September 21, 2021

My Dear Students,

I must explain my place in Creation at present. I am what you might call a professor in a learning facility that you would call a university. We can be seen as teachers with our minds in the clouds of academia and are the ones walking around with an umbrella when it is not raining. My colleagues and I live on a ship and it does not have the instrumentation for taking all the readings of earth that you are asking about. We are more into philosophy and theory regarding practice of living. I invite all reading here to come while they sleep to my classes and observe me at my work, or even take a course from me. Some of you have already done this and you are on the student rolls. This is one reason I was strongly drawn to you for you were not strangers to me. So, you see some of you are already numbered in my group of friends and we already have a history. Welcome to you in what is your reality.

I would like to speak of using the mind to the fullest that you can. You have spent so long in thinking that you are part of all that is in seeing it as everything is outside of you and most of it is far away. I am here to tell you that you can more accurately judge things by thinking that everything is inside of you and this is where you go to change things. It happens in your mind, your will and your intentions. It involves your creative energy and from now on do not see everything outside of you for that is the evidence and creation of what you originate in your mind and with your will. Interesting concept but real none-the-less. Yes, you do create and have been for some time now, whether you realize it or not. There is no one else to go to to make things better or different for your personal circumstances than yourself.

Let us investigate further. For your second exercise if you would see your mind as having compartments with all of your personal circumstances in it and that is the control room where the decisions are made for each category. Picture them up there as energy representations of your outward reality. Say you want to change where you live because you don’t like where you are now. First go within to that compartment where the energy is for your residence and enter the control room. Picture where you would like to be with the circumstances you desire. Envision this circumstance and know that along with desire and will comes the actions and any work that has to be done to change things. Lay out the energy to form fully the environment you desire and put forth the meaning of how important this is to you and then release it to the universe. Set it free. It does not go into nothingness but enters the creative complex of the universe energy and it is received. Let it be for it has to form. You are connected to everything and to affect change you start with you.

You have set forth this energy by will and desire and given it to the creative process by design in the fact you are creators and you have faith that this or something better will come back to you in reality. This can be done and is done all the time but you do not realize how it has been working. We could go into further detail of the mechanics of energy but for now let us begin with this part. We do not want to overload your concepts at first. My dear students, you are creators in the same that all are creators, only you lack experience. Think on these things and realize it applies to many things. You cannot control others but you can work on what you desire for yourselves from what has been given. Be careful what you pray for as we have not yet discussed how you choose what changes you make.

I have noticed you have many lovely questions and I am not qualified to answer some of them but let me be clear about living in the moment. When circumstances are difficult you want relief. There are some things scheduled for earth that you cannot avoid. Be careful that you do not want out so badly that you spend your time in the future so much at the expense of not living in the moment. You will miss much if you do. I grieve with you at the atrocities that have gone on and continue on your beautiful planet. They will come to an end, I assure you, but until then try not to disregard the point of your power and that is the now moment and being in the present. Yes, there will be a liberation day of evacuation in your planning and ours, but until then continue to work with what you have learned and be effective as only you can in the now. I will celebrate with you when this is over but for now we work in the fields as laborers in the will of the ONE.

I am Manning

10 thoughts on “September 21, 2021

  1. Yes, yes, Manning your presentation is clear and well prepared. Thank you my friend. I will spend time pondering and assimilating your words within to take full advantage of what you have laid out. Hasta Pronto amigo


    1. Golly your library (various formats of materials) is huge! I can’t even shake a stick at it. Wow! Things from all over the universe, even other galaxies. Beautiful!!! I’m one who still weeps thinking of the loss of the library of Alexandria so to see in vision the scope of what you have far more is very awesome. I’m grateful for being able to see a portion of that. Beautiful ship also. Parker choose well!


      1. Jacob, I was glad that you were able to see what you did. Our library format is mostly in a form you cannot duplicate on earth. It provides us with tremendous materials in educational form which is readily available to all who seek. We value knowledge highly and this collection is guarded and kept up with the most recent material. Thank you for commenting. Manning


    1. Basically these things deal with levels, types and aspects of consciousness. A very vast topic is what you mention. I learned much about these things from studying Theosophy. More than what I could share here on a forum (for to really understand these topics you have mentioned it is purely an individual matter, well between one and God – that has been my experience.) I recommend a few books that will definitely bring light into these things as well as other interconnected ones. First read the book “Dweller on two planets” and then after that and this is critical read “an earth’s dwellers return”. I will ask my friend Phylos to attend you as you study these things. Something else that will add another dimension into the overall context of what you are asking about is to study and listen to the music from the original “Wingmakers” web pages. (NOT the stuff that came after – for the original is the key and much of what came after is dross and not at all related to the original, you’ll understand what I mean after reading and integrating the original and then comparing it to what supposedly came after. What came after and what was changed about the original is highly suspect. It does not carry the same feelings and vibrations). For me personally ABC, one more resource that is invaluable at least in understanding some of the foundational things that come before a fuller correct knowledge of these topics is to study the life of Mother Mary Mae Maier (1894-1970) of Mt. Shasta. There is a book put together by a dear friend of mine that you will find from searching for information about Mother Mary Maier called “Good is never lost” that I highly recommend. Be mindful (humor, but serious also) that as you learn about these things there are many falsehoods which darkness has perpetuated throughout time that mar the purity of the knowledge you seek couched into the occult, which yes only means hidden but there is much that is not of the light which you will see along the path that has ensnared many seeking enlightening on the topics you have asked about. God bless you in your journey friend. Thank you for asking.


    2. ABC, this is an interesting question. As man has developed the mind has grown to meet the demands of the complexity of the needs during the journey in attainment. Your three components are for the level of knowledge and attainment now and are called in different teachings by different names but are accurate none the less. Yes, go with this concept but keep in mind that the important thing is to know how to access these different levels for the most information and direction you can receive. Continue study in this concept as it is very interesting. Manning


  2. Oh Manning you are a being after my own kind, for more than all things I am a student in my desire is to know and understand who I am, why I am, and what my relationship with God/Creation truly is. Please bear with me, if I ask too many questions, or if my comments are too long. I take the time to write these comments because I view this interaction as a special honor and privilege and I want to learn as much as I can while this window of communication is open. My intention is pure and with respect to the purpose of this blog, I limit my comments to the subject matter of the messages you give. Because this blog can be seen by anyone, I would appreciate your advice as to the kind of personal questions you think are appropriate for this setting. I hope that many others reading this blog who do not take the time to comment will gain beneficial information from answers to the questions I ask and the responses graciously given.

    As you have opened up the discussion on the nature of the Creation and our Oneness with the Creator/Creation, I hope it is appropriate to share the following. I have known my whole life that the Spirit of God dwells within me and that I am a Son of God, but only until recently have I come to better understand that with all Creation I am an “expression” of the Creator/Creation in His/Its eternal unfolding, unveiling, and realization of Himself (wow what an amazing adventure that must be). That the part of me which is not in harmony with the Creation, is not different or separate from the Creation, but a Co-Creator with God and as an infant who is learning and realizing who he/she/it is, so am I in my greater progression back to the source of all things, the Creation. While I have understood the indwelling presence of the Father my whole life, I am still looking for that before and after knowing, which allows me to say with confidence that I hear, recognize, and follow that inner knowing of the Creator/Creation. I go within daily, but I am still struggling to recognize the difference between the lower mind and the higher mind, the alter-ego, and the impressions of the Father within. I have learned that the greatest accomplishment in life is developing the inner connection with the Source of All that Is and this is my highest hope and my most important work.

    As a student, I list the following so that you will know what I do in my work to become One with the Father. If you feel it is appropriate, please provide helpful suggestions which will help me open the communication with the Father and Creator of All that Is. Daily living: I strive to live by all the Laws of God and the Creation also known as the Laws of Balance and the Law of One, including casting out the anti-christ within me and avoiding the deadly sins. In short, I am trying to follow the example of Esu, Jesus, Jmannuel, Sananda. I forgive all men who have offended me in this life and all lives before this one. I strive to magnify the opportunities of the present and while I look forward to the opportunity to meet you face to face, I hear your warning of not letting hopes of the future rob me of the growth of the now moment. Prayer/Mediation: In the sincerity of heart and quiet stillness, I go within – unifying my thoughts, desires, and intentions with the Creation. I invite the Presence of the Creator/Creation and strive to perceive His/Her/Its Presence within. I strive to let go of all things that stand between me and the Creator/Creation. I focus on feeling the Love of the Creator/Creation, and in that Love, I forgive all men/women their trespasses and extend my love through focussed intention to specific individuals, to Gaia, and to all Creation. I visualize and feel my love penetrating the hearts of all people and things. I send my love and forgiveness not only to family, friends, and associates but to my enemies-even the dark ones. When I have found an increase of love within me, I sit in quiet stillness and strive to perceive the thoughts, impressions and, feelings that may come from the Creator/Creation. I ask questions and listen for answers. I visualize that which I want in my life, by focussing my intention upon it and empowering the thought with strong emotion and sincere desire. I ask for gifts of the Spirit and powers of the Creator/Creation in the form of faith, knowledge, wisdom, truth, courage, healing, personal revelation, etc. I trust the Creation and say, “Nevertheless, not my will but Thine be done”. I leave my prayer/meditation trusting that because of my sincere effort, it will yield good fruit and I strive throughout the day to recognize internal promptings, thoughts, etc. Boy just looking at that list is exhausting, but that is what I do. If you have some helpful suggestions about how I can improve, I am all ears. If it’s just a matter of keep on keeping on, then with faith and trust of greater results, I can accept that also.

    Manning, you provided a lesson on bringing into your reality that which you create within and sending it to the universe. My wife has scoliosis, and at various times both she and I have visualized and placed into the universe of creative influence the desire/thought of her back being perfectly and properly positioned according to the divine design of the female form. I have exercised faith in the gift of healing many times, but to no avail. I know that Jmannuel who was one with Creation healed instantly. I know that God is love and grants unto His children good gifts according to their faith. This understanding confuses me because despite our efforts her back remains as it is, causing her great discomfort. Maybe this is a life lesson, or resolving karma from past lives, but this does not stop us from exercising our faith in the creative and healing power of the Creation. How long does sending creative thoughts into the universe take to manifest into reality? Do you have to manifest the creative influence daily until it is realized? Or is sending the desire/thought into the universe and letting it go a few times sufficient so that it becomes a present reality? As you can see, experiencing my own creative force is still a mystery to me.

    Finally, I don’t know if as a student I have been on your classroom rolls, but you extended the invitation, so if I am not, please add me. How do I attend your class while sleeping? I have heard of astral travel and leaving the body, but I am not familiar with the process and how it is done. If I am able to do it, will I remember my sleeping voyage when I awake? Will I remember what I did, who I interacted with, and what I learned, or is all of this stored in the subconscious mind? Again, I hope that this comment does not fall outside of the boundaries of this blog. I appreciate your patience, love, and appreciation, your brother Jay


    1. Jay, connecting is done with practice and there really is no other way than practice. It will come, so please do not be discouraged in your journey. Sometimes we try too hard. This has to come in whatever method can be used to the fullest, as in dreams at night. A person is so bombarded by daily events and your mind is so active with so many things that night is the easiest way to get through to you. This may cause confusion for symbols are readily used this way and can be difficult to decipher. One of the main things I see in connecting is being relaxed and just listening. So many times we want to speak and we need specific answers. An answer may be given but it may not be the most recent question you have posed. It may be an answer to one that has been on the back burner for some time. So, you see there is somewhat the need to be a detective here when answers are given. I do not mean to complicate this issue. Try to be at peace when attempting to receive guidance and answers for agitation and stress only get in the way. Allow it to happen in the avenue that is most productive for you, be it a whisper, a vision, a dream or a symbol that appears during the day. It is a complicated issue and I wish you well.

      Regarding taking my class, you do not have to do anything while awake except make it known that you wish to attend. The rest will be accomplished during your sleeping hours. We will have a place for you in the subject you need. Manning


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