July 2, 2021

Let us begin.  My attention is needed elsewhere today and I cannot give a message.  There is an abundance of activity and all are very busy.  Bear with us during this time and remain undaunted by events.  Your are the faithful few on earth and are greatly needed at all times but this is an exceptional time.  I will return when I can.
I Am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “July 2, 2021

  1. Dear Joseph, if it were me I would do as Vrillon did some decades back and be honest with the people. He simply gave his message out through his own technical capabilities and it became quite a legend here on earth. We still talk about it – especially now seeing all he said has come to pass. I would explain that no one would be honest with you and the ones who were had extreme attempts of the dark come against their safety and wellbeing. That you overcame and disregarded the evil attempts to block contact and saved innocent people who you had established proper work relationships with to accomplish the communication will win much affection from all good people right from the start.

    Those are my thoughts and sentiments at the moment with the limited information I have anyway. That way a forced signal would be understood and even we would be grateful someone actually works with the people and not the frivolous burocracy/gridlock for a change.


    1. Jacob, man was not that eager to hear from us then and I can only hope that he will be more receptive now. All will have the opportunity of knowing we are here. Thank you for your suggestion. Joseph


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