July 9, 2021

Let us begin. We know you are ready for something positive to happen. The angels and counselors assigned to you are very accurate in their assessments for they have been highly trained to be and have many years of experience. Most have been assigned to you for years and know you well. You would be surprised to know how much they have to go through to get to this point of being assigned to you. All people have one angel assigned to them and some have two or more. Usually only one is full time. The group that is the angel force continues to learn and have levels of attainment and have rank. For the most part they are not judgmental and do not possess any negative emotions. They do feel sadness and they are directly connected to the person they are assigned to by Source decree and also by the love they have for you. When you are troubled or feel pain or sadness they know it. They can read your energy levels and your aura and know when you are physically or mentally ill at ease. Most of the time they do not know the details of what causes your concerns, only the end result in your thinking. So you see we also get confirmation from them on how unhappy and tired you are and how you want change and an end to all the sordid, distasteful events in the world.

The process of their counseling is quite interesting and since they are so closely assigned to you it is imperative that they be of the highest moral character. You will not hear a booming voice in your head of their words but you do feel their influence in a most encouraging way. All are given Divine law based encouraging suggestions for your behavior, words and actions. Some of you are so laden with thick walls to protect you from life that you block out all messages of the angelic nature and repeated attempts to get through to you continue for they never give up. A few of you give in to the suggestions given and respond well to them. Fewer still have a recognition of their presence and communicate with your angels. This is an ongoing process and as you progress you may be assigned different angels or counselors during your lifetime and they will have different attainments depending on what is needed. You see there are types of specialists in the angelic realm and the association with you is very close. Are you able to get something past their knowing or perceiving? Not in your energy levels, your emotions or your thinking. This determines what type of help you will receive and there is never an incorrect response from them.

This is all wonderful and cozy but the challenge is getting you to respond in a positive manner to their influence. They do not compel you to a certain action but gently suggest the correct response for you to exhibit. All freedom is given to you and most of the time a suggestion is not given until you have already acted, either in thought or physical action. The completeness of their influence depends upon your perception of them. The more you are aware of their suggestions the more influence they have. You might say you don’t want someone dogging you all the time and telling you what to do and this is certainly your right to refuse their help. Most individuals want help and guidance and pray for such not realizing it has already been given. If a problem, need or circumstance arises above or beyond the scope of their authority it is reported to their immediate overseer for there is a chain of command. No one is left out or forgotten. For the most part this is a thankless job and most are never recognized by you for their work. They cannot force you into certain actions but they continue to try to influence you in the way of correct or Godly thinking.

How do you take advantage of these long term angels? First by your desire of recognition of them and their influence in your life. If you feel a nudge for a more loving response when someone has wronged you it is most likely your angel. Let these feelings develop, if you wish, and become more aware of them. Talk to your angels and tell them your innermost wishes and thoughts. Give them more to work with and they will contribute in a corresponding manner to your concerns. They will not condemn or pass judgment on you but gently suggest a more correct thought or action. Don’t forget they have been living with you closely for years. They will not tell you how many times they have suggested a more correct response for the same thing. You would think no one would want this job but because of its importance and continued training available there is great recognition given in the angelic realm for achievement.

I leave you now to think on these things and if you wish to avail yourself of a more complete God given help, then you have the choice to become closer to your God appointed angel. When we say you are never alone, this is the first step and the first responders to your help given and it is constant. No one is forgotten.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “July 9, 2021

  1. Joseph: Thank you for these comforting words regarding our personal angels, it is great to know they are always there. I for one would gladly give a little of my free will up for more aggressive or “hands on” intervention and not so subtle background messages that are hard to detect in this environment. The process would go so much smoother and not stuck in a quagmire as it always seems to be. I am also worried for our brother Jacob who messages here frequently, he and his partner seem to be in immediate danger somehow, I pray for his safety and hope all is in accordance to his soul contract. I pray God intervenes for all our safety PDQ.
    Thank you and God Bless!


    1. Thank you for your prayers and concerns for my and the person who means everything to me’s welfare. Joseph was able to address this on the June 12 comments. I am just glad to know I did all I could on my part. That’s how we handle these and all challenges – by praying and then doing all we can with what we have capacity to do. Since evil has now exposed itself and is on the retreat they are more wild and ferocious in all they do. They that remain know that their time is very short at best and they are not past petty revenge. Remember that you never give up any of your free will but that it always grows the more aligned one is with source/God. Thank you again for your prayers. I offer mine for your welfare also. I hope we can continue to comment and continue to have some type of communication. Offeroftrust.com spoiled us haha. God be with you Dan


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