September 22, 2021

I come with more teaching and I welcome you. We were discussing further advanced creations on your part. Get used to the idea that you are creators for the part of the energy that is used to create is in everything and every part of everything. This is what you have to work with. You will need no lab or chemicals but you will need to be engaged with your mind. First you must realize that you already have access to everything you need to alter, change or create what you need in your life. I suggest that you know the difference between need and want. Although you can create what you want for the purpose of this lesson we will stick to what you need. The area of want involves much more of your unknowns connected with it and what some of it comes with the fine print.

Now we enter that part of the mind, and we are not strictly speaking of the brain here, but the will, desire and intent. You will start to picture the creation in your mind’s eye as you progress and each of you will go about it in a different way. I would like to speak here of what you call karma and what does not seem to budge, no matter how much you want it to. This involves your past and you must go into medication and asking what perpetrated this unfavorable situation and what you need to understand about it to get it to change. We will get into this later. For right now I am trying to give you information so that you may better your lives now. (not instantly, you understand, but in the time it will take to create).

We go again into this control area, call it a room, a booth, or a state of mind, and focus upon what is needed or needs to be changed. Visualize your energy, your strength given by Creator and see the desired thing or change before you and here you must FEEL it within yourself as how you would feel if it were already accomplished. Tweak it, change the color, the location but move it into the item or thing you need. Maybe a new vitamin for healing or a car or whatever. Do not dictate how this will come to you or by what avenue it will take. Give thanks for it in advance and as much as you can for that day feel it being accomplished. Give the universe time to see that this is done and let or allow it to happen in the way of God’s workings.

We will add this to your understanding and try this next on your list of creating and see how it feels for you will come to know the correct feeling of creating an how this is done for this is the only way to learn and to become accomplished. Be prepared for this to work and be prepared for it to take some time as you learn. You have been drawing energy to you all your lives so be sure the energy you draw to you is what you want to experience. Throw away all the negative “what ifs” and disastrous thoughts you have had in the past. Do not let your positivity override your good judgment. Start by doing and practicing and I suggest you do not have 15 or 20 items you think you need on the burner at one time. Start with one.

See what can happen and my love comes to you along with my teaching. Be ye creators of good things and live strong and be well.

I am Manning

3 thoughts on “September 22, 2021

  1. Thank you Manning. I accept and receive with gratitude and am following your teachings here and elsewhere to create bringing about the desired results. With love and respect, Jacob


  2. I second Jacob. I will double back on using the mind to create what I desire in my life, with the understanding that because of being new at it, it may take some time, therefore not giving up on it until it is achieved. Thank you for the encouragement, Jay


  3. Thank you for your words of wisdom. my earth mother was telling me about the power of intention, and that if you invision what you want in your mind your heart your soul, it will manifest. This I have experienced many times., I look back and ask myself,”How did I do that?” We look forward to learning more and seeking truth.,It’s clear out tonight, I think I will sky watch tonight. Peace be with you all.


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