October 3, 2021

My Dears, Let us keep on learning, no matter what else happens in our lives. First remember the kingdom of God and all else will be added. This sounds simple but it does not mean frills and shiny things. It means fulfillment of life and the love of your Creator will enter your life and wonders will commence to come about in their synchronicity of happening. Sometimes you call them miracles but these are the things that happen in the Kingdom of God and they have been explained to you if you live in this attitude and this vibration of love, light, respect and faithfulness. We can see these things from our side how things fit together to bring about what needs to be but it is often obscured to you. So many things do not just happen and there is no happening by accident.

You might ask, “Manning, how to you seek out and live in the Kingdom of God?” and this is a good question. In the way you think we often see that you almost view it as a place or city by location but it is a state of mind and a belief system. You do not travel there by distance but you gain access by devotion, attitude and desire to become what your Father Creator has asked of you, to live the best possible life you can live. Imagine yourself in the Light of God. This lifts you up where you can grasp the concepts of the workings of the Kingdom. Honesty, loyalty, living by the laws of God and thankfulness. You see with clearer eyes in the Kingdom and you are well aware that this is the best of things regarding your travel on the road of advancement.

Whenever possible begin with a cheerful heart and that is a real challenge for some of you that live in dire circumstances. I know this is asking a lot of you but still your mind and imagine what this would feel like. See and feel the Light of God surrounding you and physically feel with your senses what joy feels like. Do not be hesitant and grasp and hold onto the happiness as it is presented to you. Hold it dear and know this is of and is from God. It is yours because you are of God yourselves. Become acquainted with this feeling of being in the Kingdom of God and live in that moment until you can recall it when you need to. The real objective is to stay there on a permanent basis but I understand this is a beginning for you and we have to start at the beginning.

There will be days coming that are challenging and this Kingdom of God will be needed by you for it will present more clear opportunity of protection, direction and communion with all that is favorable for you and your family. Be the leaders and partakers of this state of being, while chaos rages around you for you are His children and you are of the Creator. Connect yourself with your source of being and feel that you are one with all that is. I give you this beginning to all of you for it is offered to you and there is no higher way to live than in the knowledge of who you are and your Kingdom awaits.

I am Manning

4 thoughts on “October 3, 2021

  1. Thank you for the additional insight into what it means, when we speak of “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added”. Your messages add a confirming witness that I am in the Kingdom of God, on the right path, and doing well. I would greatly appreciate a response from you on my comments and questions I posted on September 21st, 2021. Your brother, Jay


  2. Dear Manning, I love you. Thank you for your upbeat lessons and the love that exudes from them. Also, thank you channeler/scribe.


  3. C’est un beau message pour le temps présent. Nous avons besoin de la connaissance et la compréhension. Merci. Yves- France


  4. Thank you dear friend. You and Joseph and Parker and Prosper and all of you are truly special friends sent from a loving Father in Heaven to help us get through this veil of tears, for despite all the torment of it all truly it does extend in time to holier spheres. We love you as has been mentioned by Satnayama. Ive glimpsed the other side so many times in so many ways that personally I must admit can’t wait to get out of here but know I am here for purposes not comprehend. Thank you for all the support and love.


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