October 10, 2021

I come to you today with good news of beginnings. Let us not dwell now on endings but look forward into what is to come. I know I caution you about staying in the moment for this is the moment of power. I ask you to stay in this moment and use your power of creativity to place energy into that which will be your reality. It is an awesome task to think about what you want and an even more difficult task to control the parameters of what you focus upon and channel your energy into. This must be done carefully and with much forethought in detail. We have no desire to exert a haphazard flinging forth of undefined thoughts regarding what we will create. Think on this statement carefully for you have had experience in doing this before, I am sure. Lets say you want things to be better. You might think you want a handsome man who is prime husband material, for the ladies. Men, you might think you want a beautiful, desirable woman for a companion. These are very vague and in need of refining. You will get what undefined thought you cast out but you are taking a big chance.

Ladies, lets say a handsome man comes into your life and he is perfect “eye candy”, as you might think. He is also picking up litter on the side of the road in a community service program and has a drinking habit. You can see how this can go off course. Men, the same applies to your wants and lack of a better description. Let us just say that no one is perfect in all things but what you want may not be what you need. What is needed is a companion who exhibits the better God expressions and is extremely compatible with your expression of God qualities. Do you see the difference. Let this energy of need come to you in it completeness of God’s fulfillment of your needs and give this companion a chance if they are not at first glance magazine cover material. Allow God to work in your life according to His laws and not your avenues of what you think will happen.

Now we return to this moment of creativity concerning your future and what earth can hold. Give energy to those higher qualities desired of love, freedom, compassion, etc. and let the energies weave their vibrations into the completion of reality in the manner of the rules of the cosmos as directed by the hand of God. You, as a collective, have a tendency to want things to happen in a certain way and this may have been influenced by the many restrictions placed upon you. You have more energy to create than you realize and now you are learning to respect the laws of creation concerning energy into matter. In most all things you will incorporate happiness into your formula and this is an ingredient you should not forget. Always picture happiness in the end product of your creations. Love is very powerful and happiness is a by product of this love and a key element of all positive creations. You are embarking upon a lesson of chemistry, for lack of a better description, in the formulary of how to create. I think now you are getting the picture.

So now when you focus upon your reality in your future you know what to bring into the thoughts and the energies you use in this process. There is never a time when you will not be creating so be mindful of this process and how you go about it. Examine your thoughts and don’t cast out thoughts that are with little meaning and not in the direction you really want them to go. Example: I wish I had a new Ferrari! You see immediately how this could get you into complications. Consider words and thoughts tools to work with and like a box of puppies, once you set them free they will be hard to control if no plans have been made. I hope you will think on these things and begin to be mindful of what you say and what you think. You are in the process of attracting all those energies into your lives by way of the laws of the universe. I wish you all God minded creating.

I am Manning

7 thoughts on “October 10, 2021

  1. Hi Manning, thank you for your words. I hear and understand your meaning, but I need clarification on one point. Does the mere acknowledgment of undesirable circumstances in the present continue its creation into the future? Can one recognize a negative thing without empowering it? Your brother, Jay


  2. Maybe better said, how do you acknowledge negative conditions in the present without giving them power to continue into the future? Jay


  3. Thank you Manning for these beautiful clear and plain teachings. I accept and receive them gladly. Thank you and thank Joseph and Parker and others for keeping an eye out for us and for the love that is continually shared. Can you reach out to them and ask how they are doing? I know they are busy yet would love to hear from them if possible even if they just say hello. God bless you. Looking forward for continued instruction and edification. Jacob


  4. Hi Manning, I would appreciate your insights into the following. You mentioned in a recent post that when we create, we will see synchronized events and opportunities manifest in our lives and that action is the “thought manifestation” of what we create. The Phoenix Journals teach that we not only have a right but a responsibility to protect ourselves if another’s actions seek to harm us, which is unfortunately necessary in a world such as ours. My challenge is in what seems to be a contradiction between what I am creating and thought manifestation through action. As I have mentioned, I have been creating an environment of safety for myself and my family. However, the thoughts/inspiration and opportunities to purchase a gun, take CPR classes, Ham radio classes, and other preparedness measures are what is manifesting in my life. These thoughts and opportunities appear to be in opposition to what I am trying to create mentally, for after all a person who is safe has no need for self-defense, CPR or other preparations. Is the thought creation of safety for you and your family and the action thought manifestation of buying a gun for self-defense incongruent? Are my actions contradicting my thought creations, or are they fulfilling them? Your willing student, Jay


    1. Jay, thank you for this question as the answer may help all reading. You may not realize you are being led to do the seemingly opposite things by your subconsciousness. You are being directed to take steps to protect your home and family. I cannot speak to all circumstances but in your case this is how you are being led. The statement that a person who is safe has no need for self defense is true but there is a process to this. You are helping to create this safe environment by your actions. Others may not need this and it is up to you to go within and seek out these desires of safety and manifest them and see where your instructions lead you to creating this safety. It all depends upon your focus. Do you focus on safety in God’s light and are led to protect yourself, or are you focusing on physical confrontation of harm to others and are grabbing at these things? You see the difference. Let your guidance come forth after meditating and picturing safety for you and your family. The desire not to harm others should be very strong but superseded by the desire to protect your family. I hope this is clear. Manning


  5. Yes Manning this is clear. Thank you for your insightful response. I will read and reread it until it sinks in. I had hoped to create a now experience of living in a safer location, but this has not come to fruition. I will focus on not hurting anyone else, but not at the expense of the safety of my family. With appreciation, your brother Jay


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