July 10, 2021

Let us begin. We see the things growing in energy and movement concerning earth changes and they are becoming more evident. It is ever increasing that I tend to things here and my time becomes more limited for these messages. I have enjoyed giving each one and have learned a lot about the thoughts of earth from your comments and also from my scribe who was always willing to give input when asked. I have been lifted up by the comments of each of you and never thought I would receive this much support. I am so grateful for your words and prayers.

We are coming down to the last part of the last chapter and I hope to see all of you on ship after evacuation. I will seek you out as I want to visually see each of you and speak to you of your service. We have been quite busy and this will not let up for the remainder of days now. I have given you what I consider the information you need to carry forward. Please go back and review the messages when time permits and you will find that information from them will continue to be given as I have planned it this way. Consider it the gift that will keep on giving.

Again I will tell you that what will happen is progress, even though it may not appear that way. You are all heading in the right direction and always remain in the highest attainable level of your God self and expression. My love to all of you for it has always been this way and now always will be. I will come to you with more if need be with added messages but for the most part this will be my last message in this series. I bid you all farewell in the Light and Love of the One and ask that you remember to surround yourselves with protective energy and Light.

I am Joseph In His Service

18 thoughts on “July 10, 2021

  1. Thank you Joseph for your dedication and service of love. Know you are appreciated and done a wonderful job understanding stressful situations. I love you.


  2. His infinite and inexhaustible love abide in you and about you always. We love and appreciate you and await and participate in the great promise of the future. The Light of God has conquered. Be well.


  3. Hey Joseph mate!!!

    Gonna miss ya … but will catch up one day. Take care … and all the best in your endeavours.


  4. Thank you for your selfless interest in the welfare of mankind. It is comforting to know that there are benevolent beings who are in the service of our Eternal Father and are mindful of the circumstances on earth. I hope and pray that your wish will be granted and we will see each other in the flesh.


  5. Thank you for your love and service to humanity. Joseph, I know things are escalating and your time is needed in other areas, but will you please take the time to answer the following needful questions? As you have mentioned, the earth changes are increasing and the time frame when humans will need to board a ship is drawing near. In your estimation, do you think boarding a ship will be necessary within the next few weeks, months, or years? This question is asked in the spirit of wanting to be prepared, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for such a life changing event. Also, can you describe how people will learn that they need to board a ship? Will there be advanced notice so we can gather our families? How will the invitation come, to individuals through personal revelation from their appointed angels, the God source within, from Pleiadean personal visitations, or will an announcement be made to large groups of people at a time? Outside of striving to live the laws of God, is there something specific we need to do to qualify for that invitation? Can you describe the method by which individuals or large groups of people will board the ships and the order by which this will be done? Will there be appointed places for people to gather to or will they be taken from their homes? Thank you in advance for your answer to these questions, I am sure many will be glad for the direction.


    1. Jay, The time frame was addressed in my message on the 12th. The invitation will most likely be known by you through personal knowing from your guides but will also be heard publicly. If you have a desire to board and leave the severe changes of earth you will gain access to board. It will most likely be through levitation beam but not limited to this only. The boarding will be in easily accessible places for all to see. On day of boarding, if possible, eat lightly, drink plenty of fluids. Foods should be of high vibration such as fruits and some vegetables. Do not give in to fear and as closely as possible remain in your highest God expression of love. Joseph


  6. Hi Joseph, we have nor been properly introduced. A friend of mine, Jacob C. introduced me to this blog and I thank him for doing so.

    In an effort to help you get the word out, I ask you if you know another personal friend of mine Kerry Cassidy-the owner of Project Camelot. She has been a spokeswoman in the alternative radio networks with hundreds of thousands of followers and millions who have watched her videos on YouTube. She has been banned on YouTube, but still has a large following.

    Kerry interviews whistle blowers who have inside and personal knowledge of hidden things with a focus on the secret space program and the long history of Alien involvement with the earth and the influence of certain alien races like the Annunaki, Dracos, reptilians, Greys and AI.
    She states she is in communication with the “Guardian Alliance” and the Pleadians.
    She is one of the greatest mouth peices on earth right now for your message.

    Before I reach out to her, I wanted to know from you if you already know her, and if not, if there is a particular message you would like me to give her when making introductions.

    Thank you,



    1. Jay, Yes, I do know of Kerry Cassidy and her work to inform. I would be pleased to have you take my words to her. I would say that time is short in anyone’s definition. It is time to get serious about communication with people not of earth and the work that the good ones are doing to help all people of earth. Spend time doing your own research and find out what is important and what is not. Find out who you are, who your Creator is and what your purpose is here on earth. Above all know that love is the key and is God given to everyone in abundance at all times. Not many know how powerful love is. It is worth your time to find out all these things. Thank you Jay. Joseph


  7. Hi Joseph, this is an addendum to my last comment. I was thinking about how I can be of service in your efforts to prepare the earth for a mass exodus and I was reminded of other influential people some of whom I have connections with. Like Kerry Cassidy each of the people below are influencers with global audiences in the field of UFOs, earth changes, aliens, geopolitical and last days events.

    Marshal Masters is the owner and author of https://www.yowusa.com. He has been studying and reporting on the return of the Nemesis brown dwarf star system, with its planet Nibiru or planet X. As this is his focus, he reports on evidences of Nibiru’s influence on earth in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, the Yellowstone caldera, fire balls, etc. He supports an ancient text known as the Kolbrin Bible, which contains many ancient wisdom texts among which are accounts from the Hebrew perspective of the exodus of the house of Israel and the Noah deluge. According to these texts, both of these events were caused by the influence of the planet Nibiru as it passes between the earth and our sun in its elliptical orbit before it leaves our solar system back into deep space. Anyone who follows the Nibiru story will know about Zacharias Sitchin, who allegedly translated ancient Sumerian tablets revealing the story of the Annunaki people and their descent to earth and their role in the creation and enslavement of humans. According to Marshall, the Annunaki do not have benevolent intentions and with the return of Nibiru will also come to harvest gold and humans for slavery. So while I mention Marshall masters as a possible influencer for the good in your cause, his narrative comes with it a view that aliens do not come with good intentions and he would have to be persuaded that you are not masquerading as Annunaki storm troopers. But he is known for looking forward to a Star Trek future if we can survive the earth changes resulting from Nibiru’s passover and break the bands of the corrupt global rulers. I have communicated personally with Marshal in the past and I would likely be able to do so if you so desire.

    Jeff Rense https://rense.com/ is a radio talk show host who has a global audience and is known for his awareness and sagacity. Jeff reports on a number of subjects including the corruption in global government, the cabal that runs our planet, environmental events like the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown that is polluting the pacific ocean with high concentrations of radiation, and the evidences of alien visitations. You will find that his listeners regard him as a valid source of truth amidst all the lies and corruptions in the world. I have listened to Jeff for years, and can email him, but I do not have a personal relationship with him.

    George Filer is known for his work on Bird’s Eye View – An ET’s Solution for Humanity (2020), Hangar 1: The UFO Files (2014) and ETs Among Us: UFO Witnesses and Whistleblowers (2016). George is the eastern director of MUFON a UFO watch group that documents UFO sightings and visitations. I do not have a personal connection with George, but I could send a message through his organization, which may get a lot of attention.

    Mike Adams is the founder of https://www.brighteon.com and https://www.naturalnews.com, which are alternative news sources created to provide a platform for free speech to combat the censoring of big tech platforms like YouTube. Mike Adams, also known as the health rangers is a voice of truth who puts out a daily broadcast to his listeners. He reports on global and geo political operations, among which are the dangers of vaccinations, the corruptions of government, the plans to kill over 90% of the earth population, see the Georgia Guide Stones and the role of the Covid-19 plandemic as the justification for global tyranny, the destruction of national and global economies, food shortages and the Great Reset, which is newest version of the elite plan for global control. I do not have a personal relationship with Mike, but I can reach out to him.

    Joseph, if it would server our Father’s purposes, I will do all that I can to reach out to these people. Please let me know if you have a specific message that would I can use that will catch their attention, if you want me to make introductions. As I have pondered, this is the best that has come to me, which I can do to work with you in this great endeavor and to his praise honor and adulation forever and ever.
    –Jay Hoop


    1. Jay, these are good ideas and please keep these names handy in case they are appropriate for any more abundant time later. Thank you for your heart felt desire to do what you can as it is appreciated. Joseph


  8. With all the love I possess I send my fondest regards dear ones. We continue to keep on keeping on down here and know you are just as engaged. Nice of you and Jay to meet. He is a dear and close friend who has brought alot of light into my life. Joseph I am hoping those of us with medication dependence issues will be assisted with becoming completely cleaned and restored completely. Some of these technologies are becoming available on earth now more however they are unavailable to 99.999% of those in need. We welcome any aid. We send our love and fondest sentiments of friendship and reach out equally out to you. May God bless you in your current endeavors I bless you in the name of and as a special witness of Jesus the Christ ones.


      1. Dear Joseph, I have with me materials from Fred Bell waiting for you. He worked with the Pleiadians for many years personally. He showed us pictures. Although he was murdered he entrusted me with things to physically give to you. I know it is a danger saying these things yet things are so difficult and extreme due to the darks squeeze upon the light and life we love by I felt it expedient to mention it to you. Too many people are suffering in intolerable ways for this message to not be given now. I hope you understand. With love and light your young friend Jacob


      2. Jacob, Semjase was a communicator and gave of much information. It was a gift of love that this was done and fit the times. There is more to this story that I would like to give to you later. Parker


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