October 7, 2021

We come to you as a group today to give you information concerning your current conditions. I had to have help as I do not usually keep up with this type of information. So, the thanks goes to those who do this on a regular basis and they are quite adept with accuracy of events.

We see a major shift happening in the information about to be released and this will be truthful information and not the fluff and cover up that you have been used to. Major news networks are feeling pressure to change their programming focus and if they don’t come out soon with truth they will be left in the dust. There is so much more that goes on behind closed doors before the subjects for airing are chosen and I’m sure you would be amazed at the methods of strong arm tactics that are used to pressure the managers to mold the news that favor keeping you far from the information that would tell you what is really going on. This will stop one way or the other. October should be a revealing month for truth to happen and for these big changes to take place.

We are quite pleased at the amount of information that has come about on other web sites by private individuals who are not afraid to speak. The dark had a hold on what came out for a long time but as in most all cases there are those who lead with unwavering focus to bring you somehow what is being avoided by the big corporations and controllers. It is sad concerning what will be told for there will be names and dates given and proof beyond doubt. Now, this will be quite a jolt to those who are still in the dark or those who refuse to look into what has already been given. Have patience with these ones for they will suffer the shock of truth to their systems. Love is needed here.

As in the past we have hope that this will be done quickly for enough time has already gone by and there are now enough people that have taken in the energies of Light that this can be done. All things must work together and we see this is happening. Along these lines there are many facets or subject being tapped and brought forward to be given by different ones and this will make a comprehensive picture for you. We ask you to bring forth your courage for this in its revealing for courage will be needed.

We are confident that you will endure in your strength and your desire for all things better upon earth. It is happening for you, maybe not in the way or timing we had hoped for in the past but in the now. We send you our love and are standing by for you should you call out for help. We will hear and do what we can. Some things you must do on your own but make no mistake about Gaia for she has been adamant with her desire that you accompany her into the 5th dimension. Her love for you is great.

It looks like the truth is about to be set free according to the elements and energies we see prevailing now and we wanted to bring this to your attention. You have waited so long and we think the time is finally now.

We are the Collective with Manning

8 thoughts on “October 7, 2021

  1. The sweetest music to my weary ears beloveds. Your words warm my heart and sooth my tormented mind. God bless you all. Tears like the rain of joy will come now where as before they were tears of sorrow. We are one, we are family. Glory be to He!!!


  2. Thank you, Manning, collective company, and your precious scribe for the time you selflessly dedicate to bring these messages to us. Please know that we read with wrapped attention to every word you give and appreciate them more than you know (if that is possible). We are always grateful for situation updates.

    You may be surprised to know how many people are anxiously awaiting the time when the naked truth will be shouted from the housetops and the evils exposed for all to see. I hope the names, dates, and events will include more than just the prominent families, people, and global institutions that are already widely known for establishing their satanic New World Order. These organizations and their members include but are not limited to the Council of 13, Council of 300, Jesuit Priests, Black Pope, Bilderbergers, the Crown, the Illuminati, Masons, international banking cartels, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove, international corporations, intelligence agencies across the globe, the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control, FDA, World Economic Forum, Pharmaceutical Companies, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Skull & Bones, Scroll & Key and other recruiting fraternities, Communist Countries and other destroyers of civilization.

    I hope that among the named individuals will be those in the branches of the military, educational sector, and especially the religious leaders and false prophets who set themselves up as God’s mouthpiece on earth. There are many of us who have had to bear the weight of knowing the darkest of the dark. We will not be surprised to find that religious, political leaders, and the like have participated in satanic rituals and worship. In fact, you may be surprised to know how many people on earth understand that many of the leaders in every walk of life are groomed and placed into leadership positions because they have been compromised and are thus easily controlled, or behind closed doors are active Satanists. What do you think Jeffery Epstein’s island was for? For those who understand this sad reality, naming names, dates, and events will be more of a confirmation than a shock or disappointment. You are right that we have had to wait a long time and I pray that you are also right that the time is finally “now”.

    I express my faith and loving gratitude in Father/God/Aton and the righteous purpose for which our Pleiadian friends have been sent, and declare “Father thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. However, I must confess that from the perspective of those on the ground, we see events hastening that unless averted will lead to the death of billions of people. Every stratagem to cripple the nations, make men dependent upon their governments, and depopulate the earth is being deployed. In addition to mandating the clot shots and other illegal draconian actions of government officials, plans are already set in motion to release before winter the MERS virus, an even deadlier virus that kills more than 1/3rd of the people it infects. Every attempt to hold the organizations and men who are responsible for these genocidal operations go unanswered and the brave souls who expose the corruption are slandered, imprisoned, or killed. Wars and rumors of wars abound with credible threats of an EMP attack on the United States, followed by strategic nuclear weapons, engineered food shortages, civil war, and foreign invasion. How long shall the God of Heaven and earth stay His hand and witness the many atrocities committed against His children, before He will make bare His arm in the eyes of all the nations? How many of His children must die before the tide turns or our Pleiadians friends provide relief? I don’t mean to sound negative, but the situation on earth is beyond dire.

    Manning and collective company, I ask you a few important questions. You mention that Gaia’s plea to bring her children with her into the 5th dimension has been heard and she will be rewarded with the righteous desires of her heart. You are the angels that plead before God day and night to separate the wheat from the tares. When will you angels gather the wheat? Must we endure the ravages of war, man-made plagues, and engineered famines before we are offered evacuation? Considering all that is going on in the world today, how can anyone have the assurance that they will be alive to receive you when you come? With love and gratitude, I express my appreciation for your service, and for the sake of mankind, I pray that God/Aton will allow you to intervene before further devastations occur. Your brother, Jay


    1. Jay, this is a heavy heart dialogue for us all. We have seen your pain and suffering for many long years, yet the Father has not given the all clear to offer evacuation as yet. We have been very close several times in your past and thought it would be accomplished, only to have been cancelled for various reasons. This has been a complicated issue and we are on stand by once again, awaiting the all clear. My dear Jay, I wish I had a better answer for you other than your Father knows with wisdom I cannot fathom. I do know that the time is near and this chapter on earth is closing in this final transition. Only those thoughts of the Father have the assurance of who will be present when this happens. Your time is difficult at best on earth as we see it, yet the love awaiting for you after ascension will give you the insight into the reasons and thinking of many things concerning the battle originating on earth and why it took so long. You will have so many understandings then that you do not have now and would not be able to understand now. I will ask for comfort to be given to you on this topic. Manning


      1. Thank you Manning, for your thoughtful response. I trust the wisdom of the Father, for I know that He loves His children with an infinite love, and His ways are infinite and eternal. I place into the creative influence of all that is, a time in the near future when I will stand with you face to face, without experiencing death, and experience that love of which you speak that I so long to enjoy. Your brother, Jay


  3. I add the following as an addendum to my last statement.

    In the Bible as well as the Pheonix Journals, the Lord Jmannuel said, “Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When her branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is near: So ye in like manner, when ye shall see these things come to pass, know that it is nigh, even at the doors. Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done. Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away. But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven (Pleiadians), neither the Son (Esu / Jmannuel / Jesus / Sananda), but the Father (Father / God / Michael / Christ / Aton. Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.” (Mark 13:28-33).

    The Pheonix Journals suggest that the generation that Jmannuel was referring to, who would see all things fulfilled, was already on the earth at the time that work (The Pheonix Journals) came fourth in the latter 1980s to early 1990s. While we certainly know this does not suggest that every man woman and child born in that generation would live to see all things fulfilled, it does suggest that the collective generation would live to see all things fulfilled. This further suggests to me “that all things be done” would include witnessing the completion of your work, disclosure, education, and experience evacuation, and transition with Gaia into 5th dimension.

    Is my view of the Lord’s statement and the Pheonix Journals correct? Please provide any additional insights that would be helpful in seeing more clearly. In loving gratitude for all you are about, Jay


    1. Jay, All things are not perfectly seen and it was never expected that the earth and her devious dark ones would go to such lengths to hold on to their ways. The statement you mention was made with prevailing energy insight at that time and was given honestly. Many changes have had to be made and extensions in your time have come into play. Your interpretation of what would come about is correct in the “all things be done” and this was all contained in that statement. Unfortunately it has been delayed. This has happened when giving insights into the future because they are taken from the information present at the time. You picked up on this and saw it as a student of the word. Thank you for your question. Manning


  4. Manning, thank you again for your thoughtful response. Your personal responses to my questions mean a great deal to me. I place into the creative influence of all that is, that I, with all those who love God and live in the light, will live to see “all things be done”. I further create that your mission will be a great success in your disclosure, education, and evacuation of as many of Father’s children as is in His mind to save. Thank you for all you do, your brother, Jay


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