August 14, 2021

We have come to the time of disclosure and by this I mean the dialogue is set for speaking to you. It is wise not to give dates but you will be glad to know you will soon hear what you have been longing to hear and more.

I have been quite busy and am a second choice for speaking to you in messages for that reason. You need someone daily to communicate with you and answer your questions and I do not have that time to spare. My love for you is great and I do come to you at every available opportunity for there is much lost time in your learning and I would like to be the one to hold your attention in my hands and give to you the things you need to know. I love my work in education and it pleases me greatly to do this for you. You are deserving of much more than an occasional message and an answer or two and for that reason I am seeking someone who would have more time to give to you. Until then know that I cherish each moment with you and do what I can. You are a bright lot and I clearly feel your desire to know.

There is talk of a splitting of a time line into two parts and this is a simplified description for there is much more involved in this description. It is more of an energetic creation brought about by the Divine combined with the creation of more than a million minds seeking higher vibrations and a better life. Creation is a complicated process and you are seeing it happen at this moment. On the one hand there are those who are not ready to deviate from their mind set and wish to remain in the arena they are in so as to continue learning in familiar settings. This is lovingly granted and is in harmony with their needs and is lovingly given. On the other hand there are those who have struggled to learn and progress during their lifetime and desire to be in a vibration that is compatible with their higher needs. They have been dealing with the lower vibrations for most of their life and it is time they were given the opportunity to experience what they have created. This is the divergent road these two groups have chosen and it comes about at this time for the reason of their needs.

This synchronicity of different roads is in agreement with all other things including time, and all works together for this to happen. Nothing moves on its own but is in harmony with all other things for all is of God and is of one accord. The knowing and intelligence behind all of God’s creation works as one and there is no haphazard occurrence or action without this agreement. There are things not of God’s actions brought about by the distortion of man and this leads to sorrow and pain. My dears this was the teachings of Christ that you live in God’s will and life will be given more abundantly to you. You can see from your world where things can lead when not in the will of God. Driving without a steering wheel leads to perilous times. Spend time in the word of God and continue your study and contemplation of His word. Give of your life and energy into what is a God directed life and be faithful to that goal. You are greatly loved at all times but living in the will of God gives you greater sight into all things and leads you in the path of communication with Source.

So, now let us say that you are about to embark upon a time of truth coming out and this is what you have been asking for but not only that. It is God directed for it to happen and let us say that the words will have more meaning and power than just ink on paper or just the spoken word. They will be imbued with energy of truth, not from just man, but from God for make no mistake about it, His hand and thought is in this. There are mere words and then there are messages from God and you are about to hear what is directed from on High, so listen closely and give it all the attention it deserves as the words of God. You have read of the miracles of Bible times when Christ was living and have longed for miracles in your own time. You are about to experience something like that and I have tried to tell you how fortunate you are to be living at this time to experience what is happening now. Each morning give respect and reverence to the Divine Will and direction of God in your world now for His hand is heavy in all that is happening to heal everything and see that all is directed to that path. It in no way happened by itself and the hearts of many and their efforts are a direct result of Divine intervention and direction. It is that momentous.

I hope I have impressed you fully into the situation. I leave you now facing a greatly important time and you need to be prepared. Open your minds and hearts into what is Holly and embrace what is undoubtedly the most important change that is coming in your lives. His will be done.

In His Love,

I Am Parker

9 thoughts on “August 14, 2021

  1. Thank you Parker for your love and service. It means so much more when we consider how busy you are. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated. With live, Jay


  2. Dear ones who have come, I address you at this time with a warm heart and a firm hand shake. My graditude again I express for your tireless efforts. Surely you have accomplished much as well as learned many things in going about the goals you have informed us are your commission to accomplish. I am fascinated as I imagine what it must be like from your side of things in your dealings with us. I see many counsels going over many difficult issues. I discern great unity and love where you abide and long to join you very much. Although we are limited in many ways the least of which is being in a veiled state while being here on earth thank you for seeing us as equals who are in the thick of it. Thank you for uplifting us and helping us to see a bigger picture from a higher perspective. Personally I am grappling with understanding two dichotomies regarding the future and what it holds in respect to what the intervention represents and what it’s limitations and/or possibilities may be. On one hand things here on earth are growing more extreme with each passing hour. Significant global events and developments are taking place every day now whereas in the past such matters of approximate proportions would take millenia, centuries, decades and years to manifest. More extreme challenges/tribulations are coming to pass now. I can see the inroads of these problems disappearing in the rear view with actual atrocities starting to take place. There are too many of these topics to go into detail, yet again you know the very things I speak of. I don’t know anyone who is not aware except those still lulled into carnal securities (generally the wealthy) or those who are mercifully spared by mental handicaps. The sides are pretty much clearly drawn and organized now awaiting only a flashpoint to ignite into a total madmax type of society.

    Now on the other hand we have the yearning for of things like NESARA/GESARA and the restoration of the government with Trump coming back into acknowledged legitimate office. (He did win the election yet they label anyone who speaks the truth or advocates serious research into election fraud a terrorist now! Unbelievable!) Also we have the yearning of all the wonderful things you bring into our awareness with your messages. Sadly many people choose to murmor and be negative mocking those of us hoping for positive developments. There is a derogatory term that has risen people use to mock those who believe in any type of positive future. Hopium.

    How does one reconcile these seemingly mutually exclusive futures? Is it really true that those who maintain holding onto faith in God and love & forgiveness of others will prevail? I surmise that one’s vibrations are higher when holding onto hope even in the midst of extreme challenges and that those with the higher vibrations will somehow be quickened into the future they are holding the steadfast hope in. Is this a correct overview as you see things? Can you add any light or details upon these things? Certainly this is a fascinating time to be alive. The division seems to widen more and more each passing moment. I don’t think there is a ‘going back to normal’ at this point and I pray for all those who struggle in going within and finding the peace and direction of our loving Father in Heaven. Through every change He faithful will remain.

    In love, Jacob


  3. Hi dear ones, just found a telegram of a man who says he is in contact with some of your people. Have you heard of the Pleiadians of Taygeta – Ikai, Aya, Laka, Neioh, Akatu? Also how long does it take for you guys (humor) to receive our comments? I imagine it is pretty quickly. Much love and respect as always. Counting the moments until the next communication. God be with you brothers and sisters. Jacob


    1. I’ve been reading the messages from that telegram account and have noticed some subtle things that are off and in contradiction to many things taught here. I see there are some excellent and true things taught there but somethings are also off there. I should have researched it more before mentioning it here.


  4. Thank you Jacob for your thoughtful words which eloquently describe the growing conditions of the world we live in. Indeed we are living in the days of chaos, transition, and the great sorting, and we are witnessing the unfolding of the last vestiges of the 3D, and the futile attempts of the dark ones to hold onto it.

    Please understand our Pleiadian friends that even those on earth who have faith in our Eternal Father, Christ/Aton, Esu/Sananda/Jesus, and your mission are white knuckling it down here, desperately trying to hold on to our hope and faith that God’s deliverance will come BEFORE the majority of the population on earth are killed. As you know, the culling has already begun and if left undeterred will increase until >94% of the population of mankind is dead. We remember all too clearly that our loving Father for reasons in Himself allowed the dark ones in the last century to kill over 100 million people in world wars and national geonocide. Father thy will with us be done now on earth as it is in heaven.

    Please also know my dear Pleiadian friends that I/we who faithfully read your posts are not standing idolly by expecting you to do all the work, but I/we are doing all we can to unite with our brothers and sisters of light and I/we are sending our light to bless and comfort Gaia, and envision a future time-line of prosperity, freedom, and peace. Unfortunately, with the exception of the aforementioned work, I am limited in my inflence with men and that leaves me wondering if our work is sufficient to slow or defeat the works of darkness long enough to allow the time that Gaia needs to make her earth changes. This concern stems from our understanding that the temporal salvation provided through your earth evacuation protocol is ONLY contingent upon Gaia’s changes AND NOT the threat of the Dark ones to depopulate the earth, and we really want to be here when your ships appear in our skies. Is there any exception to this intervention? If Gaia continues to delay her earth changes, and the plans of the dark continue undeterred, is there a point at which an exception can be made to deliver us from the hands of the dark ones through an evacuation mission?

    Please know our Pleiadian friends that Jacob, and I with many others have faith in the Divine Father, and the benevolence of our Seven Sisters Pleiadian family, and their mission to gather out the Wheat (Those who will ascend with Gaia into 4D & 5D) from the Tares (Those who are stuck in 3D) into the Garners of the Lord (The Pleiadian ships). I Praise the Father and His Pleadian sons and daughters for their merciful evacuation mission.

    Through the wisdom of the Father and the prompting of Prosper, I was led at this late hour to the Laws of God found in the 27th Volume of the Pheonix Journals. As I read them, I was mercifully awakened to see how my life has not always been in harmony with the Laws of God, how I have been lied to by the anti-christs within, and how in my folly and weaknesses I have been guilty of some of the deadly sins. I don’t say these things as a public confession, but as an expression of gratitude to the Father and to Gaia for their mercy shown by witholding her earth changes to give one such as I a late chance to learn of all of His Laws, and in a renewed effort repent and conform my life in greater harmony with His Law of One, Law of Balance and Law of Creation. For the great commander Hatton provided a second witness to the posts herein when he taught in the 22nd Volume of the Pheonix Journals, that those who are striving to lives in accordance with the Laws of God will ascend and be numbered with His people when the day comes that our Pleiadian brothers offer us a life saving transport off this planet.

    On another note, throughout these posts Parker, Joseph, Albert and Prosper share that one of the primary purposes of the Pleadians is to teach mankind the truth of the sad history of this planet and the dark influences that led us to where we are today. Has this education not already been provided in the work of Esu/Sananda/Jesus/Immanuel & Commander Hatton as found in the Pheonix Journals? How will your education on these matters differ from what has already been revealed through this work?

    The more I learn of you, the more my heart opens with love and gratitude to you our Pleiadian family for the love and service our higher brothers of the Seven Stars have shown to the sons and daughters of this backward and fallen planet. In humility, I praise the Father, His descending son Christ/Aton, Esu/Sananda/Jesus/Immanuel, Gaia, and the vast legions of beings seen and unseen for their loving patience and service for the prodigal sons on this beautiful emerald planet. Your brother, Jay


  5. In a news update given on July 18, 2021, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger reported that 2.4 billion people have recieved the covid injection, which represents 1/3rd the population of the earth, and the global elite are using more aggressive methods to continue to increase that number. This is a global genocidal program as the manufacturer of these “vaccinations”, the CDC, WHO and governments knew before hand, what doctors are now warning, that the spike protein affects 28 organs, creates life threatening cardio vascular, and neurological issues, which can affect recipients of the injection within minutes of receiving it, with the vast majority of people experiencing gradually increasing side affects over time. This is not to mention the mind controlling Graphene Oxides that are intentionally in the injections.

    One of the serious concerns doctors are speaking about is autoimmune dependant enhancement (ADE), which occurs when the recipient of the injection is exposed to the virus again, causing the immune system to go into over drive, producing serious side affects and death with a significant percentage of the animals tested in trials dying. Doctors are warning that millions of people will be dead within 1-3 years from taking the vaccine.

    The greatest evidence that this is a global genocidal operation, is that there already exists well known and very safe and highly effective treatments, which the CDC, WHO, governments, big tech, mainstream news networks, big business and global churches, sensor and deny, and push that the “Only” way to beat this “unrelenting” pandemic is through safe and effective vaccines. If this is not a war against humanity carried out by the organizations and governments, which are supposed to be protecting their citizens, then I don’t know what is.

    In this post Parker mentioned the creation of two timelines, one for those who want to ascend, and one for those who want to continue in this familiar 3D illusion. I was comforted to know that work is being done to create these two time lines. Can you provide greater explanation about how this works and the timing of all this? Because time is of the essence. Every day I read of new events that jeopardize 10s of thousands of people, and entire nations. The rate at which the dark ones are manifesting their plans is almost unbelievable.

    My hope and prayer is that the millions who have been creating an ascension path, will be granted that very quickly. Your friend and brother, Jay


  6. Dear Parker, we hope you are doing well and are grateful for all of your efforts in the light. The light is always more powerful than any absence of it. How is the process coming along in finding a teacher who has the time to interact with us here? I have a request that if possible please seek for one who is of the order of Shuel for this task. Or if possible will you reach out to (and I will ask also) Koot Hoomi and ask him or my friend Phylos of Atlantis, the one in the book dweller on two planets. Or another request would be Jagadbandhu or any of the wanderers, the 36 men and 9 women who Mother Mary Maier taught about. I don’t know the scope of who you are in contact with or can ask with confidence being greatly veiled here on earth at this time but these are some of those who I look up to with fondness, great and respect who have been pronounced in my life. Since this is a divine intervention I imagine the possibilities are unlimited as who can come. I will keep thinking of possibilities. Where is Sanat Kumara these days? Who fulfills the position of Planitary Logos, Galactic Logos and Universal Logos and could and of these be asked? With love and respect Parker. Please send our love to Joseph also. Your friend, Jacob


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