July 8, 2021

Let us begin. In order for all to take place like it needs to, there has to be the proper Light available on Gaia. This could not happen until the environment was ready. The proper Light makes the information more readily accepted into the mind and brings about the love needed for one another. All elements will work together for the state of being needed. This is a wonderful thing about what is existing now for all is ready to be received. We can continue knowing the stage has been set.

I would like to speak now of love for one another. Never before has there been the correct mind set for this love for one another. It has grown gradually over time and through all the Light and codes given and now there exist the proper concern in the hearts of most that would care for others. This is needed when thinking of advancement as a group and working as a whole toward ascension. If this did not exist there would be no group and working together and everyone would be on their own, working toward ascension individually. As it is now there exist the cohesive application for some to lead in this journey and bringing others with them and all working for the same goal. There is a unit group in the energy that makes this possible. There has always been the desire for some to lead but now the leaders have more effect on the whole and the lead is stronger. A stronger grasp is on ascension and also on the process to achieve ascension.

As we come to the final endings of this journey the energies are more defined and nothing is lost. The ones moving ahead are in harmony with others but also the ones who have chosen to remain and continue working on their learning are also in harmony with their decision and are settling compatibly with their future. Before this was not the case as decisions were in contrast to what was and a comfortable place had not been found yet. This is due to the greater energies given and the love for one another no matter what their decisions. All seem to be in a better position to accept this process and the decisions are respected now by others. It is not that everyone should advance if they are not ready. This has always been known but now it is accepted and respected in the way of loving one another on and in their chosen journey. It is one thing to know something in your mind logically and another to know it in your heart and wish another the well being that is necessary. This has been accomplished and acceptance with peace is key.

Another step has been achieved and the final picture places things in their proper perspective now for other elements to enter the process and make way for the next step to take place. This is the proper and correct order for things to happen that we have spoken of before. There is a proper process that is needed for it all to work and this is being achieved. It is probably difficult for you to see because you are so close to everything but all is working out as needed in the order of events and so much is falling into its proper place.

I tell you these things to encourage you as much as I can at the moment. Be at peace with what is as much as possible for the work that has been done is paying off in dividends of a very positive kind. We know it is difficult to be at peace with what is not understood but this is part of the faith that is needed for these times and events that are abounding around you. All is coming together, even though it may not seem that way at the moment.

I leave you now in a moment of hopefulness and encouragement and tell you that all is working in a positive way for the accomplishment that God has intended and for His purpose. Be uplifted by this news and remain steadfast in His care at each moment of your day for His will is being done.

I am Joseph In His Service

One thought on “July 8, 2021

  1. Thank you Joseph. Things are really starting to get defined now. I wish I would be alive to see it all take place. Please see my reply on June 12th. Sincerest thanks Joseph.


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