August 5, 2021

I come to you today to tell you that you should be ready for some surprises in the announcements. I know you have been waiting and think you are prepared but there may be some things that will surprise even you. My main concern is that you watch out for the reactions of those who don’t have a clue what is going on. Human nature is so unpredictable at times but we are looking for outright denial from most who will be confronted with this information for the first time. It will be so uncharacteristic of anything they have contemplated before.

The progress of earth has been slow leading up to about forty years ago. It is almost as if there were a physical barrier there against truth instead of a mental one. That is when the volunteers from other planets started gathering around your planet to seek their part in the liberation of earth. This was a monumental coordinating effort to say the least. It has been done before in other settings and circumstances but not on this large a scale for this long a time. You see getting along and working together can be done in peaceful coexistence. I have to admit it took some time for us also long ago to forge this kinship with others so different.

Things that you would think could not be done can be brought about with the loving light and energy of Source behind it. I have seen many of what you would call miracles happen when it is for a good cause and the love of beings who want a better existence and need help. Please take this example of what has happened on earth and in your skies and don’t doubt the existence of God or the ability to bring about that which is good for all concerned, no matter what the circumstances and barriers are. Believe on that which is life itself and the impetus for all love and compassion for all that exist. There is no life worth much without the strength, power and creative ability of Source behind it and breathing love into it. I give you all the years of my experience when I say that God is always within you but you loose so much in not recognizing this.

We do all we can from our side to help bring about your growth and your enlightenment but you have had the desire to be delivered from all the darkness that has brought about so much pain for so many. Our thoughts now are on your sight and understanding of what is to be spoken openly to the masses. There is an understanding of the heart along with the mind and we give of our energy that you will use this perception to linger long on the words and delve into the meaning and energy behind what is brought out. You have waited and prayed for the time when all would be delivered from the oppression that was forced upon you. Regardless of how it happened you were still challenged with the waging of war against this force that held you down and you are working your way out now. Continue this war against all that is unholy when you survey the reality and truth of what is.

We are not sure who will start this ball rolling but it will happen, so be ready and steady yourselves. Our love for you has always been there but now more than ever in this momentous time. You are not alone in this by any means. If you should need to lean on steadiness until things settle a bit call upon us for that help. We are here for you. I leave you now in your future history.

In His Love,

I Am Parker

3 thoughts on “August 5, 2021

  1. Thank you Parker and scribe for the message. I appreciate the time, energy and sacrifice both of you, and those who preceded you are making to bring these messages to us. If you are at liberty, can you let us know how this disclosure will happen? Where should we be looking? Jay


  2. Sincerest graditude to you and friends Parker. This update means a lot to us. Thank you for offering to help. How can that help be asked for? Spiritually? I’ll place the request in my blue book. God bless you. Everyday goes by like it takes a year for each day. Some of the worst attacks upon us light workers are taking place right now because the time the dark has left is slipping away and they have great fury and rage against us. They are causing unnecessary agony we hope there are options available for us to completely block the attacks. I know I speak for all of the light who read here because it is happening to all of us and our loved ones. Unspeakably awful attacks are coming upon us. But we flinch not. We ask for the additional support offered humbly. We know we will be victorious with our Eternal Father and are again so grateful so many of our brothers and sisters have shown up to be of assistance here. Whatever you can do we are grateful for. In love and light and sincere graditude. Jacob


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