August 9, 2021

Let us commence. We see that things are coming along in a progression to the desired conclusion. There is the complication of the restrictions concerning the Delta variant and those who are falling under the illness of this virus. It is difficult enough when adults are caught in this sickness but it seems even worse when children are involved. One thing that is a fertile field for any virus is sugar, so keep that in mind. It would help if the diet is kept sugar down to a minimum and preferably none, if possible. Use honey and more natural sources of sweetness. Unfortunately sugar causes so many problems but we are discussing viruses here and sugar in the diet is a huge contributor for viruses to grow in the body. Keep this in mind.

You need to know that there is no giving up and there has not been any deviation or detour to the end result that has been planned. We are talking about there on earth, so your disclosure is still in the works for a public presentation. We here would love to see that this is done as soon as possible but those on earth have a plan and it will be followed. We sit up here and talk about what you should do and tell you to take the reins and get things done and now that you have done this we will leave certain things up to you for the creating of your future. We understand there is a growing energy for thinking that you will not go back into your homes to stay and there are even protests against restrictions that are imposed in certain countries and states. These are the people talking and showing their desire concerning how this should be handled. Our concern is the conflict between those who want to be free and those who want masks and restrictions for concern of their loved ones, especially their children. The truth needs to come out so all will know what is going on and also how best to fight this illness.

We suggest no physical conflict, for this will complicate things and we hope that you find a way to overcome differences with truth and all working in the same direction with individuals free to make their own decisions which do not harm others. This is a difficult time the world is going through now with the illness and so much is being done to try and keep the masses under control. Freedom is breaking out and this will continue.

On the UFO front, there are more sightings now and even more are planned. This is something that has to come out for the next step in your progression toward gaining a grasp on the real meaning of creation you live in. No longer will you confine yourselves to the thoughts of just one planet for things are changing and your vistas are broadening and you will never go back to thinking you are the only life forms in creation and this must be dealt with in your minds. Seldom have we seen such a wide gap in the thoughts of people on one planet from thinking they are the only life ever created to knowing there are other beings in existence to even communicating with these beings. All the while certain seekers search the skies for signs of any form of codes, sounds or communications from space and your space scientists take samples from space for signs of water and possible life. It is quite difficult to see this much of a chasm from the field of one end of the spectrum to the other. And here I am speaking to you listeners and readers and have been, along with others who have come before me. Quite perplexing in nature that we have been trying this long to do away with the great differences in opinion of the “life on other planets” question that still seems to remain on earth.

The other thing that amazes us is how much truth can be covered up for this great number of years and not be found out on a broader scale of understanding. Again we tell you that the dark influence that has caused this deviation from the laws of God is a practiced and intelligent group with lots of experience in this field. Planning is their strong point and you are still up against the last of the negative influence remaining that needs your expertise of equal experience now that is bringing Light in the form of opposition to earth to benefit all . You see you do not have to have dwelt in the trenches of warfare in equal numbers to overcome for Source Light has always been more powerful in its creative element and pound for pound can out do, out work, overcome and prevail in every instance. You are beginning to see this for yourselves. We recommend that you, as boots on the ground, continue your work as God instructs you to continue to bring this Light and Love into the arena of earth in the form and the way you are involved with this mission. So many of you are in so many different fields of work and bringing about change that this is the unified success that is growing and coalescing into what is happening at present.

Yes, it seems it has always taken longer than wanted, anticipated and wished for but we are here now in the present and that is the only moment we have ever had to work with. Continue.

In His Love,

I Am Parker

7 thoughts on “August 9, 2021

  1. It is important that everyone approach the subject of the Covid virus and its variants, with an educated view of what is really happening in the world as there are obvious political aims and dark purposes behind the controlled public narrative. There are many sources outside of the mainstream narrative, like which provide valuable information from professional doctors and other experts who are bravely coming forward and pulling back the curtain to expose the lies supported by globally controlled news networks.

    Everyone needs to listen with discerning ears and find answers to important questions like the following. Why are there so many opposing stories? The hospitals are full – the hospitals are empty. 95% of hospitalizations are unvaccinated people – the majority of hospitalizations are vaccinated people. Vaccines are safe and effective – the vaccines are creating blood clots and a slue of other issues. Masks work – masks, don’t work, and the list goes on and on. Does a virus with a 99.997% recovery rate for most people under 70, merit the reaction of governments across the globe?” Why are doctors being silenced? Why are those who were injured by the vaccines labeled “anti-vaxxers” just for sharing their story? Why are effective and proven nutriceuticals like vitamin D, zinc, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and quercetin being banned? Why is information on natural immunity being removed from medical journals? Who stands to benefit from the official narrative? Why is the only allowed treatment to the virus an experimental injection that still has not been approved by the FDA, from which the pharmaceutical companies are exempt from any liability? Why are children who are not a target group for Covid being encouraged to get the shot? Why have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other Big-tech social media companies taken such an active approach to controlling the narrative through illegal censorship? Why are the fact-checkers paid by the same multi-national companies which support the pharmaceutical companies? Why are governments forcing people to take the vaccine, just to keep their jobs, travel, or go to public venues? Why are governments enforcing tracking and tracing apps, and forcing people with no symptoms to quarantine just because they tested positive from a PCR test that isn’t accurate? Why has no one actually isolated the virus? Why did all the flu cases disappear in 2020? Why is Covid being put on death certificates when people died of other conditions? Why are people who have received the covid shot, still required to wear masks? If the vaccination, creates immunity, why are vaccinated people still getting and the virus and dying from it? Are the people getting the shot-creating the variants and are there really variants, when some doctors are saying that the variants are so similar to the original virus that they are really samiants. There are many other important questions that should be asked. But the important thing is to be willing to look outside of the mainstream politically controlled narrative, ask them and find answers. Only then will we be able to make informed decisions for ourselves and our loved ones.


  2. As for UFO sightings. Most people have never had a first hand UFO sighting. For most people exposure to UFOs will be online through a YouTube Channel, TikTok video or website. The challenge with looking at videos is that video editing software programs can create special effects that appear to look real, making it difficult to know if what appears in a video is the real deal or made up. If there is a question as to the authenticity of a UFO sighting many people will give the benefit of the doubt by following the line of thinking, “Why would someone take the time to falsify a UFO sighting?”, which leads many who want to believe in UFOs to accept that what they are looking at is real, even if it is not. Furthermore, due to the existence of hologram technology like Project Blue Beam, it is even hard to know if what a person is looking at with the naked eye is real.

    As your purpose is to introduce yourself to mankind in a way that helps us to trust you, it would be helpful if you would describe your crafts so that we can compare your description with a video recording of a UFO sighting and have greater confidence that a video recording is actual footage of one of your ships.

    As far as disclosure is concerned, you have mentioned how you would introduce yourself to mankind in a way that would accomplish your purpose in coming here. I was thinking about this, and if I may suggest, a line like “We come in peace…” may not be the best approach. It has too many Hollywood associations. Instead perhaps you may consider the following: “We are Pleiadians from the Pleiades star cluster. We are your brothers and come at the command of our Universal Creator God to deliver you from the dark influences which have controlled the earth for many years, to rescue you from impending earth changes which threaten your existence on planet earth, and to prepare you for that period of peace which your prophets and wise men saw in ancient times and wrote about in your sacred texts…”

    This approach will appeal to humanity because of man’s general belief in a Universal Creator God, our knowledge that we are in bondage to a global power, and the hope of deliverance. Throughout history people have looked for a deliverer, and while many people are looking for the return of Christ to be that deliverer, people will generally be greatful for deliverance from oppression, even if that deliverance does not come as they have always believed. Besides, the idea of benevolent extra Terrestrial life is not to far from the thoughts of people due to the large numbers of science fiction movies people have been exposed to and people’s growing distrust in our governments. Many religions teach we are now in the last-days, which includes a period of trbulation followed by a utopian society, age of peace, or Millenial period. You may like or dislike this approach, but I offer it, with the intent to be of service, your brother, Jay


  3. “There is the complication of the restrictions concerning the Delta variant and those who are falling under the illness of this virus” – Really? There is no covid virus. Are you serious?


  4. Hi Parker, I have noticed that the frequency of posts and responses has changed from daily to once about every 4 days. I know you are all very busy. We are anxious for updates as those in control, continue to increase their global genocidal depopulation program, with greater threats and control measures. The US with the support of the CDC, just announced plans for internment camps. People who are aware of the dangers of the Covid spike protein and graphene oxide toxic injections are concerned because Biden recently announced “strike forces” that will go door to door forcing people to take an injection and those who refuse will be taken to one of the internment camps.

    I have been sending my love and light to the people of the world and to Gaia, and envision a world free from the controlling influence of the dark ones, where men are free to choice how they want to live their lives. But if not, I have asked Gaia to make her changes before the dark ones do.

    Please let me know if the questions and insights I have included as comments to your posts are useful, or if they over step the purpose of this blog. With love and gratitude for all you and your associates are doing, Jay


  5. Dear Parker & all those taking part in the intervention, it appears the corruption in the USA is so extreme that natural disasters are the least of our worries. We have man made problems far more dangerous to our immediate physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing than anything else currently going on. I’m not holding my breath for truly earth changes are taking place more frequently with greater intensity now but the far greater threat to your brothers and sisters (here on earth) safety is in the political arena. I don’t have to go into details as you must be aware. No one ever accused you of being asleep at the switch. I perceive a great battle currently taking place between good vs. evil the magnitude of such being far beyond anything I’ve imagined before – except perhaps when dealing and overcoming those fallen ones the bible and other spiritual records make mention of. This battle involves many different fronts. It involves levels of reality beyond my current pay grade. I perceive a variety of races, entities, dimensions, planes of existence, types of warfare etc etc being involved. Seems like this particular battle is key in the main epic galactic & universal war. It feels like we are in uncharted territory. (Not to our Infinate Eternal creator outside of space and time but for some of His creations it feels that way.) Can you comment on any of these insights in a way that does not jeopardize anything inappropriately? 🤔 Are you open to ideas and possibilities from us here that may not have been considered before? Where is Joseph when we need him. Irregardless of the stakes know my words and all else that I send to you is sent in true sincere love with trust accepted as it has been offered. Keep up the good fight. We know God has already won no matter how many twists and turns, ups and downs we pass through. Your friend, Jacob


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