September 27, 2021

I come to you today with continued words on creating. Now you can merge the thoughts about creating with the thoughts about living in the will of the Father. A pursuit of the most high quality and one that accomplishes the most out of life. There is a lot of creating going on on your planet earth but very little of it is in the will of the Father and the results are less that favorable. If there is ever a blueprint of how things can go wrong or dark it is living a life of creation outside the will of the Father.

So, we must get our priorities in place and you may wonder why I did not start with this part first of being in the will of the Father. Actually creating is the easy part and you have been doing this all your lives. Living in the will of the Father is more thought intensive and takes practice in doing so. I got the easy part out of the way first, not that you know all there is to know about creating.

There is a flow of energy in all that is and it is like having your boat in the middle part of a river where it is unfettered by eddies or currents close to the bank’s edge. This is where you want your life to be, in that swift part of the river where the energy is put to the best use and you gain more distance with the least amount of work. This is being in the will of the Father. When life gets difficult and nothing works out in your plans and there are roadblocks after roadblocks, then you need to refocus and consult your instructor for consultation of your life’s plan. You may be out of the will of the Father concerning your focus and goals. By now you are experienced with the feeling of having difficult times and walking on uneven and rough roads. I recommend you go within and consult with Source on your wishes for your life and see what promptings and suggestions are given to you.

In one’s life there is much time spent in waiting for answers and this can be difficult to experience. Some answers are slow to come and we live in a hurried life with instant everything now days. Be one who waits on the Father’s instructions. If you start out and think you know what is suggested then go ahead and see how the energy flows with the idea and what feelings you get as you go along. There will be an unpleasant feeling with the path ill advised and results from this path will not yield the results that are desired. Rethink your direction and try again to gain the instructions needed for success and the needed outcome. Better to be in the will of God from the beginning of your day to the end when the sun sets. This is the type of mind set that receives the answers more readily for your vibrations are compatible with what will be given to you and the suggestions will not be muddled and difficult to understand. Look for syncronicities and symbols to pop up and show you the way. The higher your vibration the easier it will be for you to receive the blueprints of your creation.

Now let us talk about being in the thankful heart vibration or frame of mind. The thankful heart will receive clearer answers and that life will be lived in a more harmonious energy in all aspects. One who is in the thoughts of giving thanks is more receiving of love and the Light is within him/her. This is always a good place to be. We know that difficulties occur in all lives and these are sometimes met with sadness and sacrifice and sometimes pain. Try to ride out these times and find something to be thankful for along the way. When trials come, do your best to get past these and find your way again within the thoughts of thankfulness and always ask for help when going within and communicating with your Father. I use these terms interchangeably of Source, Father God and Creator. I am talking about the grand energy that is the beginning of all things and that which is your life and that which you are. Not something outside of you or only in a sacred place. You are that sacred place that was created from Source that expresses this energy in who you are and hopefully in all you do.

Are you keeping up with our lessons? Are you building one upon the other and is this changing your ideas of being a creator? Dear students, this is a life well lived that understands where the life strength is coming from. There is only one source of your strength and this is the go to place for communication for your life. It is easy to get off on a side road, so take time to get back on track and consult the Supreme Architect for all questions of life. Do not get sucked into following deceptive would be sources of energy and so called leaders. Take a look at the heavens and even closer your own planet and see what can be done with a skillful hand. This is creation in the grandest form and that energy is in you and in all things. Do not let this fact get by you. While you are thinking of giving thanks also think of reverence for it comes right behind being thankful. Live well and be strong.

I Am Manning

2 thoughts on “September 27, 2021

  1. Thank you for this confirming message. I know from experience what it feels like to be in the flow and energy of life and how how it feels to work against that flow. I can attest that floating down the center of the river is easier done with a thankful heart, and that we can all be thankful even in the midst of difficult circumstances. I have also found that forgiveness, detachment from the material illusion, and removing everything that stands between me and the Father are helpful steps to becoming one with the Father.

    Thank you for confirming the wait often associated with knowing the Father’s will. This assurance helps me know that my experience is normal and that I am not in left field.

    My hope is that persistence will allow my inner communications to become both clearer, more frequent and in the moment as one man speaks to another. Your brother, Jay


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