I said my legion of experience and soul depth and knowledge r at ur disposal.

    Anything u wanna discuss just hit me up within or over this comment section.


    1. Cooy 74, I will not give out names and information of who we are contacting or have contacted regarding the American News Media. I do not contact those on earth except through this type communication but others on my side do and have. There are those on earth who are working both sides of things, both with people in high places on eath and also with beings on our side. This has been a very aggressive means and line of communication. We have repeatedly tried to convey the seriousness of earth conditions and human intention since the 1950’s and we have not stopped. It is on going. The White Hat sphere of influence will not be given at this time but will be known later. Joseph


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