September 24, 2021

I am here to continue your studies on creating. I would like for you to consider that you have always been creators of some sort and as you proceed you refine your skills and at one point you will have to understand that you are the creators of your circumstances. Please do take hold of this idea. We are not talking here of creating universes or galaxies but your immediate circumstances. One way or the other you do this or you let others create your circumstances and you accept them. Maybe you don’t like what someone else has created for you and you complain about them but you do not realize you have the ability to change them. If you do not change them yourselves it is as much as accepting what someone else has done. Realize it is always easier to sit and accept than it is to work and change.

Now, let us consider that you want to change something but it means a big upheaval in your life and maybe in others’ lives. Is this not worth working for if it is unreasonable to stay in the circumstances you are in? Consider what it will take to change. There is always mental work involved in the beginning. We have a benevolent universe and it will give us that which we work to ask for in the way of good. I will not teach you to be creators of bad will or dark things. I will leave that energy against God to those who have the temerity to go against God. We are light workers here and do the will of the Father.

Consider the changes involved. Always know that what you change has consequences. So you want to get out of a relationship. I would start by seeing yourselves happy and this is being surrounded by what it would take to make you happy. Slowly slip your mind into that state of happiness and the elements and surroundings of what it would look like to make you happy. Would it mean dissolving the relationship you are in? Would it mean being honest with your partner and trying to bring about the relationship with them you really would like. Would it mean moving to another part of the world and starting over? There are several steps to happiness and try not to dictate how this happiness comes. Have in your heart the kind of happiness you desire, one of being alone, one of getting away, or one of healing and repair of the relationship you already have. First consider the happiness and see what feelings come into your mind. What messages are being given to you from your Father within and take note of which path you are encouraged to take. Do not dictate to God how He will fulfill your happiness. I have done this before and from experience I can tell you that it does not end well. The energy of creating is the path of God and flows freely and is received with a feeling of the higher frequencies and it is like going with the stream of life.

What if you are getting roadblocks after your request of change? You may consider that the change you are seeking is not the correct question. What if it is you that is the problem in the relationship and your heart is the one that needs to have a different action. Ask to be shown the correct feeling of the change and notice in what direction that the change is indicated. Could it be that your heart is the one that is not seeing with clear eyes and your vision is lacking the love and forgiveness that is needed. The key to creation in the way of things that are good and holly is perception and communication with God. Do you see that you cannot just decide one moment that you want to create a whole new life without the direction of God’s will for your life. My dear ones, you belong to Him and so does your life. This is your first action in creation and that is the plan you must follow. Now, have I put the horse before the right cart? This will surely give you the feeling of going with the flow when you seek God first in all things and especially creating your present circumstances. Once received then the mental work begins.

Have I confused you? We seek first the kingdom of heaven and this includes direction in all things. Do you need change or do you need to continue as you are in His will. God does not want you to suffer needlessly. Go within and speak to Him and listen for His words to come to you. You will be encouraged in the right direction. Be ye bringers of Light into your own lives by your close relationship in His service and you will be blessed in the good times and in the bad and trying times. No life is without trying times. I leave these words with you and now first go within for council.

I Am Manning

4 thoughts on “September 24, 2021

  1. Thank you Manning. You are a gentle person truly converted within and without to the light. Accept and receive your admonitions humbly and sincerely. With love, Jacob


  2. Hi Manning, thank you for this message. I have a question for you. Say you want to move to another location because in your view it is safer, with more freedom than your current location, and you think for these and other reasons you and your family will be happier there. Is it dictating to God to excercise your creative mental power by visualizing yourself in this location? Or is the goal just to manifest safety, freedom and happiness and let God determine how that will manifest?


    1. Jay, please do picture your intent with what you have chosen. Set it in detail in your heart and mind and allow your inner guidance to review it and respond. Feel how it settles and how free it feels. If this is without cautions then go with it. If, on the other hand, you feel uncomfortable with what you have proposed then ask for guidance and go to your second choice of picturing your family in a protective and comfortable place with happiness surrounding all of you. Take your ques from the feeling you then get and see if a different location will come or if the first place is good but the timing is not quite right yet. Some questions are complicated with place, time, method of travel getting there, etc. I would start with my first choice as most of the time your inner guidance has already been working on this if you have already been praying about it. Try to get a feel for the inclinations you receive and make no mistake about it, you will get better with time. Do not give up. Manning


      1. Thank you for the thoughtful response, I will reread, ponder and strive to apply your direction. Thank you, your brother, Jay


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