September 28, 2021

In reading comments in I did reply to several. It is very uplifting to me to read your comments and I wanted to thank you for the warm reception and welcome you have given me. I try to study the readers and give them what they need at the moment to better their lives. I see now why I was told this was a loving group with much Light already and it is evident when I look into your hearts. You are most unusual in that the roads you have traveled have been difficult and yet you maintained your determination to continue with love in your outlook and a desire to share that love with others and with creation. I commend you in your continuing to learn and appreciate your giving me a chance to at least get you to think on certain concepts. I always send you my love and also I plant a seed for you to keep learning. Manning

6 thoughts on “September 28, 2021

  1. Sincere heartfelt gratitude for your sweet message Manning. We are truly grateful for all of the messages received here. They have proven very precious both the words and spirit attending them. Looking forward to all that will be yet shared here in love and respect. Jacob


  2. Thank you for your kind words. We are humbly grateful that our cosmic brothers who serve the Father are willing to sacrifice of their time and energy in our behalf. Some of us are well aware of how backward the people of our planet are, and we weary of the constant warring which is sponsored, spurred on, and forced upon the people by greedy, powerful and dark ones and their institutions. As light and the knowledge of truth conquers dark, we see that your service is designed to provide the understanding needed to overcome the dark, which we gladly accept. We who also love the Father and who serve the light can easily detect in your words the spirit of truth and we are grateful for the knowledge, insights, and warnings you can offer.

    In an earlier post (September 21, 2021) I posed some comments and questions to you. Would you mind reviewing that comment and responding to it? Your insights would be much appreciated. Your brother, Jay


  3. Manning. Help! Is there a Powerful barrier in my home or put over me. that keeps the spirits i bought from Coming in? I have so many haunted items and Binded spirits. And i do not get anything from them. Is there a powerful protection that keeps them away? It’s not good.


    1. Or do i need to Speak to them more? bond with them more? Can any 5th dimensionals or higher beings please check my situation. and see what’s going on.


      1. Annabelle, there is a higher being that watches over you and you can speak to them. They will listen to your concerns and try to guide you as they will have a better picture of your circumstances than I do. Seek only to speak to higher beings of Light. Ask that your place where you live be cleansed of any dark influence that may be holding you back. Seek to be surrounded by the Light. I hope this helps. Manning


  4. Good evening! (Or where ever our star is to you). Manning, just out of curiousity, do you and your kin have any kind of connection to the Entity called Ra channeled in to our dimension by Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and James Allen McCarty? I had picked up the Ra collection some time ago and, even in the first book, it has developed a wonderful groundwork and understanding that what you so graciously bring to us compounds perfectly. I am thankful to you and yours for the task you have picked up and hope that we can do everything to live up what you have in hopes for us. The battle does seem like it is getting dark but there hasnt been a sunset that hasnt seen the sunrise with it. Again thank you for all you do and all you bring.


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