July 15, 2021

Let us begin. We see that things are progressing well in our estimation. It is upon you now to go with Gaia in her plans for ascension. This will in all essence be like a birth into a new dimension and along with that comes a certain amount of discomfort. Keep an eye on your weather in all parts of the earth. We are encroaching upon the beginning of labor pains now.

I will leave you now and hope that you are understanding of the help she needs. You will never go wrong with giving Gaia of your support during this difficult transition that all of you are making.

I am Joseph In His Service

7 thoughts on “July 15, 2021

  1. We love and appreciate you Joseph as well as the many who work with you in the Great work you are involved in. Every word you send us now is so very precious because you are so busy. Thank you for keeping us informed.


  2. Thank you Joseph for your message. I pose a few questions related to this post and a few from past posts, for our edification. You mention that the labor pains which the earth is encroaching upon coincides with a new birth into a new dimension. Are you referring to the earth’s ascension from a 3rd to a 4th density? Does this ascension have anything to do with the earth’s traversal through the galactic equator or the procession of the equinoxes which occurs approximately every 26,000 years? Does this mark the beginning of the millennial period, a transition from a telestial to a terrestrial state and a return to the way the earth was in the beginning, prior to the fall, when in the garden of Eden the earth produced food spontaneously and Adam did not have to eat bread by the sweat of his own brow? If the earth is ascending from a 3rd to a 4th density/dimension, do all humans go through the same ascension into 4th density? What does that really mean for humans? How will life be different in a 4th density/dimensional body? Will we be healthier, taller, stronger, faster, smarter, have greater mental capabilities, mental telepathy, will we have greater connection to Source, less difficulty communicating with our higher-self, our seraphic guardians of destiny (personal angels), our personal thought adjustor (indwelling presence of the Father), etc.? In earlier posts you mentioned that our DNA is being reconnected. Can you describe in more detail what is actually happening with our DNA and how that affects us? Does this change in our DNA have anything to do with the earth’s ascension?

    On another topic. Will you elucidate on what those who except your kind offer to leave the planet will experience once onboard the ship? Will this be a temporary voyage among the stars and a gentle return to earth after Gaia has settled down? Will we be taken to other compatible worlds and live among other people’s on other planets to live temporarily as guests or permanent residents? If so, are these other people expecting us, and can we expect a warm and friendly welcome? You mentioned that you are of a higher vibration than we are, and that your time is different, your sleeping habits and eating habits are different, etc. While on board the ship will our bodies have to adjust to your frequency/vibration and the ships atmosphere/environment in order to be compatible and comfortable? If so, will that be a difficult and uncomfortable transition? After our bodies have adjusted will they take on similar qualities to your bodies? Will the changes in our bodies be permanent or temporary?

    I know that these are a lot of questions, but as the purpose of the Offer of Trust blog is to educate humanity that the Pleiadeans are in the service of Source and have come to help us, it would put a lot of our minds at ease if we could know what to expect once onboard the ship. Thank you for your patience in our desire to know the details. Your friend and a fellow son of our Eternal Father in Heaven.


    1. Jay, Joseph is talking here about ascension from 4th into 5th density. You have come through so far and are seeing almost all of the 3rd. What is left is the manifestation of those who will remain in 3rd density and are still hanging onto it. Those who are ascending have shaken off or risen above 3rd and have been expressing in the 4th dimension and will most likely ascend into the lower part of the 5th dimension. Some of you have already risen higher than 4th dimension. There is no cap on this ascension as to how far you can go. 4th dimension is more of a transitional position and is not designed for long term residence.

      This ascension is a right of passage for those who have broken the bond of the 3rd dimension and corresponds with the earth ascension herself through the natural process that every planet makes. This process is complicated and requires more than I can explain here at this time.

      Yes, earth’s ascension is the beginning of the millennial period where the Christ consciousness will reign upon earth and prophecy is fulfilled. This is in direct relation to the DNA and the re-connection of it. You have been told that this re-connection will return your abilities that were removed by devious intentions. It is an actual healing of the DNA where it was corrupted and you will once again be able to continue where you left off when this was done to you. This was one of our saddest days when this happened. The abilities will differ with each person as we are all on different markers in our path but they will be returning in the form of better mental communication, seeing into the future with a fuller scope of knowing and healing of self when communing with your own bodies. A better control over your power given by God and the service you can provide to others. We are happy to see this happen for you. This does correspond to the earth’s ascension. Parker


      1. Thank you Parker for your answers to the ascension process, we are all excited by these changes. Can you answer 5he questions on the same post related to what we can expect to experience on ship? This may be something you may want to include in a pst so more people can see it. Thank you for all you do. With appreciation your brother.


  3. Hello there Joseph, I know you are busy. Just wanted to send you a message of updates from things here. I know we have become close to your heart and are aligned in love and kindness as to our various lives and challenges. Thank you for your tender care. If you are permitted know there are many willing and desirous including myself to join you now if it was in harmony with the Holy will of our creator. Here on earth the prevailing levels of consciousness suppressed as they are have most people worried a world war may break out at anytime as some type of by product of the dark to all that is happening right now in so many international arenas and areas of interest. It saddens me many of the things you were hoping for to take place that did not. I am aware of only a few of them and yeah some of them are whoppers. There is a growing unease here which is much more than an anxiety or impatience which is what I am most concerned about. The unease is related to the fact that basically information anarchy is a real front and nobody knows what is happening or what will happen next and how to best prepare for it. It’s a type of unbalencing panic that tends towards frenzied paranoia. There needs to be some types of definitive events to unfold in one way or another to take the edge off. Does that make sense? Keep up the good fight Joseph and friends. Let God’s light sustain and guide us all continually. Jacob


  4. I would like to second Jacob and add additional evidences to his concerns. We have lived for many years in a constant environment of wars and rumors of wars, which weigh heavily upon the hearts of men. The 20th century was the bloodiest century in recorded history with over 100 million people killed in world wars and national genocide. The culling has already begun and the self proclaimed global elite are committed to depopulate the earth by more than 90% (See Georgia Guide Stones) and will not stop until they have implemented their Great Reset, which is complete and total global tyranny on all levels.

    We are presently being attacked on numerous fronts beginning with the patented Covid-19 virus, the lockdowns, global economic destruction, the introduction of a bio-weapon spike protein; that according to doctors will kill millions within 3 years, big-tech censuring, communist controlled media spewing lies and fueling division and civil war, cyber attacks including the 2020 election, and the installation of a falsely elected president with ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

    Highly respected geopolitical spokesmen have warned that due to certain recent events, the time frames for a coordinated kinetic attack from China and Russia against the US has moved forward to as early as August 2021. Their plan is to release an even more deadly bioweapon (with Ebola symptoms), followed by EMPs and nuclear strikes against key military and US infrastructure. Studies have shown that following an EMP 90% of the US population will be dead within 90 days. In this apocalyptic environment, China will come in from the south and Russia from the north and kill the remaining survivors to occupy the US and Canada. I have heard of other scenarios that are equally plausible. The point that I am making is that those who are aware of what is going on in the world live in the constant fear of either being killed by war, desperation, or medical tyranny under the false pretense of a manmade plandemic.

    The message that you come at the direction and command of the One to provide a means of deliverance from the earth changes that Gaia continues to threaten is comforting, but as you can see our fears are less from earth changes than they are from the controlling men of this generation. I understand that when it comes to national or global conflicts, you have certain protocols that prevent you from intervening, but I am left to wonder, which will come first, death from evil men, or the Pleiadean ships? If the former happens first, there may not be many people left to escort of the planet.

    With Jacob I ask is it possible to allow those who have already chosen to join you to board now or soon? If so, I respectfully ask for a ticket for my family. If not, we must all pray that the dark ones will not prevail upon us. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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