July 12, 2021

Let us begin. It is now that changes will become evident. Please take note and realize that there is a time frame that is dependent upon Gaia for how fast things will come. No one else knows. Go ahead and organize your things in advance and if nothing else make a list of what is to be done and taken at the time of evacuation.

We have run out of time and we know there are those who are asking about disclosure and other information that was to be given. We are monitoring and when most become aware of possible severe earth changes, this will be the time for disclosure because we will have the attention that is needed for listeners to take us seriously. We have found that if there is no need to listen, then people probably will not listen. Unfortunately we cannot tell you how long this will be. If things continue in the way of shifting of tectonic plates most should become aware in a matter of a few months. It increases daily and possibly only a few weeks now.

I hate to give you time frames for fear of having things not continue at the increased rate of change but better for me to prepare you than to have you ready to beam up with only a toothbrush. From past history delays and changes are always possible. Limit your things to one carry on. I look forward to seeing you and I plan to give more status reports as time goes by. This is really it.

I am Joseph In His Service

4 thoughts on “July 12, 2021

    1. Jean, Yes, things will be provided but adjusting to this different way of life may be more difficult than anticipated just like with any total move but more so. To make the adjustment easier I would bring items small enough to be packed that you are emotionally attached to, Here is a completely different way of life in a good way but seeing things that are important to you will help you adjust more quickly. Also bring clothes for a couple of days, also your favorite and most comfortable things. Thank you for your question. Joseph


  1. Dearest Joseph and channeler,

    So.. I have been preparing for months now, my partner thinks I am deranged. Thankfully I have heaps of chocolate with me to survive and share and feel comfortable through. But no clothing.. so thank you for that reminder.

    Can you tell me which commander and ship are responsible for Oceania/New Zealand area, so I might humbly thank them, for their service?

    You still are the only one communicating about a worldwide evacuation, though..

    All my love, everybody who reads this, take care.


    1. Satnayama, I am unaware of the designated person for that area but have relayed your thanks for their service. There are several other web sites that are speaking of evacuation but we are few in number. I have my truth to relay as I see it. Joseph


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