July 7, 2021

Let us begin. Once the contact is made with earth people, this marks a point of no return and we cannot ever go back to before. There must be a follow through with information concerning who we are and our purpose. It is not that important who we are, as there are so many from different places, but our purpose is the important thing and our reason for being here. It is not nearly as important who is rescuing you from most certain death but that you are being rescued. We want to establish that our purpose is one of compassion for human kind and a desire to see that life not be extinguished in such great numbers. We are not sure that you, as an entire group, will understand the will of God and our being directed here by such a high power, but more that we want to see all rescued and saved from destruction. In a lot of cases the Divine intervention part can be explained later when individuals are calmer and more in a state of mind to comprehend this concept.

The purpose of the mission is to give people a chance to go to a place of safety and that means somewhere not on earth. What is to happen on and to your planet will surely cause much change and loss of life. Our intervention gives you that chance for there is no reason for loss of life once you are picked up. The places appropriated for you to be taken to are quite compatible with your needs and will provide all that is needed to continue a life that is most enjoyable. The relaying of this information is not that difficult in the telling. The challenge is getting people to see that we are credible and also for the listener to become calm enough to take in the information given for understanding. The importance of the situation and our words will become more evident as time goes by and the earth changes become more drastic. The need will become clear at a certain point and when it does we will not have to explain as much or emphasize it. The problem with waiting that long is that there will be so little time left for evacuation. The mind requires a mental process to transition in thinking to one of acceptance and at that point time will not be in abundance.

When facts are first given people will assume there is the option and luxury of time to refuse. As time goes by it will become increasingly evident that this is not the case. When will the offer of evacuation come to a point of having to decide? There may be a window of opportunity depending on how we are received, up to a point of having conditions dictate a serious need to remove ourselves from your atmosphere all together. We will not wait beyond this point. This will be determined by Gaia herself and the execution of her process.

So, you can see the importance of our contact with you in advance of the cut off point of removing ourselves. This is what we are striving to obtain now is a clear contact and communication as we do not want to wait until the last moment and have to say, surprise, here we are. The challenges from our side are rather large in scope and always have been under the rules and constraints we have in place. The information of our existence is growing and continues to be accepted by higher numbers all the time. We continue to plan for this contact.

I must leave you now with these thoughts and continue the work that is before us toward this goal. There is so much going on at this point and it is keeping us all very busy. I am fortunate to have these few moments with you. Continue your work in bringing more Light to earth as this is of enormous value.

I am Joseph In His Service

One thought on “July 7, 2021

  1. I’m speechless Joseph. You pretty much laid it all out. Thank you. What I would reply can’t fit into the ‘general’ purpose of this forum. I know you let me know that the blue notebook is not needed yet just the same if anything for my own records I’ll write there. Hopefully you will be able to consider what I do write. God bless you all


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