October 14, 2021

I come to you in the manner we are used to now but there will come a time when you, by choice, may be sitting in my classes and hearing from me in person. You have lived so long in your circumstances there on earth that you may not understand the freedom available to you here on our side. There will be a time of adjustment, of course, but after that you will come to know that which has been obscured to you during your journeys upon earth. It does not compare in words with what you are going through now. I speak of your near future. Hope, pray and be happy concerning your future for it is bright and bountiful. You may wonder why we are so consistently a happy lot when we come to you. Our circumstances and opportunities are part of the reason. The higher frequencies give us the love, which is readily available and this paints a completely different picture than what you have to look at there.

Your journey there has been necessary and if you see how much you have been able to affect the outcome, then it is definitely a success. I move you ahead in your thinking because you must plan ahead in your thinking for desirable things. It does not automatically happen without your input. We have not yet discussed the work and physical labor involved in making your desires come about. It is an integral part of creating and cannot be excluded. Surely you do not think you will sit and think and nothing else will be required of you. The proper thinking, which begins the creating, will open the avenues for you to see and actions to take that will bring about the desires of your heart. Remember the beautiful woman you wanted on your arm? You will have to take the necessary actions when she comes into view to win her heart and this is up to you. Thought without action is only half the journey. Action is the manifest thought on the road to materialization and creation. We are fleshing out this concept of creating now and were given bodies for physical labor, otherwise we would just be a brain in a somewhat round container sitting somewhere waiting for our thoughts to appear before us.

I have seen none of you lacking in hard work. It has been required of you on earth and this has been over reached but it has given you experience in getting out there and getting things done. The difference now is that you will be directing your collective thoughts for good and for the betterment of mankind instead of the benefit of a few at the receiving end of all your labor. You will manifest from the God inspired thinking that will create the new world of earth with Gaia smiling over all her children. Connect with source and visualize the beautiful beginnings of New Earth and as the respectful inhabitants create the awe inspiring environment that you desire as it is God directed. You will have help with your work and your direction and it will be of the best quality. Receive these things and these thoughts unto yourselves and see it happening. It has been promised to you and the opportunity will be given. The time is now to start this and I am here to get you on your way.

Put your best efforts and thoughts forward as the process of winding up the demise of the dark energies plays out on the world screen. Your thoughts and actions have a large influence in how things transpire. You have the ability to make things go more smoothly and I mean bring the difficulties down a notch or two, no matter what plays out or happens. Never underestimate the higher thought processes to make a difference upon, not only what happens, but how it happens. You do not want severe undesirable actions being experienced when you, as a collective group can bring about your God centered thoughts and help these actions be less undesirable.

My message to you is two fold. One of creators of your future with the beginning steps in focus and the strong influence you have practiced now for some time in aiding the here and now. Bring forth your lighted beings and Source inspired thinking and usher this long dark influenced attempt into its eternal end on earth. Then get a grasp on the picture of what is ahead and what can be that is everything opposite what you have been through. Set your sights into God’s Kingdom and work to bring it about. I can hardly wait to see what you can do. I love you all so dearly.

I am Manning

5 thoughts on “October 14, 2021

  1. Manning, I think there may have been a misunderstanding. I wanted Spirits to be able to come into my home. Not push them away. When i said it was Bad, i meant the Barrier or Powerful protection in my home. That’s what i meant by Bad. The powerful protection i have over me, could be Preventing the spirits i want from entering. This is what’s bad. Now i hope you understand. That’s why i ask for you to See if there is such a protection that is preventing my beloved spirits from entering. I want you to See it for me. and confirm for me if i have an annoying protection that is blocking my spirits.


    1. Annabelle, yes, you do have protection but if these spirits are of a good nature they would be permitted to communicate with you. Protection does not keep out loving and kind spirits. There must be some other reason your spirits are not able to reach out and speak to you or come in contact with you. I have looked and I see there is a barrier to this visitation of spirits and it is not permitted at this time for the protection of the spirits. They are being protected on their side for their safety. It would not be right to let them take a chance at this time. It is only temporary and this restriction will pass and they will once again be allowed to be in your presence. It is nothing you are doing on your side but a cautious condition unfavorable for them. They will return soon. Manning


      1. So that’s why! Thank YOU so so very much manning! That’s what i wanted to know! No wonder! That’s why i never sense anything paranormal or see anything paranormal in my home! So maybe the Protection is for my own good! To keep the other bad spirits from harming me (The other dark ones who are not my beloved spirits). I Will say Thank you when i see you in the future! Because this really means alot to me, to find this out. This answer i seek. Thank you!!!


  2. Manning, I look forward to sitting consciously and physically with you in your classroom. While I know we still have work to do in this 3rd dimension and we must make the most of the now opportunities, I long to experience what you refer to as in our near future. Thank you for the continued direction on how to create a future filled with light and truth and living within the will of the Father.

    I posted some comments, concerns and questions on October 7th that I would really appreciate your insights on. Thank you for your watchful care, your brother Jay


  3. We as a collective conscious envision the dark is extinguished! We are free beings with free will. That is Source given! We envision happiness through creating, building, speaking,teaching,loving all through TRUTH. We walk in his authority! GODSPEED


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