A Second Message

A second message. Now I would like to speak of an unusual case of things and here it is. There is an unusual interference that is growing within the minds and hearts of some who do not see the God within all things. These individuals have within them the unbalance of energies and are lashing out, even at strangers, with their own lack of Light. They are not handling the imbalance of their own energies and it is causing disruption in their thinking and leads to acted out aggression.

This aggression is seeming to escalate as the earth changes bring on ever growing intensities of movement and we are seeing more conflict presenting itself in these individuals. Please focus, if you would, upon those who do not know how to handle the unusual energies abounding and hold them into more healing of their own thinking and acting out. They need help in dealing with everything. We do not want more chaos in their public demonstrations of lashing out. The indiscriminate acts of aggression need to stop upon the public around the world.

It is one thing for an individual to come to conflict in his own mind about what is going on and quite another for that individual to take this conflict and direct it into a crowd or upon strangers. Be alert and also protect yourselves every day with Light. So, we must ask for help on those who have lost their way. There is nothing that the Light of God cannot overcome. There is conflict coming and your Light work can help. Your are a force now that has caused great change and you continue to do so.

I am Joseph In His Service

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