July 5, 2021

Let us begin. I am giving a short message today as we are still very busy here. There are so many things going on that need our attention and we must keep things as balanced as possible to hold all in place so things can progress as needed so as much can be brought out as possible. Time is short and so few are prepared for any type of truth, much less evacuation. Introduction of ourselves is necessary.

Truth is coming out little by little and it appears now that there will most likely not be enough time left for everything to be revealed. Our priority has changed and we must offer people a way off the planet when their safety requires it, regardless of how much has or has not been revealed. Please continue to ask for Light to increase upon earth without conflict, aggression or destruction.

The grand finale to this closing chapter needs to be with as much order and peace as possible and we are working diligently to see that this is carried out. There is much conflict presenting itself. I must return now and continue, with others to stabilize energies in this regard. We must all work now to the very end.
I am Joseph In His Service

One thought on “July 5, 2021

  1. Sobering words my friend. The gravity of things being as immense as they are require quiet introspection, a constant and steady connection to source. You are not alone. We are one, we are family. Glory be to God


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